SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 15)


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Here I start my episode 15

Rag: I can’t love anyone leaving you. Got it
San: fine… Think how to reject him.
There was silence for some time…
Ragsan: idea…!!!!!!
They look at each other.
San: u say.
Rag: u say.
San: no u say.
Rag: fine listen…
She says something in his ears…
San: actually even I got the same idea…
Rag: wow..amazing..
R u ready..
San: of course yes.
Rag: fine. Let’s sleep now.
San was about to go…. Just then anju n Sumi comes inside.
Rag: Wt happened now.
Sum: v should take to sanky.
San: ha aunty..
Anj: even u should go with ragini to meet ur fiance.
Ragsan shocked…
San: Wt…. Me….. No way..
Anj: it’s ur father decision. U go n talk to him.
Rag: where is she coming.
Anj: where u wil meet ur hubby. There only she will meet u.
San: by the way who is she.
Sumi: she is Ragini hubby’s sister.
Rag: Wt….
Anju: Ya beta.. She is his sister…
So u both wil be getting married at the same time…
San: mom..if I won’t like..
Anj: v know… She is damn georgeous…u can’t even think to reject her.
Sumi: n ragu, even u can’t reject him…
Go n meet them
Anju: plz.. Meet them or else they may reject u guys..
Ragsan look at each other.
After few seconds..
Ragsan: fine… V wil leave now.
San: wait I want to talk to dad.. U sit I wil come.
Rag: fine.. Come fast.
San:as u say my darling
She blushes a little.

@dps room
San comes inside.
Dp: u didn’t go to meet her.
San: dad.. U r u doing this… U know maa that I..
Dp interrupts san
Dp: I won’t listen to u…. Go n meet them both.. Preps this marriage will be cancelled… This a our business deal.
San: u can’t do this to me… I won’t marry her..
Dp: u wil definitely marry her..
San: I won’t.. It’s my..
Do Again interrupts san
Dp: no don’t dare to say that u promise me…. Later u wil suffer. First u meet her.
San: OK fine…. Lemme see.
Dp: I said leave now.
San: cool

Ragsan left from there.
Sanky was riding bike. Ragini was sitting with little moody face. San was riding said fast. He saw a speed breaker… So all of sudden he applied break which made ragini to hold him tightly n she hugged him from back….
Rag: Sanky…
San: nothing happened..
Rag: not about this…. Wt about meeting.
San: I have an idea.
Rag: Wt…
San: (muted)
Rag: nice… Superb.. It will work.
San: we will follow this
Rag: yup…(she was hugging him from back side)

Swara comes coming downstairs rubbing her eyes.(as she woke up now…her daily routine is to see Dp in morning….funny bonding). Suddenly she bumped into someone one(our lucky)..swara was on top of lucky… They both shared an eyelock…
Shek: Ahm…ahm…. This made swalak to come back to their sense. They both composed themselves…
Swa: can’t u see
Lak: hello madam… U were rubbing ur eyes.. N u ditched me.
Swa: fine leave.
Dp: guys get ready…. Marriage is after 3 days… We should do all preparations
Swa: ha handsome.
All were shocked
Swa: y… Papa wil call me sweetheart.. Darling… My love… Can it call him as handsome.
Ev: u can… But
Swa: but Wt…
Lak: look at his age… Is he handsome. Can’t u call me handsome.
Swa: shut up lucky…. I wil only call him.
Shek: haaa
Anju: Pagal Ladki.
All left from there…n went back for their rooms.

