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SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 11)


Here I go with my episode 11…..
Thanks for ur comments guys…. N I will give ragsan scenes also….

Morning at mm
Dp comes to Shonas room. He sees her faces n a smile comes on his face. He takes his hand n cares it….. Sunlight falls on her eyes… Dp notices his n loses her window curtains….
Dp: sweet heart. U gave me this life. If u were not there, then I would not been here…

Fb is shown 5 years back
Dp was parking his car, where Ap was going for temple. Dp parked his car and was crossing the road. Suddenly he felt dizzy and fell on tithe ground.. Just then a truck was passing the way. And a girl saw this and said uncle n ran towards him. All of sudden it was about 3 feet gap, when that girl pulled him aside. N made him get up n he drank water.
Dp: thanks beta. If u were not there then j would have died.
Girl: uncle nothing happened no.
Dp: wts ur name.
Girl: my name is Swara mahoday.
Dp: swara. So nice name like u.
Swa: uncle wts ur name.
Dp: I’m Durgaprasad.
Swa: such a big name. I didn’t like that.
Dp: the. Wt to do
Swa: from today when I meet u I will call u papa……..sry Dp uncle.
Dp: u can call me papa.
Swara hugs him. By then Ap comes there n sees this. Dp explains her whole incident. Ap was about to cry by then Swara consoled her.
Ap: thank h beta…
Dp: come let’s go to our home.
Swa: no uncle my didi will be waiting.
Dp: well.. But next time when v meet u should come to my house.
Swa: OK papa.
Dp: this is visiting card.
Swara takes that n leaves. Even Ap n do leaves form there.
Fb ends

Swara woke up n sees Dp crying.
Swa: papa. Wt happened.
Dp: nothing angel. Gud morning. Go n get ready
Swa: gud morning papa. Y u cried.
Dp: nothing beta.
Swa: ok fine. I wil go now get ready.
She goes to her washroom. Do leaves form there.

All r gathered in hall discussing something.
By then sumishek Shek come there along ragini and aayan.
Both the families greet each other. Ragini n aayan take blessing of elders n SanLak arha take Sumi n Shek blessings.
Swara comes there n hugs them all.
Swa: hi everyone.
Sumishek: hi beta. How r u
Swa: I’m fine.
Rag: dpbuncle is there no. So no worry.
Lak: even I’m here to take care of her.
Swa: ha.. This kadoos
Lak: Swara….kya yar…
San: hi rags.
Rag: hi sanky..she blushes
Swa: Wt laado. Blushing haaa
Rag: Shona.
Lak: Ya shona is right.
San: ha…v know u will support her only.
Lak: of course.
Rag: saw that to mom n dad.
Swa: didn’t u say
Rag: Noo…
Lak: if u don’t mind. I wil say them
Swa: OK laddos
Lak goes near sumishek and Aayan n informs them about Swara is leaving to London for her studies.
Sumi: Shina is this true.
Swa: ha maa. It’s my dream
Shek: congrats beta. I’m so happy for u
Sumi: Noo… U should not
Rag: mom. How can u say like that
Sumi: because I’m her mother.
Ragini n swara triws to convience sumi
.but in vain… Ragini bursted in anger
Rag: maa. If u were not knowing that I n swara r ur daughters. Then u would have not done with us
Sumi realised that n cries
Dp: nothing will happen to my angel. Gerald be alright.
Shek: ha sumi. Plzzz

Finally all convinced Sumi… N she accepts.

Sumi: from today all the marriage preparations wil be starting. I don’t want anyone to miss this.
Swa: but maa. I have xams.. I should prepare.
Rag: ha maa…
Lak: don’t worry.. I wil help her to study in short time.
Swa: wt r u talking lucky.. No need. Sanky will teach me
San: shocked.. Wt meeee
Swa: ha Sanky.. Cant u teach me.
Ragini sees this n feels sad.
Lak: Swara. Is ur mind blocked.
Swa: u idiot.wt happened to me.
Lak: dumbo….
He is MBA.. N v r engineering…hiw can u teach him
Rag: feels happy….. Happy Shona. How can he.
Swa: sorry I forgot.
I thought to spend time with sanky
Ragini holds her ears… N pulls that
Swa: laado….. It’s hurting.
Lak: leave her laado.
Ragini leaves. N goes to Swara’s room

Swalak glares at each other n went to garden as lucky said he will help swara to read.

