SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 13)


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Back with my episode 13…

Ragini falls n starts crying
San: control urself.
Rag: how can I. She lied.
San: she was knowing how u will react. So she thought not to say anyone.
Rag: runs from there…..
She enters Swara’s room..
She sees Swara sleeping peacefully…she goes near swara n cares her hairs. She kisses her forehead.
Swara woke up as she heard ragini crying.
Swa: ladoo.wt happened
Rag: shut up.  U lied me again.
Swa: what I did.. I don’t lie.
Rag: I came to know truth.
Of u again lie to me see… Wt I wil do…
Swa: Wt wil u do.
Rag: I wil not talk to u.
Swa: don’t ever do that… She eyed in anger.
Rag: w hi o said u to lie me
Swa: I only thought. If I say.. I know u will cry.. So..
By the way who said u this.
Rag: some one… Leave no..
Swa: If u don’t say…. (she turns her face other side..n makes a pout face.)
Rag: I will say..
Lucky said to me.
Swa: how date that idiot…
Rag: I forced him… So
Swa: I wil ask him later.
Rag: took tablets.
Swa: Ya. I took
Rag: OK take rest.. I wil leave.
Swa: fine.

Ragini goes outside…. Dp comes in.
Dp: sweet heart how r u..
Swa: fine papa…
Dp starts crying.
Swa: papa… Nothing happened. Don’t cry. Even she starts crying.
Dp: sorry beta I didn’t come to see u
Swa: I can understand u.
Dp: more than anyone..
Swara laughs.. Do also laughs seeing her.
Sumishek: I should be careful na
(Dp informed this to sumishek Aayan)
Yan: shona…
Swa: now u all don’t start ur lecture.
Sumi: but..
Swa: no buts. Ok
Shek: OK meri maa
Dp: noo.she is my sweetheart my angel
Yan: so much love towards her.
No one loves me.
Swa: bhai… I know someone who loves u a lot.
Yan blushes.. Swasumi see this.
Sumi: u can go now.
Yan: for where.
Swa: near ur lover.
Yan eyed towards her. N leave form there.
Dp:come let’s go.. Let my angel take rest.
All leave from there. All ate their dinner.. And went to sleep.
Swara was sad. N remembering something.

@ fb swalak
Swara is searching for Shilpa. On the way she bumps into someone and both fell on ground.
Swara was mesmerized to see chocolate dark brown eyes. Even the guy was mesmerized by her looks. Both composes themselves.
Swa: sorry.. I was searching for my friend.
Guy: no problem.. By the way I’m yug. Yug khanna.
Swa: swara mahoday.
Yug: nice meeting u Swara. Friends. Forwards his hand
Swa: friends. Both shook their hands.
Which year.
Yug: first year. So u
Swa: first year only. (both Hifi)
Which branch.
Yug: mechatronics
Swa: hey.. So ur my class. They laugh n goes inside class. By then Shilpa also joined Swara.
Shi: who is he shona.
Yug: ur name is Swara right.
Swa: Ya.. Shona is my nickname. U can also call me like that.
Shilpa he is yug khanna. N yug she is Shilpa.
Shi:hi yug.
Yug: hi Shilpa.
So friends..
Both shook their hands..

They had classes n it was break time. They came for canteen. They sees lucky n ram. All trios goes near them.
Swara introduced each other. N all Share sometime. All r laughing n enjoying.
Again they went back for classes.

Fb ends

Swa: y u came in my life. It’s so painful whenever I remember….she cries aloud.
Lucky sees her. N comes towards her.
Lak:shona don’t remember that.. Please forget it na.
Swa: how can I lucky. Leaving u.. No one knows about this. I can’t share this with anyone.
Lak: u can share with me.. But please don’t cry.
Swara hugs him crying. Even lucky hugged her back.
Lak: Shona. Stop crying.
Swa:lucky. Thanks for all
Lak: wt I did
Swa: if u were not there. Then…….
Lak: I said u to forget that na.
Swa:but..im not able to.
Lak: please shona. Try to forget that n all.. Concentrate on ur xams.
Swa: ha.. I wil try to forget that.
Lak: that’s like my Shona. Now go n sleep.
Swara sees their position n composes herself. N she sleeps
Lucky sees this n had tears in his eyes..n leave strong their. Goes to his room n sleeps.

