SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 3) b


episode 2 part b

thank you for commenting…hope u enjoy this…sorry for less Ragini scens today…
san-y u came here?? ……interview
San- u r late…. k fine let’s continue
(interview got over)
San- rag congrats… u r selected
Rag- oh really
San- from today u will be my new pa
Rag-thnx Sanky… sorry..sir
San- sir??… call me sanky

she leave from there n reaches tech park…after a while Swara also come back… SwaRagini leaves in a rented house in tech park(like a layout or baadi)…
rag-u came so early
swa- classes got over so ….what about your interview
rag- excitingly ,,i got a job as PA in M&C….n u know Sanskaar is my boss..
Swa- what??? Sanskaar…superb
Rag- yaa. k shona be here only. I will go n come to market….want to buy some veggies
(Rag Leaves)

after 2hours she come back… sees the house to be dark.. .n she switches on the light…. suddenly heard voice saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY…..
that voice is none other than swa.. arha.. dp.. anju.. Lak. San.. Sujatha.. Rp. .
all came n congratulated her
Swa- happy birthday to my lovely Di… now u r 22
Rag- thank u shona
sanlak- happy birthday Ragini…
Rag- thank you guys…. by the way who did these arrangements..I forgot today is my birthday…
swalaksan- v three did this…
swa- I called lucky…

short fb
when Swara meets lucky in Colg(she called him for Ragini’s bd but he didn’t pick the call) she invites lucky n his family for Ragini’s bd party…n she leaves
fb ends..

San- I came on my own. no one called me n of course Swara called.
fb is shown
when Sanskaar takes resume of Ragini….he sees her birth date… n remembers today to bee her bd
fb ends

Rag- thanks aguys..
(Ragini gets ready n comes down wearing a red colour long gown leaving free hairs…with a little makeover…swara was wearing a black n golden color gown… with a little makeover…everyone r mesmerized )
party goes on….everyone give gifts for ragini
San-Ragini I gave u my gift how is that
Rag- when u gave me

san- morning
Rag- thank you Sanskaar it is actually a amazing gift….
Lak- nice so my bhai gave a first gift
swa- no I gave her first
lak- what u gave her. show us
swa- I can’t show that…. I gave her a puppy(kiss).
Lak- shona….

Rag cuts cake n give first piece to Swa n Dp.anju..lak.. San..arha..san
they all dance for someone random song..(only tune guys)
after party everyone leaves
Swara says thanks especially for sanlak as they helped her a lot…Swaragini were tired they go back to their sleep..

next morning
lucky wil be sleeping… in his dreams she sees a girl wearing a long white frock..like a princesses but her face is not revealed..he calls her dream girl.
Lak- dream girl(dg) don’t go away form me… come back
dg- no I won’t come…. u wont care me

lak- really I care u a lot… plz come back
dg laughs sweetly n comes nearer lucky…
suddenly got up from his sleep as aadi(cousin bro of lucky) called
Lak- what bro. u disturbed my sleep
Aadi- everyday sleeping.. after many days I came back u r scolding me?
lak- sorry bro…

@tech park
Ragini woke up early morning n gets ready to go for temple. Swara woke up n imagines her being a vampire she goes near mirror – to herself….y am I willing to become a vampire..vo actually when ever I hear word vampire it attracts me.. but y????

Sanky as usual got up morning..gets ready n goes near dining table.. for his shock Laksh was sitting there..
san- someone got up n came to eat Bf with us
lak.. making a angry face… bhai…
aadi – I came now na. he will get up early… n I will teach him everything n even feeling therapy
San- bhai he can’t do….he has no feelings..

aadi- I will make him develop feelings
san- let me see

who is the girl in Laksh dreams….. will he be able to develop feeling ….y Swara is willing to be a vampire..
(from next episode I will give equal importance for all 4)

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