SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 16)


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Here I start my 17th episode…

….in room..
Sanlak made SwaRagini to lie down on bed. They both sat down there for sometime n they left for their room.
All elders discussed about this and went back to their rooms and fell asleep.

Next day morning….
Haha our cute little vampires were still sleeping so peacefully.

Sanlak got ready and came to swaraginis room. Both were mesmerized to see their love sleeping peacefully. Both went to their respective princesses and were staring at them…. Almost lost in them.

Swara woke up
(still sleepy lying on bed…but didn’t open her eyes.. Even I do the same)

Swa: ragu…

Swara opened her eyes..shocked.

Swa: ahhh… Ragu… Wake up… Ragu..
(she moved her hands on ragu…)

Finally woke up..but even she.

Rag:ahh…ma…. Baba….

Swa: papa.. Ma… Chacha..chachi..

Rag:..bhaiya… Bhabhi…
Come fast..

Lak: don’t worry…we won’t eat u..

Swa: lucky.. What is this.. Y r u looking so weird..

San: Shona

Rag: Sanky say properly..

Lak: this is our real identity..

San: and v r…

(u might have guessed right….)
Swa: means… U both r..

Lak:.ha baba v both r vampires..

Rag: stop making us fool OK.

San: we r not making u fool

Lak: in fact v r really vampires..

Swa: (happy.. Excited)…means u both r really vampires… I’m so happy..

San: r u not afraid.

Swa:haha…wt a joke.. U know I was also willing to be a vampire but I’m a human.. Wt to do..
At least I have vampire friends.
(she hugged ragini and later she hugged lucky)

Lak: no no..u r wrong.

Rag: I’m confused.. Say me clearly
(all elders also joined them… Even they were in their real attire.. Means vampire getup)

Dp: beta.. V all r vampires..

Swa: wow… I’m so happy.. (she got up from bed and ran towards them n hugged Eo)

Rag: Shona.. Stop it… I know u are attracted towards vampires but..

Sk: beta… In fact one more truth..

Swa: say me fast.. On my birthday I’m getting continuous shocks.. Haha..

Sumi: even u both became vampires now..

Rag: Wt.. When…how..

Swa:( she dances madly.. She was not able to control her happiness)….really… Yippee..im a vampire now.. I can do anything…

She moved her hand..(the stool near dressing table moved and it broke.)

Swa: Wt is this.. I’m not able to do perfectly.

Rag:(angry).. Shona.. I said to stop ur actions…

Swa: but ragu..

Rag: I said na… U stop that.

San: ragini… Cool down.
Don’t be angry.. Or else everything here wil break..

Lak: ha laado.. Sanky is right.

Rag: say me how this happened

Anju: Beta.. U were vampires by birth.

Swa: no ma.we were not.. Y u said like that.

Rag: shona.. Let aunty complete first..

Sumi: when u both were born.. U were vampires… Later u both got separated from us along with maa n paapa…

Shek: n then some fellow gave a curse to u that until Swara completes her 21 years… U both will remain humans…
Now swara turned 21

Swa: Wt about dada n dadi…

Sumi: even they were vampires…but they didn’t give u a clue that they were vampires..

Rag: fine..y didnt u tell us that u all were vamps

San: we wont reveal our true identity to normal humans soo..

Swa: then u could have said us when u came to know that v r MA n babas daughters

Lak: we didn’t think that..

San:..ya lucky is right… See now we revealed our true identity

Rag: OMG.. A big surprise in my life.

Swa:she runs n hugs ragini again..

Suj: Shona.. Calm down.

Swa: how can I chachi… I’m so happy.. This will be my memorable day if my life..

Dp: ha beta.. Now both get ready v should leave

Rag: for where.

Sumi: rose essence

Swa: wt is that..

Lak: meri maa.. We will inform u everything while going now get ready…
Make sure that u won’t eat anything n drink

Swa: par lucky…

San: stop…n Ragini u…u won’t rest anything..

Lak: let’s go now… U wil get ur answers OK..

San: both don’t discuss anything now. Go get ready.. Fastly..

All left from their room…
Swara was dancing madly… Even Ragini joined her..
Swa: ragu… Finally my dream came true.

Rag: ha shona.. Ur dream.
Nana.. Our dream..

