SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 18)


Sorry guys..
This is my 16th epi..i forgot to post this..
I made a lot of silly mistakes in pre episode …n sorry for my bukbuk…. Here I start my new episode….

They reach a market…
(guys I’m not sure about north Indian marriage but I wil try…but I’m mixing even south indian(Karnataka) marriage rituals. What they follow in my family)

Swa: lucky see such a big list..
N papa gave even shops name that where v should buy every item

Lak: he is ur papa na…so is his like you.

Swa: wt do u mean

Lak: he is Pagal like is soo

Swa:dont dare to say that… He is such a nice sweet caring father.

Lak: OK now don’t fight.. First let’s finish or lunch an do shopping.. I know it will be midnight to reach home.

Swa: even I’m feeling hungry.. Let’s have something..

They both went to a restaurant nearby n ordered food..they ordered their fav food. Haha both had same taste n so they ordered Chinese dishes..
.( let them be eating let’s see what our seniors are doing)

Sumi: anju…lets prepare jalebi.
An: no Sumi… Let’s prepare gulab jamun
Sumi: no Shona likes jalebi.
Am: no she likes human jamun
Our Sujatha is trying to convince both if them but of no use.
She leaves form there.
( they both wil be arguing like this only)
Dp: hare.. Wt u both r doing… U wil spoil my plan
Sumi: no… I’m saying..
Dp: I know..
Sumi ji u prepare jalebi
Anju ji u prepare gulab jamun
An: but…
Dp: I know Wt u wil ask.
She likes all kinds of sweet…she will eat both.. But prepare fastly OK.
An: oh as u say..
( he leaves from there)
As usual Sumi n anju started to prepare sweets.. U know know If normally girls join chit wil take place😂😂

Sujatha joins arha Aayan n Rp in decorating house….with green and white colors( it’s Swara’s fav colors)
Dp n Shek is guiding…

Haha let’s see Wt our cute couple ragsan are doing..
Rag: sanky..u guess they have left that place..

San: even i guess the same..
Mom said us to meet them morning now it’s afternoon

Rag: then let’s go to that place so that v won’t lie mom n dad.

San: u r right sweet heart.

Rag: stop ur cheesy words let’s leave now.

Again pairs of eyes r watching them.
( in my last episode I mentioned that 2 eyes were watching but those were 2 pairs of eyes)

They reached the cafe and they ordered their favourite hot chocolate.. (let’s come n see them later. Let them be in their dream land)

Again coming back to Swalak.
Swa: shall v start

Lak: ohoh… Don’t order me.. Fine let’s start.

Swa: u idiot..

They start shopping n in same way they start fighting as usual.

Lak: please jinglibilli dont say idiot to anyone.

Swa: stop ur bukbuk idiot..idiot…idiot..

Lak: I do ishq only tumse.
..oh u really love me this much.

Swa: Wt did u say… I do ishq only tumse.
Where did it come from.

Lak: u only said me.. Idiot.. N this is it’s full form

Swa: shut up.. Nothing like that stupid.

Lak: OMG… This one.

Swa: talk later v reached shop… Buy what ever it’s there in list.

Lucky says something items list n that shopkeeper gives him.
He pays bill n they go for next shop.
(shopping is continued)
( guys I used to use this word idiot.. Later my friends said me not to use. But I was not knowing meaning.. They used to tease..finally they said meaning.. Funny right.. It’s just for fun don’t take it seriously OK)

Ragsan were enjoying their hot chocolate
Rag: offo..sanky we should leave now.

San: what happened.

Rag: I forgot that today is a special day in my life.

San: wts that.

Rag: she says something(muted)

San: even lucky didn’t say me….i guess he also forgot this.. And v should go home fast n then Arrange everything.

Rag: come fast…
She drags him….they go to mm..(on the way)

Dp: I guess everything is over…

Anju: a little dishes are balance.. We will finish

Shek: wt about decorations.

Arha: uncle a bit is balance..

Dp: offo.. U all na.. Make it fast.

Sumi: Dp ji..there’s no hurry..n dishes wil become cold.. So theres lot of time.

Dp: fine fine.. Take how time u want

Ragsan enters the mansion.. T shocked to the arrangements..
Rag: MA I forgot that tmro..

Sumi: v didn’t forget..

