SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 2)


Hi guys…..back with my second episode….thank you for you valuable comments……hope i wont dissappoint you…

Reacap…..SanLak entry….rathode and gadodia meeting…

Note:- sanskaar ragini n lucky are of same age..shona is one year younger..

Starting my episode 2…

All the family members leave essence therapy….on the way lucky is going to college….and Sanskaar is going to office(wearing a casual criss cross shirt of light yellow n a grey pant)..

Here i do their educational qualification…..
Sansy completed his MBA. He is working in Maheshwari &co.
Ragini completed her MBA. And searching for job….

Lucky completed his engineering in computer science…..

Swara doing her last year engineering course in mechatronics….
(actually my sis is doing BE in mechatronics…..its a combo of mechanical and electronics….many dont know about this course…so im give this information)

Actually Laksh is going to meet his friends in college (wearing white shirt and black torn jeans n a chashma)…..on the way he saw a girl helping a blind granny to cross the road…
And thinks..
What a good helping nature?? She is absolutely cool n sweet
(the girl face is not yet revealed)…..
Laksh rode his car towards his college

On the other side…
Sanky came to office and sat in his cabin……
Marya(pa)- may i come in sanky??
(everyone calls sanskaar as sanky)
San- ya come in…
Y what happened??
Pa- voo…take this
San- whats this??
And he opens letter and reads..in angry tone..
San- what the hell mariya…y you gave this to me..
Mariya- whom should i give according 2 u??
San- go and give to that person…
Mariya- i gave to him only…..

@laksh college.
Lucky came inside college n was parking his car…..my mistake he put reverse gear instead of front..
Backside a girl along with her scooth fell down..lucky got down from his car

Lucky in his mind- she is the same girl who helped that granny…..sorry yar…sorry…it was my mistake..i put wrong gear..

(the girl is none other than our bubbly swara…wearing a pink sleevless top with blue jeans)

Swa-omg..u idiot….cant u see n park your car..
Lak- i said sorry na….n by the way im ur senoir….
Swa-if u r my senoir do u hava any horn or what
Lak-u r crossing ur limit..mind ur language u chiplaki
Swa-get out of my way….dont irritate me again..
(swara is about to go n laksh stops her)
Lak-hey l…Shona sorry yar forgive me..
Swa- dont ever dare to call me like that.. Only that idiot n my parents call me..
(Laksh removes his scarf..swara is completely shocked)

@maheshwari & co.
San-what are u saying??are u in luv with me…
Mariya-what(completely socked)??nooo…
San- then y u gave me this???(she takes n reads that)
Pa-sorry this is not for u…its for my bf..
(she takes one more letter n give to san)
San-again what is this…(sanky reads that)
Mariya-im resigning my job..i cant work here
Pa-my marriage is fixed soo..
San-oh really.congrats(she gives sweet n she takes that..he signs on the letter..she leaves)
San to himself-i should appiont a new pa
Geet-(receptionist)-sir today there an interview.all r waiting.can i call them

Swa-hi badtameez….whats wrong with u???n y r u wearing this scarf??
Lak-shona..to surprise u….n y r u so frustrated??
Swa-y didnt u lift my call?
Lak-so..this is y u r angry on me.i tgt to meet u directly..
Swa-oh lucky..sorry for being angry on u
Lak-y what happened
Swa-i got a very bad dream..abour mg parents…
Lak-dont worry….they wil be all right..
Swa- i hope

(laksh sees his friends n goes to talk them n leaves college n shona goes to her class as she had lab..actually lucky is shonas senoir …but actually shonas friend(shipla) is laksh friends(ram) sister….n they all r like friends)

(the interview got over and sanky is about to leave…there come a sweet voice.)
Voice-excuese me sir,…
San(turns around and is shocked)-u??
Voice -u??omg
San-y u came here….intervie

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  1. Awesome

  2. Saeedah

    Interesting till now!
    But so it is swalak and rag______san?

  3. nice…is this swasan…? or swa__ak/rag___san…

  4. Is this Ragsan?? ?
    Plz make it swasan

  5. Reveal the pairs

  6. reveal the pairs is it on swa-lak rag san

  7. Plz make it swasan andand raglak

  8. Sahana_sr_reddu

    Guys…..i will be revealing pairs….i need some more time to think about it…. Thank you for reading.. Luv u.. ..please encourage me

    1. Kakali

      Sahana you are new here rit?
      Well as old reader of SR page I would like to advise you not to play with the emotions of readers..!
      You are keeping the pairs as secret..! And fans are reading this ff..!
      Suddenly one day you will say It’s not SwaSan n Raglak or vice versa..!
      It will be hurting readers dear..!
      And sometimes it leads to a worst situation..!
      Don’t play this game for more time..!
      Trust me m saying this for good.!
      Reveal the pairs soon..!
      Thnk u..
      Awesome part..! Continue soon.n as i said i will read uf its SwaSan n RagLak..! Otherwise best wishes..!!

  9. Parulkashyap

    nice epi

  10. plz mak raglak n swasan dear

  11. swasan n raglak…?nice

  12. Abhi142

    Is it swa…………………san,rag..lak??Swalak ragsan ?

  13. AMkideewani

    Awesome I like it

  14. Sahana_sr_reddu

    Guys my pairs are swalak n ragsan……n sry if I played with ur emotions.. …plz forgive me.. N if u r interested then read my ff.. Thank you

  15. Hi I would like to say is that I love your writing and the way you describe. Things it’s clear and good.. The way you put into words to describe things is good . Gosh it like I’m marking your English homework as an teacher, sorry

  16. Superb dear

  17. A.xx

    amazing and hope its swalak and ragsan xx

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