SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 17)


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Here I start my episode 18..

Swara was making prout faces..at the same time all elders gathered there
(were inside house)
Dp: angel Wt happened

Swa: see na paapa

Sumi: Wt to see

Swa: maa.. These 3 said that I should not do any arrangements

Anj: they r right only na

Shek: ha beta..today is ur birthday n u r not doing any works..

Swa: papa.. Plz.
It’s my didis n bhaiya marriage na

Arh: no Shona..u wil not da

Yan: ha meri Choti behan

Swa: u all r one team na… Go. I won’t talk to u guys

Lak: it’s OK.. Now go.

Dp: sweetheart… U don’t go.. U wil also do arrangements

Rag: but uncle..

San: papa…. It’s her birthday..

Dp: I know… V should not make her sad.. I can’t see her like that.

Swa: thank you papa… Thanks..
N u three follow me..

Sum: notanki..dramebaz

Swa: I know..

Rag:….now we should followers her or what..

Shek: in fact yes.. It’s Dps order.

San: OMG…

Lak: no problem man.

Rag: Sanky… Someone changed party..

Swa: today there will be a party.. N no need to change party.. Got it(was laughing)

Everyone laughed…

All four started to decorate house..(now the decoration is completely changed..)

All ladies r in kitchen… N men’s are outside..having a tea break n chit chat
(offo…normally girls wil do chit chat.. But her men’s are chit chatting…)
Finally the decoration n everything else was completed..
(today is sangeet n Mehandi… N in next episode it will be Haldi ki rasam)

All elders were gathered n talking…. After sometime they guest started coming… Coming..coming….. Coming…. Finally mm was filled with guests.. (both vampire family n normal humans)

Sumi: laado… Shona…
Take n come arha..

Rag: ha maa… 2 mins we will be there.

Arha came down with 2 of her friends..
(our heroines were doing make up to arha na… So they will be coming a little late.. They should get ready na so… )

Arha came down n took elders blessing n stood next to Aayan..
Aayan was mesmerized to see her beauty… Obviously na…he was continuously staring at her… While San lak were looking for their jaans
Dp: where is my sweet heart..

Swara n ragini were coming down… The lights focused on them..all turned towards them… Everyone were mesmerized to see them especially SanLak..

Yan: SanLak… Close ur mouth or else dinosaur will get inside..
(were in their dreamland n were staring SwaRagini.)
Sanlak back to sense..

Yan: I know they are beautiful… N Ragini will be getting married soon…n swara mab be a little later..

San became angry.. While lucky thought she wil marry a bit later… Yan n arha were trying to control their laugh seeing Sanky…

San:for himself..
Oh.. I guess the marriage will be cancelled.. We didn’t gonna meet them na.

Lak: Sanky what r u thinking..

San: came back to sense..

Again they started staring SwaRagini.. SwaRagini were taking blessing of elders.. N were talking to them… Talking… Talking..uff

The lights went off.. N was focusing on center of stage… Haha… AA… It’s our lucky..

Lak: hello… Thank you for coming to my jinglibilli birthday n for my didis wedding rituals

Everyone clap hands.. While swara was staring at him(he called jinglibilli na)

Lak: n I’m so happy today… I wanna introduce a special person in my life on this very special occasion..but not now a little while later… N let’s starts our arhas Mehandi..
So enjoy this evening with us..

Claps… Claps… While
Swara’s pov.
OMG… Is he introducing his gf… Ha..on my birthday a shock..y is this affecting me.. I just only like him.. But y…. Y is this happening with me… By the way who is she… I wanna meet her..

Rag: shona

Rag: shona…

Swa: ha ragu..

Rag: what happened..y r u so dull.

Swa: vo… Vo… Nothing.

Rag: don’t lie

Swa: nothing ragu… Just like that only

Rag: I’m ur sister..dont try to hide

Swa:what did I hide from u..

Ragini pulls swara along with her to a room

Swa: y u pulled me here.. V should go

Rag: say me now.. Wts bothering u.

Swa: I said nothing na..

Rag: swara… See now I wil call everyone

Swa: no… I wil tell

Rag: say now.

Swa: ragu..
U know lucky is having a dream girl.. N
Rag: Wt… Even Sanky.

Swa:both brothers ha..
Who is his dreamgirl..

Rag: explains everything

Swa: I’m so happy for u.. N wt about that guy..

Rag:even I don’t know.. U should only help us..

Swa: I wil help u..dont worry

Rag: now u say urs.. Who is his dreamgirl..
(she knows that it is swara..  Sanky said that lucky likes shona… N guessed that swara is only his dreamgirl)

Swa: even I don’t know..
But when ever he takes her name.. I feel some pain in my heart… As thought everything is going away from me… I don’t know what’s happening with Me..

Rag: shona… Even I had this feeling for Sanky…first even I didn’t realise..but now.. It’s only called love..so that means u r in love with him..

Swa: no ragu we will fight everyday intact when ever v see each other… We will fight..

Rag: no… U.. U were fighting not now…

Swa): wt do u mean..

Rag: see u used to fight more… But now u r more than friends… U wil not fight more..u wil care for each other… N

Swa: no this can’t happen.. Im not in love with him

Rag: Shona.

Swa: no ragu..come let’s go.. Everyone will be waiting..

She went from there..
Rag: OMG swara.. U love lucky.. I’m so happy
U wil realise that

While coming she was pulled into the room.. She was about to scream..but a hand closed her mouth… Haha it’s sanky..
They were sharing a cute romantic eyelock..
Both were lost in each other.. (silence talk more than words.)
It’s was followed by a tight hug..
(let then be like that.. We should not disturb)

Swara came outside of gm.. Without her knowing a drip of tear escaped her eyes

Swa: ragu was wrong… No I’m not in love with him…he likes his dreamgirl a lot…no. no
.he loves her a lot.. He can do anything for her..n even I’m in love with him… I wont share my feeling… He should get a good life partner….
(she is thinking continuously…she felt some hand on her shoulder.. She turned. Saw lucky)

Lak: y r u alone..

Swa: nothing.. Just thinking

Lak: about wt..

Swa: london

Lak: there is time.. U think about that later.

Swa: fine…whom r u introducing..

Lak: u will come to know later..
Now let’s go inside all wil be withing..

Swa: chalo.. Chalte.

Going inside..

They both came back to their sense..
Ragini ran from there.. N gathered in hall by the saying..

Lak: now it’s time to celebrate birthday…n here I welcome my jinglibilli… My enemy… My friend..my care taker..
Miss swara rathode mahoday..

All claps hands.

Lak: happy birthday to my bestiee.. May God give u all happiness..

Cake was bought n she cut cake n she made everyone (family members) to eat.. N now dance starts.

All were dancing….
U only imagine from what songs they r dancing… (don’t know exactly…as I’m my family there is no sangeet. …
Put all ur imaginary skills..
.work in it…
I know Swalak m ragsan r pairs n r dancing were well.. All elders r happy seeing 2 pairs… Even arha n Yan join them… All elders join them… In this way dance continues..) still pending…  I wil be uploading after some days…..

( I promised that I wil upload yesterday.. But unfortunately I was not able….it was raining so there was no proper signal…sorry.. Sorry..)

A big twist in next episode..
Will Swara be able to realize her feeling..
Wt about ragsan marriage with others…

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