Swa: let’s talk later or else that monkey will come.

Lak: u chipkali get ready now.

Swa: shock..
To ragu: hoe is he able to hear me.

Lak: I can hear u.. Now go

Rag: let’s go.. Or else he will listen everything

Swa: kaddos… Gardhabaha(in Sanskrit it means donkey.)

Lak: Shona.. Now move.. Or else.

San: ragu u also..

(all were ready n waiting for swaragini..)

Both came down… All were impressed by their looks….they look amazing… As it is Swara’s bd.. She was fantastic…dint think that ragu was less than her..she ws also marvellous

SanLak were staring them. Swaragini came down.n took elders aashirvad..
Swa: lucky close ur mouth or else flies wil go inside..

Rag: Sanky u also close ur mouth

SanLak closed their mouth.

All left for therapy…
Sumi Shek Aayan and arha in one car.
Dp anju Sujatha n ram in one car..
2 lovely pairs in one more car..

Swa: lucky plz…can I drive..

San: no I will drive..

Rag: no need.. Shona said she want to drive thats final.

San: she is drive slowly.. N we won’t reach in time

Lak: bhai seriously… Ur joking.

Rag: ha Sanky… Wts wrong with u.

Swa: Sanky dont joke..

San: Wt did I say.
I said u will drive slowly.

Lak: shona. Show ur talent.. All the best

(lucky gives her keys)
Swara in drivers seat.. Noo.. Racer seat.. Lucky next to her.
N ragsan at the back..

Lak: attention..attention… Plz I request u guys to put ur seat belts properly..

San: stop ur funny announcement

Rag: Sanky please put ur seatbelt tightly..

San: oh.. Lemme see.. (he will put loosely)

Lak: here we start… 3…..2…1…go

Swara starts n was full on her joy.. She was driving so fastly.. ..
On the way.. It was so scary…she was driving that fast..

San: shona.. Slow down

Swa: noo..not at all.. After many days.. Ragu agreed for a race.

Rag: now u say is she driving slowly.

San: Noo..

Lak: now u came to know Shonas talent.

San: I agree.. Plz slowly down.

Lak: she will not listen. Better u tighten ur seal belt..

He tightened it.. N while travelling they explained about rose essence(i have already informed about this…)
They reached first…compared to other 2..(lucky guided way to her)..

All got down from car n were waiting for others…
San: u r simply superb…i won’t come with u next time

Rag: wil u come with me.

San: Ya sure.. Why not..

Lak: bhai.. Careful.

Swa: ha..

San: hey stop. Ragini wil not scare me..

Lak: let’s see
Others join them.. All went inside the therapy room… The doctor gave them some pills to all.. All took that n left from there..

Rag: Swara give me car keys.. J wil drive.

Swa: here u go
She gives keys.

Now Swalak in back seat.. Ragsan in front seat..

Swa: so… Let’s start.. 3…2…1..
(this time Sanky didnt even put his seat belt.)

Lak: something will happen..

Swa: ha lucky..

San: let’s see.

Ragini also started…it was intact one more race kind.. ( u only imagine.. I don’t know how to xplain race in my words)
San: ragu stop..

Rag: no Sanky.. Nothing will happen to u..

Swalak r enjoying

Sanky is afraid.. But al of sudden he puts his seat belt..

After some time they reach mm..

Swa: how was ride with us.

Lak: superb..

San: Ya.. Devilish sisters..

Rag: Wt did u say.

San: nothing

Lak: Who was scary..

San: hmm…. According to me Swara’s was scary… But raginis was also scary..

Rag: who’s sister is she.

Swa: of course my Raginis..

Lak: so shona..u r fab da.

He hugged her.

San: ahem.. Ahem.
Swalak comes to their sense

Swa: let’s go in…we should start all arrangements

Rag: no.. Not we all.. Only v three.

Swa: but..

Lak: rags is right..
We three wil do everything..

San: Ya..

Swa: Noo.. This is my sister’s n brothers marriage function k wil also do… If u don’t allow me see..
(she makes prout face)

Next episode..
Will Swara join ragsanlak in marriage arrangement.
A big surprise is waiting for u guys… In my next or in my next 2nd episode..
Even i don’t know in which episode properly..

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