SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 20)


Hi guys…so happy this week so tgt of writing my ff.. This is my 20th part of story
Sorry for the delay.. Same as usual i wil try to update soon..
I did lot of spelling mistake in my” confession” 19th part sorry for that.. Nothing much..😊😊

Rag: where wil she go without informing us.
San: ragu dont cry. She wil be alright.
Lak: ya.. Lets go n search her room once more.
(all went to swaras room)
Searching the entire room..
After sometime lak got a letter near cupboard.

Lak: guys.. I got a letter.
San: read
“Dear lucky, ur dreamgirl, ur love, ur life, ur bestiee she is near me.. And i promise i wont let u both be together until im here.
Rag: who is that person.”

Lak: i know.
San: who??
Lak: i cant tell u. When time comes i wil tell. I will go n search for my shona..
Laksh was about to go. Ragini holds his hand.
Rag: u cant. Im her sister. U should tell me who is he?
Lak: ragu please.
Rag: laksh.. Please im worried about her.
Lak: its yug.
San: yug.. Who is he??

(onky lucky n swara know about him)
Lak: he is swaras ex bf.
Ragsan completely shocked.
Rag: wt??? She didnt say me this.
Lak: only i know about this. She loved him a lot. He proposed her last year. N she agreed. Later after 1 month swara came to know he is a cheater. N she left him but he, he is not leaving. He is following her. Im tensed that no_nothing should happen to he_her.
Saying this he almost cried breaking the last words.
Ragini with a shocking expression was crying and sanky was expression less..
Rag: u knew everything but u didnt tell us.
Lak: shona said me not to say anyone.
Please let this be a secret only.

A man was hearing everything. He came inside the room.he is DP
DP: beta…
San: pa..papa aap.
Dp: i heard everything. Its not time to cry. Its time to search my angel.
Rag: (wiping her tears)ha uncle. What u r telling is correct. Lucky…come lets search for her.
Lucky wiped his tears. He got up.. All 3 were about to leave
Dp: where r you going?
Lak: to search shona.

Dp: where will you search?
Lak: everywhere til we find her.
Dp: no need.
Trio were shocked hearing dp statement.
Rag: what are you saying uncle?

San: we didnt expect this from you papa.
Dp: let me complete first. Later you talk.
Rag: what’s that?
Dp: you can search shona very easily.
Lak: how_ how can we?
Dp: wait.. Lucky you or sanskaar close your eyes.
San: but y??
Dp: u wil be able to see her. But you should be missing her badly.
Rag: can i?
Dp: no beta you cant.. U should be given training. Then only u can..

Lak: i will close my eyes.
Saying this he closed both of his eyes..
Dp: make your mind calm. Imagine your moments you spent with angel.
Lucky was doing what his dad told him to do.
Dp: you are getting blurry images of shona..
Stay alert until you get a perfect pic.
After a while lucky opened his eyes in shock.
Rag: did u see her?
Lak: (cracking voice) ya__ya_i saw her.
Dp: where is she? Is she fine?
Ran from there taking his car without talking a word.
Ragini, sanky and dp were following him.
All came to a place..it was a bridge.
Lucky ran in search of shona.
Finally he saw swara calling out his and raginis name. Tears came from his eyes as he saw his Lady love. He was about to reach her.
Suddenly yug came in his way and stopped him.
Yug: dont dare to come near or else
Lak: or else what??
He kept knife on swaras neck

Yug: i wil kill her.
Dp+lak: noo…no dont do anything.
Yug: hey… U love her a lot. U can do anything for her.
Even i can do anything for her to such an extent that i can kill her love itself.
Swa: yug.. Please let me go… Lucky.. Handsome..ragu..
Yug: shut up!! Or else i will kill your love
Swa: no.. Please don’t..dont do anything for him (u might have guessed)
Lak: who is shonas love?
Rag: she loved you right?

Sorry for small update..
Wil be continuing..
Today is my sissy birthday so thought of posting a small epi..
Stay tuned?!!!!
Thanks for 1.7k reads..please be reading..
One again sorry for not updating from so many days. Same as usual dialogue “WILL TRY TO UPDATE SOON AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE”

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