Dp: see I only remembered

Shek: liar…i n Sumi informed

Dp:noo I

San: stop now.. Let’s look at arrangements

Dp:fine..u also look at some other things.

Rag: baba.. V wil do that. U go n take rest.

Shek: no…i will look after that.

Rag: no go now. N uncle u also go.. Mama aunty u both also…

All leaves

Ragsan are looking after everything…preparing for everything..
( I know u might have guess what they are doing n wts special..)

It’s almost 7:30 pm..
Ragini gets call from swara..

Swa: ladoo…im hungry..please prepare something by the the time I come.

Rag: ha Shona..r u OK now.

Swa:no this idiot.. Sorry lucky is irritating me..

Rag: oh I see.. I wil teach him a lesson when he comes back.

Swa: u r my sweet laado.

Rag: u r my sweet Shona..do ur shopping fastly.

Swa: ok Byee.

Rag: Byee.

Lak: y u called her. We were eating something here only na.

Swa: Noo if I eat outside food more. Then my health…n then all wil cry seeing my condition

Lak: to eat pani puri u won’t get any disease or any health problems na..

Swa: Noo… U know na.. How much I love pani puri..(helly shah is very fond of eating pani puri)

Lak: I know…still v should do clothes shopping

Swa: chalo.. Or else v wil be late.

Lak: see v r in front of shop only.

Swa: let’s go..

They went inside n did all clothes shopping.
( they already did shopping for marriage for them selves.. This time they did shopping for others for their relatives..in my family v wil do that soo..)
It was almost 10:30 pm.
They left that place.
But they stuck in traffic ( they need 1 n half hour to reach mansion. Due to traffic..it became late) It was midnight..funalky they reached mm..

They both entered and opened door.. It was completely dark..
Swa: I guess everyone slept..

Lak: I guess no..

Ev: along with lucky happy birthday to u dear Shona.. Happy birthday to u..

Lights gets on..
Swara was so happy to the arrangements n was happy.

Laksh runs to his room n brings a cover in his hands.

Lak: shona… This is ur gift

Swa: whats there in this

Lak: open n see I guess u might like this.

Swara opens that n sees a gown in that.( on the day of shopping Shona like some gown but some one had already purchased that.. It was none other than lucky..).
She was damn happy.. All of sudden she hugged lucky.

Swa: u know I thought of buying same gown..but that fellow said some one had already purchased it..

Lak: thank God u liked it..

Swa: of course.

She Cuts cake.. N feed Eo.. All sat for dinner.. All were Swara’s fav..

Dp: finally my angel liked everything

Swa: of course papa.

Shek: this is nothing… Tmro there is a grand party…n sometime special announcement. N also the marriage tmro there is Mehandi m sangeet.

San: Wt is that special announcement

Anju: u wil come to know tmro.

All finished their dinner.
Swaragini were going to their room..
All of sudden their body starts itching… Some pimples comes in their body..
They were about to fall but SanLak hold their respective pairs..
They observe SwaRagini eyes turning into red color..
They called family members..

Sumi: OMG.. Wts this.

Shek: I think their turning into vampires.

Anju: Yaa…

San: so it means they were not vampires til now.

Lak: I guess Ya… But I guess they were not knowing that v all r vampires.

Arha: v didn’t discuss about this.

Sumi: we should call doc.

Shek: u r right.. I wil call

Dp: let’s call him tmro

Aayan: but…..

Shek: first day won’t na so no problem.. Let’s call them tmro morning only..

Dp: u r right.. So only I said…..let them sleep now.

SanLak lifts SwaRagini n take them to their rooms….

Next episode..
How will SwaRagini react when they come to know that they r vampires n their family is also…
Wt is that announcement….
What about 2 pairs of eyes..
( I don’t give any Villan entry till now. In next episodes u wil come to know)….

Sorry I missed this part.. I update here..

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  2. Can I noe what is the meaning of I do ishq only tumse…I’m Indian

    1. Sahana_sr_reddu

      Its ‘i will love only you’

      Actually in my college we say like that for “IDIOT”
      Just thought of adding that here.. And nothing more.

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    Sorry guys i made many mistakes in this part…
    Instead of julab jamun it became human jamun.
    Its my keyboard mistake because of my first typing i dint see what i typed.

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