SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 14)


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Here I start my episode 14..
Swalak leaves from park…..they both reach mall.. At the same time ragsan also reached.
But all others reached before only..
Sanlak parked car n bike respectively.
Swara sees ragini standing n goes near her.
Swa: hi ladoo
Rag: u also came now ha.
Swa: I guess I should ask this question for u right.
Rag: u lost that chance. Answer me mow.
Swa: I met my friend so late…now u say y were u late.
Rag: blushes remembering her moments with Sanky.
Swara sees this
Swa: laado… Say now..wt sanky did.
Swa: laado.. She shakes her shoulder
Swa: she shouts near her ear.. Laado.
Rag: comes back to reality…y r u shouting shona.. I can hear u
Swa: I know Wt n all u heard.
Say me Wt happened.
Rag: I wil tell in home. Shall v go inside.
Swa: wait let lucky n Sanky come.
They both came there with each other.
Lak: oh… Waiting for us ha..
Swa: no waiting for a monkey..it came shll v go in.(she runs)
Lak: u shona… ..lucky runs behind her.
Wait…… Shona…. Wait there..
San: shall v go in Mrs. Maheshwari
Rag: shocked to hear that name.. Wt…..
San: would be life..n wife come let’s go.
Rag: sanky…. OK chalo….

They also went inside.
Lak got swara n was about to beat her.(not serious)..swara closes her eyes with her hands. Lak sees her innocence n took his hand back.
Swara opens her eyes n beats lucky..
Lak: ahhhhhhh…..so mean shona..
Swa: yy
Lak: I didn’t beat u..then y u bet me.
Swa: I like to beat u..
Dp: angel..come here I selected a drees for u.
Swa: ha paapa… Cmng.
She goes near Dp. N she sees the dress.
Swa: papa. Ur fab…. I like this.
Dp: I know my dolls favourite..
Swara hugs him. He also hugs her back. Sumishek sees this n were happy to see each other bonding.
Swa: don’t be jealous of us(to sumishek who were staring her)
Sumi: shona….
Dp: haha..dont look at us like this OK.
Shek:dp..v were happy to see u like this.
Swa: oh really.
Rag: ha baba… I’m used to see this great affection…
But they r new to this na..
Lak: OMG… They started even here.
Swa: it’s out wish.. Right na papa.
Anju: u can do this in home. Now do shopping

(sumishek remembers something they look at each other.n smile….. It’s a suspense….)

Sumi: did u remember
Shek: haa. How can I forget.
Sumi: fine.. Let’s do shopping for that also.
Shek: OK chalo

Sanky calls ragini…
Rag: about kya uva.
San: nothing….he shows Her a dress…
How is this..
Rag: so worst…
San: Wt..
Rag: Ya… See this old desing.. Colour.. Material.. Everything is so worst.. I didn’t like.
San: but I liked it..
Rag: if u like y should I take this.. I have my own choice.
San: fine.. Let’s see another..
They both went from there…

Swara busy in her shopping…
Swara sees some dress… She was about to take that..
Salesman: sorry man.. It’s already purchased
(salesman wil be written as sm)
Swa: who purchased
Sm: some guys… He said he took that for her fiance.
Swa: oh great.. Do u have any other in this pattern.
Sm: sorry man. Stock got over..
Swa: oh.. Fine..
Sm: I wil show u some other. Plz come in this way.
Swara went and was seeing some lehanga..
Swa: OK fine.. I wil take this own..
Sm: sorry mam
Swa: y
Sm: its also purchased.
Swa: oh no… Who is he.
Sm: same person who took that long frock.
swa: who is that person… He is having my taste….who is he the second guy…..
To herself….Even lucky is having same taste as mine.. But who is this fellow… I want to see him na..
Sm: mam wil u see other.
Swa: OK fine then I wil take this own… N points towards some lehanga..
Sm: OK mam. U pay bill atlast.
Sw: fine..
She goes from there.

San: how is this.
Rag: uffff… I don’t like..
San: but y.
Rag: u r such a old kind… Y r u selecting all puratan dress…
San got angry…
San: ladoo… I select ur self..i myself..
He was about to leave.
Rag holds his hand.
Sanky looks back.
Rag: sorry…. I was just kidding… I liked all ur selection.
San: u said its….
Rag: I was jocking. See
(she shows the dress which he selected b4)
San: u know.. I thought u won’t like my selection. Then how can u adjust to me after marriage..
Rag: offo.. U Buddhu.. I like ur taste..
For u everything should be perfect..
San: thank God..

They both select costumes…clothes.. . jewels.. And all other stuff for each other.

Swara comes to Jewel section. She sees some fancy chain.. She was searching for the same kind of chain from months.
Swa to herself: OMG… Finally I got this… I’m so happy..
She goes near that… But same thing happened…someone took that..
Swa: who the hell is he… Wt ever I like.,,,he already purchased it… This didn’t happen in my life till now..ufff..

She buys some matching accessories.. N leave from there

Lak also buys his stuff… N come near billing centre.
They finished shopping
Yan selected for arha.. N arha selected for Yan…

All elders ram Sujatha… Sumishek… Dp anju..