After some time sanky goes to Swara’s room. At the same time ragini  was coming downstairs. Both were busy looking at each other. Just then Ragini slips n falls on sanky.
They just took on one other n falls on to ground..(nothing happened). Ragini kisses sankys lips. Sanky enjoyed it…
Both r lost In their thoughts…they have a continuous eyelock…… N there was some random song in the background…..
They here Swalak fight n compose them selves n leaves without uttering a word.

Swalak fight…..
Swa: lucky no need to teach me go to her only.
Lak: I have no interest to stay with u
Swa: fine leave now.
Lak: fine. I was just helping u to study.but u r scolding me only. U jinglibilli…
Swa: u kaddos. N throws some water on him(i said its a garden. There is a small fountain in the middle. N chairs r surrounding that… When ever anyone wants peace they will come there to relax them selves. It is inside maheshwari mansion.. It is only for mm..)
Lak: u dumbo…n helpful throws water on her.. . Get lost.sont ever dare to talk to me.
(bith will be splashing water on each other)
Swa: even I have no interest to talk to u.
But then ragsan come there n sees them fighting.
Rag: Shona.. Lucky…wt happened.. Y r u both fighting…
Swa: ask this idiot..
San: at least u say lucky
Lak: y should I say. She only did everything.
Rag: Shona. Wil u say or not.
Swa: k I wil say
Rag: fine say..
Actually v both were studying here. I saw a pigeon coming here n drinking water n said lucky to see that. Just then one more pigeon came there n sat next to that pigeon.
Lucky laughed at it. N i said him that the pair is nice. For that he said.. Have u gone mad shona.. Both r of same color.. How u know which is male or female..for that I said I know that one is a male n one is a female.. Can’t u see how romantic r they…
For that he laughed continuously and started teasing me. So I got angry n said him to got to his girl friend n learn about lovers….. N helpful also got angry n we both started fighting…

San: for this… U both started fighting…
Lak: it is not a small one… She said me I can’t be a loner of anyone… Sounds WA pissed off.
Rag: OK fine… How many days u won’t speak to each other
Swalak unison…. Until last breath.
N faces towards each other n leaves from there
San: laado… See what they said
Rag: u know na.. They can’t be talking with each other
San: I know.. But it should not go to such a extent.
Rag: don’t say this by mistake also….. They can’t stay away from each other.
San: like me…
Ragini blushes n was about to go
Sanky holds her hand n pulls her towards him
Rag: wt r u doing Sanky
San: laado. U.N only said na.. OK shouldbe like ur Bf from today soo
Rag: sanky I have work I should go now.
She some how freed herself form sanky n was going… But Sanky pied her again
Ragini back was touching sankys chest… She turns towards Sanky…
San: laado.. I love I yarr
Rag: I like u Sanky…
Sanky hugs ragini… Ragini wil not hug him back…. They will be in that position..

Swalak goes to their rooms…
Swara gets a call from her friend. N say her to meet in some nameless park
Swara leaves without informing anyone.
She goes to nameless park n meets her friend. She WIL be crying.. Swara consoled her n asks her wt happened. She says she fought with her Bf… N said not to talk to me until my last breath soo even now ihe is not talking to me..
Swara realised her situation n said her to ask forgiveness form that fellow. He will surely forgive u.. Don’t loose hopes. He will forgive u…
Swara thinks that even she should ask forgiveness form lucky..
Her friend left from there saying her thanks…

Swara was coming by then some fellows comes there n misbehaves with her..(like just teasing nothing more than that)
Swara gets angry. She hits them with her sandal.. So that fellows got angry and tries to kidnap her
Swa: screams…. Lucky…… Where r u. Plzzzz

Lucky gets her message n comes to know about her situation(vampires have such kind of powers) n ran towards her…. Sanky observes that n he follows him without his notice.. Ragini sees that n is in a Shock n fell down…..

Will lucky be able to reach that place on time… Wt will happen to Swara.. N ragini fell down… Let us see wt wil happen next….

N sorry for such a long episode… Plz forgive me for my spelling n typing mistakes… Thanks n plz be commenting…. Thank you

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