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SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 19)


Awww..I’m really sorry guys for not updating frm long back..I really feel sorry for that..but I wil try to update my next episodes soon….and now I’m back with my 19th episode…
(Thanks for all ur support guys)
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All members gathered at mm are dancing..
We can see 2 pairs of eyes staring at them. Their eyes are red in colour…but face is not revealed..(remember in pre also they were watching them)

Dp: (came into center of stage)…hey guys..I’m so happy that u all attended my angels birthday n sangeet…

Anju: n there is one more announcement..

Shek: that’s about other marriage that is going to take place soon.

Lak: thats about our Ragu and sanky

(Ragini and Sanky were shocked )

Swa: fine, this is my birthday so I want to male it still special..
N I wil end this announcement..
That is Ragini and Sanky are going to marry

All clap hands…they congratulated them.

Rag: by the way whom r v going to marry.

Sumi: u guys met them na.

San: actually maa..

Rag: v didnt meet them.

Dp: u let them..n they agreed for marriage

Ragsan: noooo….

Swa: arrey Buddu..u guys didnt understand still..

Rag: Wt do u mean

Lak: she means that u met Sanky n Sanky met u…so u both r getting married

San: Wt??????
(Complete shock..)
All members laugh.

Rag: so u were playing with us..

Swa: ya..

All family members gathered leaving Ragsan n were plannig about the announcement..( u imagine how it takes place)

Fb ends

Lak: guys..let’s talk about this later.

Swa: n Wt about ur announcement.

Lak: I wil do now..

Swa: I wil do one before u..
Hello guys..I’m not making any special announcement..but I would like to thank all my family members for making this day as special as they can…thanks a lot..thank you.

Lak: u r most welcome jinglibilli..

Swa: tum..pagal..idiot..

Lak: shona remember..

Swa: oops..sorry.

Lak: I said earlier I wil introduce a important person in my life…
N here I introduce my dream girl my love my life my bestiee….there is she (points towards entrance.)

All have a look there but no one is there.

Swa: where is she lucky..

Lak: go n have a look..she will be there only.

She runs there n is looking(got angry) …suddenly light falls on her..(she is confused)

Lak: did u find her

Swa: wts all this..where is she..

Lak: its my jinglibilli..

Swa: who is that idiot pagli jinglibilli (she realises Wt she said just now)..that means I’m..I’m…I’m ur dream girl..

Lak: intact yes..
I love u jinglibilli..

Swara didnt answer.
Lak: I know Wt u r thinking..I won’t force u to agree but its ur wish until u agree I wil be waiting for u…ur idiot..

Swa ran towards him…(don’t accept to much )

Swa: tq for understanding me lucky..
But for sure u wil get a better girl then me..if u wait.

Dp: no one can be better than u.

Lak: papa..don’t say anything..I wil wait.
(Everyone patted him)

….now they had dinner…everyone left the mansion.

Swara was in her room..suddenly some one came into her room through window..
She got frightened n started to scream but of no use because that unknown sprayed something..she fell unconscious..


Next day morning..
Ragini came to Swara’s room n was not able to find her..she searched for her in whole mansion..n she even searched in mm..but was not able to find..she seemed tensed.

Sanlak came down n saw her tensed
San: ragu wt happened..y r u tensed..

Rag: shona..shona..

Lak: Wt happened for shona.

Rag: I’m not able to find her.(almost cried..that yo very badly)

San: Wt do u mean by that..
Did u search properly..

Rag: ya I searched in both mansions..

Lak: let’s see once more..

(All ran towards shonas room)

Let’s see Wt wil happen..
Who was that unknown..where is shona…wil they be able to find her..

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