Billing counter..
Dp: all purchases right.
(Swara was Lil dull Dp saw This)
Dp: angel y r u so upset.. Did u finish shopping.
Swa: ha paapa. Voo
Dp: Wt happened
Swa: nothing..
Rag: bolo na shona.
Swa: Kuch nahi.. Tired.
Dp: chalo let’s go..
SanLak u pay bill n come.
Both the families leave from there..
San: ha papa.
Lak:bhai chalo let’s also leave.
They both paid bill. N went outside.
Ragini n anju was waiting for sanlak…
Lak: y r u here. Didn’t u go.
Anju: no beta… Swara went with them na so
San: papa.. Kicked u out of car na.
Rag: Sanky…. Stop ur nonsense n stupid jokes.
Anju: u know na how much he cares
Lak: patha hai
Rag: come MA.. Let’s go with Sanky..
Lucky u come in Shonas bike.
Lak: ok
ragsananju… went in sankys car.. n lucky came in Shonas bike..

All reach mm
swara ran to her room. Dp was afraid to see her state.
All came n sat on sofa..
Sumi: OK fine. We shall leave.
Dp: so fast.
Shek: v should do preparation na..
Dp: no need.. U stay here only… Let’s do everything here.
Sumi: no…. How can v stay here.
Suj: nothing will happen.
Shek: but…
Rp: no buts..
Sumi: fine..
Yan: mom..
Sujatha: u shut up…. Listen to me now… U wil be staying along with SanLak.
Yan: teek Hai
Swara in her room.
Y God y.. Wts happening in my life…..i wished yug to stay in my life.. But no…. I wished to go for London to relax n start a new life… But please show me a way….. Now in mall also…… Please let me also leave a happy life..
Lak: Shona.. Wt happened now.
Swa turns towards door n sees lucky standing there. She runs n hugs him tightly..
Lucky also hugs her back.
Swa: ibdojt want this life.. I’m tiered of this lie.
Lak:keeps finger on her lips.
This is last time.. Don’t even dare to say this again.
Swa: but lucky.
Lak:mall me kya uva..
Swa: I swa him again.
Lak: whom..
Swa: yug..
Lak: Wt was he doing there.
Swa: I don’t know.. But.. He cries aloud..
Lak: wt… Same me clearly..
Swa: he pulled me n he…..
Lak: n Wt..
Swa: he tried to misbehave with me.
Lak: how dare he hurt my Shona..
Y didn’t unsay me b4 only.
Swa:  I was… She holds him tightly..
Lak: cares her hairs..
Don’t worry.. Lemme find a solution for this.
Swa: thank you lucky… I can share anything with u…. I like u a lot…
Lak: Me too… I like u the most…
They both composes themselves..
Lak make swara sleep… N helpful also sleeps on the sofa in her room.

Sumishek dpanju and rpsuj are in Dp’s room n discussing something seriously
Dp: how can I forget this..
Anju: even I forgot about this….
Rp: we were busy in marriage preparations so we n all forgot
Sumi: v also remembered in mall…
We did shopping… So no need to worry….
Anju: phir bhi…
Dp: ha….tho teek hai…hum
(it’s all muted)
Suj: it’s a secret BTW us
Rp: I can’t believe one…they can’t keep secret in their mouth. He sees suj
Suj:oh really…. I wil see u later… But v can’t trust this man n points towards Rp
Dp: shuru hogaya..
Shek:jagda karneki.
Rpsuj stops their fight n glares at each other.
Some one knocked the door..

Anju opens n sees arha n yan
Shek: time dodo
Arh: ha uncle.. Something imp
Dp: bolo
Yan: v all forgot something.
Sumi: Wt beta… U did ur shopping right.
Arh: not shopping….
Suj: then…
Yan glares at sumishek….giving a stare..
Sumi understood.
Sumi: v r also talking about the same.. Come in.
Dp: how u came to know.
Shek: she can…..she can understanding anything by looking into their eyes..
Anju: great..
Sumi: stop this n talk about preparation….
Dp: OK…now listen….

Rag: if getting bored.. Wt to do.
San: dance..
Rag: hmm..
They both dance on some random song..(ur wish which song u like)
They did some twirls with Eo.. Sanky lifted Ragini.. N leaves her down.. He pull her by holding her waist..they both completely forgot about world looking at Eo eyes.
After sometime they were brought to reality by the song on the door.
It’s was our Sumi.
Sanky hides himself under couch..
Sumi: wts happening..
Rag: Ntg mom… Y u came here.
Sum: to talk with u
Rag: say mom.
Sum: v got marriage proposal for u.
Rag: Wt…… Fully shocked..
Sum: ha… So u r going to meet him in coffee day tmro mrng wit Sanky
Rag: mom but…
Shek: ha beta.. U should go.. U wil like him.
Rag: I don’t want to get married soon..
Shek: but first see him. If u won’t like then v think.
They both leave.
Rag: oh no..
Sanky come out.
San: r u marrying him
Rag: how can I…h know na.. I love u. Then.
San: y didn’t u say this to aunt n uncle.
Rag: I was afraid..
San: OK fine. Let’s meet that guy tmro.  N u should reject him
Rag: without seeing him I wil reject.
San: by chance… If u like him
Rag: I can’t like anyone leaving u.. Got it

Next episode.
Who is that guy having Swara’s taste..
Wt were all elders discussing… Wts that secret..
Wt wil Laksh do…wil he be able to bring smile on Swara’s face..
Who is that guys… Wt wil Ragini do after meeting him.

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