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SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 12)


Sorry guys…for my late update n I’m sorry.. I did many mistakes in my previous episode… Hope u don’t mind… N thanks for ur love n encouragement n votes also……

According to my ff I’m giving a short story about vampires..
                  I mentioned that vampires have a power. Here they take essence not to show that they r vampires. Once in a year their powers wil be increased(on their birthdays).
They have power to control ones mind. Like they can talk with each other using their powers. They can read ones mind like they can read humans but not vampires. . They can run as fast as possible..
(I wil be giving shirt notes about vampires.)

Here I start with my episode…

Ragini fell on to ground.
Swara is shouting.
Swa: plz. Leave me. Let me go.
Papa…. Ragini….. Sanky….. Lucky….
Goon1: don’t shout. No one will come here.
Goon2: Ya… Now no one can disturb us..
Swa: please let me go.
Goon1: noo.we can’t leave u.
Swa: finally time. I’m warning u. Let me go or else.
Goon2: Wt wil u do.
Swara slaps him.
Goon1 slapped Swara. N she fell on to ground n she became unconscious.
That goon leans towards Swara he was about to touch her. Just then someone holds him from back side. N starts beating him very badly…
(he is revealed to be our lucky)
All were fighting with lucky. Someone was about to stab lucky. By then Sanky comes into scene n he also started to fight with them. Lucky sees n smiles towards Sanky..
Again fight started.. All the goons were bleeding. And all fell on to ground..
(guys I don’t how to explain..plz u imagine urself)

After fighting. Lucky ran towards Swara.
Lak: shona.. Get up.. Plz get up
San: Shona. Plz get uo
Lak: Shona. If anything happens to u then I wil not be alive.
Sanky is shocked listening this.
San: shona. Get up. See lucky is now talking to u. Get up
Laksh sees some water bottle n he puts water on Swara’s face.
Lak: shona get up. He hugs her..
San: get up na.. See papa n ragini wil be waiting for u…
Swara gains conscious. Sanky see that
San: lucky…
Swa: haa..
Lak: shona.. Thank God nothing happened to u… He again hugs her.
San: lucky can we go home.
Lak:haa bhai…
Shona get up now.
Sanky goes outside n was searching for cab. He gets call from office. So he left without informing lucky..
Swara is about to get up but slipped
In time lucky holds her.
Lak: Wt happened shona. R u ok
Swa: in low voice.. Haa.. Par
Lak: kya..(he sits down n sees her leg)

Oh it’s bleeding….
Swa: ouch.
Laksh cried seeing that. Swara sees him crying n she sits down. She wipes lucky tears n hugs him. Lucky also responded to her.
Both are hugging so tightly..after some time swara starts crying.
Lak: Wt happened Shona. Don’t cry
Swa: nothing.
Lak: don’t cry. I can’t see u crying playing stop.
Swa: lucky…please u don’t cry..
Lak: u stop first.
Swara somehow controlled. Seeing this lucky also stopped crying.
Lucky again hugs her cares her.
Swara also hugs her.
Swa: can v go now.
Lak: ha..
Both got up… Swara is trying hard to stand properly. Seeing this lucky took her in his arms. Both share an eyelock. N lucky started walking without breaking eyelock.
They reach main road.
Their eye lock is disturbed by horn.
Both avoid eye contact with each other.
They reach home by taxi.

Dp sees ragini. N helpful sprinkles water in her face. N gains conscious.
Dp: wt happemed beta. R u ok
Rag: ha uncle. I’m fine.
Dp: y u fell down
Ragini tries to remember. But didn’t remember anything
Rag: don’t know uncle.
Dp: fine… Come let’s go to ur room. N take rest for sometime.

By then Laksh comes holding swara in his arms. Dp sees her.
Dp: angel. Wt happened. R u OK.
Swa: ha papa
He started crying.
Lak: papa. Nothing happened.
Dp: u shut up.  See her leg is bleeding.
Ragini runs towards her.
Rag: swara wt is this.
Swa: oo… Voo…meee…
Dp: atleast u say lucky.
Lak: papa oo… (swara pinched him).
Swa: o me… I went for park.. There I fell down on a I called lucky..n helpful came to help me.
Rag: don’t lie swara… U don’t know how to lie properly
Dp: beta…. Say me truth.
Lak: she is saying truth only.
Dp: bakwas bandh Karo.. Say me truth.
Swa: papa.. I’m saying truth.
Dp: OK fine. I wil call doctor. Lucky take her to room.