@ rm
Sumi:we should leave
Yan: ha maa… Let’s leave.
Shek: I’m also ready.
They all sit in car…

Swara is about to leave.
Swa: ha maa..
Anju:eat this. She feed
Dahi n shakkar.
Swa: thanks maa.. I getting late. Say papa that I left.
Lak: stop over there.
Swa: wt happened now.
Rag: how will u go.
Swa: bike.
Lak: can u ride.
Rag: chalo let’s see.
All went outside. N swara starts her bike n was about to leave.
Rag: stop.
Swa: now Wt happened.
Rag: lucky will drop u.
Swa: he should go for office.
Lak: I wil drop u first n then I wil go.
Swa: no.. I wil only go.
Rag: listen to wt I say..angrily.
Swa: OK.. Fine.
Rag:  all d best.
Swa: thank u.

Swalak leave from there. Lucky dropped her n wished her all d best. N said that we will go shopping from here only she agreed.

Sanky hugged ragini from backside.
Rag: lemme go.. If any onnsees.
San: I have no problem. Let them.
Rag: we r outside.
San: so wt.
Rag: Sanky. …
San: fine he leave her.
Come let’s go shopping.
Rag: boys r interested in shopping also…
San: I’m not interested. I want to spend time with u.
Rag: oh… OK fine I wil come…
San: I wil be waiting. Come fast.

Ragini leaves n goes inside.
Rm enters mm
Mm welcomed them…
Yan took Dp n anju blessings.

All spent quality time with families… All were happy n talking about marriage preparations.. After 2 hours..
Dp: soo.shal v leave.
Anju: ha ji.
By the time…. Rp n Sujatha also joined them.
Ragini…… Sanky.. Arhuuu…. Come down it’s getting late.
Rag: ha aunty…
All trios comes down..
They take Sumi n Shek blessings
They all went out.
Sumi: ragini come with us
San feels bad.
Dp sees him n he understood his situation
Dp: Sujatha wil come with u
Sumi: wt abt ragu
Dp: she will come with Sanky…
Shek: fine.  Let’s leave.
All went in car..

Rag: Sanky I love u.
San stopped his car all of sudden
San: wt….
Rag: ha.i love u.
San: hugged her I love u too.
Rag: blushes
San: u said u need some more time
Rag: I was not willing to extend….i was willing to see ur love towards me..
San: wt do u mean.
Rag: actually I fell for u when v both were in Colg
San: wt…
Rag: ha.. I was not able to say u my feeling.. As.. .
San: cause.
Rag: u were in love with ur dream girl na…
San laughs…
Rag: it’s serious..
Sanky stopped laughing
San: is this the way to propose
Rag: I know only this way
San: OK fine. I love u.
Ragsan hugged each other. N were happy….
They spent time with each other… N left for mall

Swara finished her xam… N was waiting for lucky. By the time..a bike stopped near her..swara was shocked.
The guy opened his helmet.
Swa: uuuuu
Guy: ha me…
Swa: get out of my way yug
The guy is yug khanna.
Yug: y should i…..after all u r my…
Swa: shut of OK..
She was about to leave.
Yug holds her hand.
Swa: u idiot leave me..
Yug: don’t think I wil..
Swa: leave me.. (she was about to cry)
She controlled herself n starts beating him.
( she know Kung Fu)
Voice: shona stop.
Swa: she stops n turns towards the sound.
Voice: y will u waste ur energy when I here.
Swa: lucky…
The voice in lucky.
Yug: so. Again u came in her life.
Swa: he didn’t leave me… He is with me from the starting
Lak:dont even think that I wil leave her.
Yug: she will leave u.
Lak: don’t u dare to say dat
Yug: of course she is leaving u.
Swa: Wt do u mean.
Yug: she is going for london
Lak: how do u know.
Yug: I’m also leaving…n someone informed me..
Swa: shut up… Who said u
Yug: I won’t say..
N let’s meet in London ok
Laksh beats him after listening to that.
Swa:leave him
Swa: ha….lets go. It’s getting late
Lak leaves him..
Swalak went towards their bike.

Lucky sat front n swara back.. Lucky rode bike… He hears swara sobbing. So he stops bike near some park.
Lak: Shona. Get down.
Swa: lukcy
Lak: chalo..
They both went in..
Swa: it’s getting late.
Lak: I know.. See ur face.
Swa: Wt happened.
Lak: now cry first…
Swa: starts crying lying in Lak chest.
After sometime she stops.
Lak: cool
Swa: shll v leave.
Lak: r u sure..
Swa: about.
She remembers Wt yug said.
Swa: no… I wil think.
Lak: OK fine. Let’s leave.
Swa: oh no.. See ur shirt.
Lak: oh…no problem
Swa: Wt..
Lak: I have my jacket. I wil search that.
Swa: fine. Let’s leave.

Next episode.
Marriage preparations….ragsan romance.. Swara’s past.. Her decision.. Dp thinks about ragsan marriage..

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