They both were riding. Ragini saw pani purity stall.
Rag: Sanky…. Stop
San: Wt happened.
She points towards pani puri.
San: u want to eat that.
Rag: Ya.. Plz..
They both went there
Rag: bhai. 2 plates pani puri.
N Sanky Wt u want
San: u ordered mine also no.
Rag: y will in order for u.
San: 2 plates
Rag: only for me.
San: bukkad.
Rag: I know.
San: bhaiya. 1 plate pani puri.
That fellow gives them 3 plates
Sanky was about to eat.
Rag: stop….!!!!!
San: Wt happened yar.
Rag: I wil challenge u
San: Wt challenge
Rag: I wil give u 3 chances at least 1 u should do that.
San: say wt I should do my lord.
Rag: haa funny..
Take puri n eat that.
San: thats it???
Rag) let me complete first.
U should eat that without breaking.. OK
San: but. This puri is big.. How can i
Rag: if u don’t try..then I wil go n meet him.
San: Noo I wil try. (rag was eating her puri)
San take 1 puri n tries his best to put that inside his mouth… But failed. It broke.
Rag: haha..2 more chances.
San: I wil pit this time u wait n watch.
But again he fails.
Rag: …laughing….
1 more chance
San: it to tough. I wil do this at any cost.
Rag: let’s see.
San: this time he puts into his mouth….suceeded.. As it didn’t break.
I won… I won…
Ragini finished eating her 2 plates pani puri
Rag: OK u won. Shall we leave now.. She remembered something.
Cheater…. Cheater… Cheater..
San: wt I did. Y r u calling me cheater.
Rag: u cheated me.
San: I didnt cheat u.  I tried it.
Rag: no I remember…u

Fb is shown.
Host: hello everyone…..come on let’s start…
Katarnak bukkad
Ev: yup….. All were screaming.
Host: here comes our contestants.
Nithin. Yoga.. Prema. Madhu.. Sammy. Mouna.. Sanskaar. Preeta…..Welcome them.
All came on to the stage.
Host explains about eating pani puri. (Wt Ragini gave task.. as I mentioned above)
All started eating… First all were not able to do that… N some of them suceeded n some failed in that. 
Rag: plz.. Plz… Sanky should win..
All were cheering for their fav contestants

Host: time’s up…
I know all were waiting for results…
Ev: screaming…
Host: lemme announce
2nd runner up is… Nithin…
He comes in to stage n receive gift.
1st runner up is……mouna.
She comes on to stage n collected her gift
Host: finally.
The winner is….
Any guesses…
Ev: Sanskaar… Sanky… Sanky… Sanskaar…
Host: OMG…. Correct guess… N Sanky is winner.
Ragini hugged n congratulated him.
He went OK n to stage n collected his gift.
Host: guys…. U know… He only broke 2 puris
Out of 25…
Everyone clapped for him
Host: Sanky… How was that possible.
San: haa… Voo…. actually I n my bro will play this every time. When ever we eat. Soo
Host: yuppie… Nice
He came back to his friends..

Fb ends.
Rag: y didnt u tell this
San: ..silence…..
Rag: see I forgot that u were expert in this.
San: I’m brilliant..so I didn’t tell u.. N I won this.
Rag turns back n was angry in him… She walked towards his bike..seeing this Sanky paid bill n went toward her.
San: sorry baba… Maaf kardo na
Rag: no… U cheated me..
San: I don’t cheat u… I was not willing to disappoint u soo..u were enjoying this na
Rag: even though..
Sanky kissed her cheek..
San: forgive me yar…
Rag: this is public..
San: so what… I’m ur Bf na.. I have right..
Rag: shll v leave now.
San: forgave me right.
Rag: I was not angry in u… Just kidding.
San: haha… Lier. 
They left from there..
Some 2 eyes are shown… (that eyes were watching ragsan)…. Eyes left from there( following ragsan)

Dp:how much time u all need to get ready..
Al gathered on hall..
Anju: im ready.
Sumishek. even we r ready.
Suj. Ram.: v r also
Swa: I’m ready… N her is this idiot.. He takes more time to get ready… Worst than girls..
All laugh.
Some one holds Swara’s ears from back
Swa: leave me.. She turns back.. Of course it’s lucky.
Lak: u jinglibilli….. I was waiting for all…i felt bored so I went back to my room.
Swa: should I believe u.
Lak: I don’t mind.
Swa:(in mind)..  I believe u more than my self kaddos..i believe in u..
Lak: so wt should v do baba.
Dp: lucky n Swara u both go for market n buy n come stuff…
Anju: I Sumi n Suj… Will look after arrangements..
Dp: then we three wil look after decorations.
Swalak left from there..
Dp: we should start our plan.
Ev: hmm…
All went to their respective works..

Let’s see Wt wil happen next…
N sorry for my grammatical mistake n spelling mistake…. Hope u don’t mind…

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