Ragini goes to kitchen. Lucky takes her to room. While making her sit on bed. Her lips touched Lucky’s cheeks.
Lucky is shocked..
Lak: Shona…. (keeping his hand on his cheek)
Swa: sorry. By mistake. I didnt
Lak: fine. Take rest. I wil leave.(he was about to go)
Swa: no…. Don’t go.. Stop
Lak: wt happened
Swa: sorry….i did a very big mistake.
Lak: wt..
Swa: I can’t talk without u… I can’t live without taking to u.
Lak gets emotional. He goes n sits near Swara
Lak: even I’m sorry. I was so afraid to see u in that condition. But nothing happened to u.
Both hug each other.  Ragini sees this n feels happy. Ragini calls Sanky. He cuts her call.
He comes back of ragini n closes her eyes.
Rag: Sanky Wt is this.
San: how u know that I’m Sanskaar.
Rag: I can
Sanky discloses her eyes n all of sudden he makes ragini wear a bracelet.
Rag: Wt..y u have me this.
San: can’t I give this to my lover.
Rag: Sanky…..
He touches her back.. N helpful moves his finger around her neck… N she turns towards Sanky. Sanky touches her eyes, nose, cheeks, finally lips. Ragini feels this. N both hug each other.

Dp: ragini beta doctor is coming. (from downstairs)
Ragsan composes themselves.
Doctor comes near them
Doc: can I see patient
Rag: yes doctor.
(she remembers swalak position)
Rag: Shona. (she screams).
Swalak comes to reality n composes them selves.
Ragsan n doctor goes to their room.

Doc: wt happened.
Swara explained her whole false situation.
Doctor treated her.
Doc: I wil give u pain killer.
Rag: means
Doc: injection…
Swa: noooo…she shouts.
Lak: nothing will happen.
Swa: noo..give me tablets. I wil take that bit not injection.
Rag: nothing will happen. U should dance in marriage no.. So take
Swa: laado. U know na. I’m afraid of injections
SanLak laughs
Rag: Both of u shut up….
SanLak controlled their laugh
Doctor is about to give.
Swara holds lucky tightly. It’s painful for lucky bit he sees Swara’s condition.
Her treatment gets over. But Swara is holding lucky
Rag: shona…its over.
San: ehmm.. Ehmm..
Swalak composes themselves
Swa: oh. It didn’t pain
San: oh really… In teasing tone
Lak: bhai….

Dp: everyone come down leaving angel.
All goes down.
Swa: all r leaving me…
Lak: I won’t leave u..
Swa: do nice. Stay here only.
Dp: from tmro we shall start marriage preparations
Anju: ha ji..
Rp: OK bahi.. O wil complete all officers work
San: papa. I have some work so..
Rag: no problem. I wil help u
Dp: so good.. How is shona.
Rag: she is fine. lucky is with her.
Dp: beta. Take care of my angel
Rag: u can go n see..
Dp: Noo.. I can’t see her in sucha condition. So only I didn’t come with doctor.
Rag: OK uncle.
Dp: give medicine ok
San,: she will take care of shona
U don’t worry. Even I n lucky r with her.
All leaves. From there.

Sanky calls ragini
San: ragini come to my room. I’m not getting my file.
Rag: in coming wait..
Ragini comes to Sanky room. Sanky pulls her n locks door.
San: ragu… He pulls her.
Rag: wt is this. Sanky. If anyone sees this
San: nothing will happen. They will agree for our marriage..
Rag: day by day ur becoming naughty.
San: Wt to do ragu. I can’t do anything without u.
he hugs her n she also hugs her.
Sanky lifts her n makes her sleep on bed.
Rag: wt r u doing.
San: just wait.
He goes n switch on fan. All rose petals on that fan falls on Ragini. Ragini feels happy n stand on bed n starts to round. Sanky throws petals on Ragini.
Both r enjoying this. Sanky takes ragini pics.
Ragini again hugs him. Both r in same state.

Lak: shona. R u sure. U want to go for London
Swa: of course Ya…. It’s my life ambition to study in that colg.
Lak: so… U wil forget me..
Swa: I may forget myself. But no u.
Lak: but..
Swa: I know u r feeling sad. But I can’t miss this chance.
Lak: OK.. Then this week we will roam entire kolkata. OK..
Swa: OK… Fine.. But without informing anyone.
Lak: as u say my lord.
Swa: oh no. I have xam tmro…
Lak: I wil help u to read fast.
Swa: so sweet of u.
Lucky helped swara in reading. While reading Swara fell asleep n sleeps on Lucky’s lap peacefully. Lucky feels happy n cares her. He makes her feel on bed n goes to his room

Both composes themselves. N Ragini starts to leave.
San: y r u leaving.
Rag: should give medicines to swara
San: lucky will take care of her.
Rag: no.. They both wil be fighting.
San: no… He won’t he will take care of her.
Rag: how u know.
San: I know
Rag: how u know say me now.
San: because lucky said he loves Swara.
Rag: what
San: haa… He said if anything happens to Shona then he will die.
Rag: how u know this.. When..where he said.
San: I heard.. Don’t ask more than this.
Rag: if u won’t say. Then I wil not talk to u.
Sanky without another other options. He said her whole incident. Ragini gets tears. Sanky consoled her.
Ragini leaves from there..

Lets see Wt wil happen next…

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