SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 10)


……..episode 10 starts with…

Swalak hugging each other. They come back to reality and compose themselves. And they avoid eye contact with each other.

Ragsan side
San: ragini please say ur opinion no..
Rag: Sanky I need time.
San: y, don’t u like me
Rag: Sanky, I like you a lot.
San: then y
Rag: love is different from liking each other.
San: ragu, u know na. How much I love my dream girl.
Rag: I know that. But,,
San: then wt
Rag: I know u love ur dream girl a lot. If u were not knowing that I’m ur dream girl, then would u have proposed me.
San: how can I ragu, I love only my dream girl.
Rag: see, u love ur dream girl. But not me
San: u r my dream girl na.
Rag: Yaa..  But u won’t love me as ragini but u love as ur dream girl.
San: Wt should I do to prove u,that I love u
Rag: let me think

Swalak side
Swa: lucky thank-you for ur treat.
Lak: how come Swara is thanking me
Swa: of course I do.. As I liked it
Lak: he made a puppy face.
Swa: y Wt happened.
Lak: u just liked it
Swa: arrey Buddhu, I loved it
Lak: thank you Shona, thanks a lot.
Swa: offo.. Shall v leave.
Lak: so early. Let’s be here for some time naa
(Swara gets a message..and is shocked)
Lak: Wt happened.y so disappointed
Swa: oh lucky. I have my exams from day after tmro.
Lak: OK. No problem.
Swa: u know, after my exams I’m going abroad.
Lak is shocked

Rathode mansion.
Aayan: ragu where r u
Sumi: she didn’t come still now.
Shek: y. Where is she
Sumi: Sanky came n picked her
(Aayan gets a call, he leave adorable his room)
Sumi: Aayan, have ur dinner.
Shek: no., no.. Let him talk.
Sumi: with whom
Shek: with his fiance.
Aayan: baba..
Sumi: Shekhar, let he go no..
Aayan: thanks MA..
He leaves
Shek: did u talk with shona.
Sumi: I talked with her morning.
Shek: how is she.
Sumi: she is good. Do is taking care of her.
Shek: OK fine. I wil fresh up n come.
Sumi: OK fine

Ragsan side.
San: Wt should I do ragini
Rag: OK fine, for 3 weeks I should love me as ragini.
San: that’s it..
Rag: wait… If I won’t feel like u r in love with me then I won’t accept ur proposal.
San: OK fine..
Rag:  Ur time starts from tmro.
San: hmm
Rag: shall v leave..mom wil be worried.
San: of course my Ragini.
Rag: Sanky,,,,,
(they sat in car. Sanky drove towards rathide mansion.)

Swalak side
Lak: Wt r u saying…
Swa: oh sorry, I forgot to say u..
Lak: Wt..wt is that
Swa: I got admission there..i was trying from 1 year finally I got it
Lak: where r u going.
Swa: London lucky.
Lak:(dissapointed) then I won’t have any company.
Swa: ur dream girl is there no..
Lak: don’t talk about her.
Swa: oh.. Don’t be angry on her.
She will realise her mistake.
Lak: fine.. Then will u meet me.
Swa: may be after 2 years
Lak: what 2 years.. Without seeing n fighting with u
Swa: just 2 years naa.
Lak: for u it’s like 2 years.
(to himself) for me it’s like my whole life.
Swa: I wil return back. Dont worry..
Lak: hmm..
Swa: shall v go back. Paper wil be waiting for me.
Lak: fine let’s leave
(they reach for maheshwari mansion)

Rathode mansion.
Sumi: finally u came
Rag: ha MA.. Sorry
Shek: no problem beta. Sanky wait switch u only na
Rag: Yaa.. He left me n he went back
Sumi: u could have called him
Rag: I called, he said MA will be worried so he left
Sumi: come let’s have dinner.
Rag: no matter I ate.. U eat..
I’m very tired I wil sleep
Sheksumi: guy night beta.
Rag: Gud night MA baba
(she leaves. On the way she notices Aayan talking)
Rag: Wt bhai.. Talking with bhabi
Aayan: Yaa.
Rag: ha ha blushing haa
Aayan: don’t tease me
Rag: when did I tease u…u r only blushing seee
Aayan: ragu….
Rag: OK fine. Enjoy
Aayan: besharam
(ragini goes to her room. She sleeps on bed thinking about Sanky proposal)

Maheshwari mansion.
SanLakswa reach MM at same time.
Swa: where did u go sanky
Swa: v got contact.. So party.. N we about u to
Lak: come inside I wil say
San: secret haa
Swa: Noo… There r 2 gud news
(lucky became sad)

Swa:papa,,maa,didi,, chacha, chichi. Come down fast.
(all reach hall)
Dp: Wt happened angel. Y so happy.
Swa: papa poo..
Ap: Wt about u laksh. Even u r happy
Lak:(he give sweet to everyone n take blessings)  Ma, papa, finally in got job
Dp: congrats lucky.. May God bless u.
Ap: congrats lucky.
Uttara.. Rp.. Sujatha: finally u got job v r do happy.
Dp: shona Wt about u…
Swa: papa.. After my exams I’m going for abroad for my studies..
Dp: Wt..wt r u saying beta.
Swa: ha papa.. It was my life time dream..that I should study in xyz colg… Finally its becoming true
Ap: but ur didi’s n bros marriage is there no
Swa: after marriage..im leaving.
Dp: kya, when r u leaving.
Swa: marriage keep baad night fight.
Dp: congrats Shona.. Finally u reached ur dream
Swa: thank u papa.
Everyone congratulated her.
Ap: did u inform ur parents
Swa: no matter I wil say them now

She leave from there taking everyone’s blessing n says gud night n hugs Dp n goes to her room

She calls Ragini. She didn’t receive call for first time. So SwaRagini called her again. Ragini lifted her call without seeing name
Rag: who is this
Swa: oh. U forgot me only
Rag: oh sorry Shona. I was sleepy. So don’t see name.
Swa: Accha, fine
Rag: y u called at this time
Swa: ragu, finally my dream came true.. Guess Wt is that
Rag: hmm.. U got seat in London university am I right.
Swa: Ya ragu.  U r absolutely right.
Rag: congrats swara. I’m so happy for u
Swa: thank you da
Rag: when r u leaving
Swa: after bhais marriage, night flight.
Rag: so much early
Swa: Yaa. Colg wil start na…say this to everyone..
Rag: I wil say.. But how to convince them
Swa: its ur job. U know naa how much I waited for this opportunity
Rag: I know. I wil try to convince them. But come tmro. U ur self say this to them
Swa: OK fine. I will
Rag: of Byee. Let’s talk tmro
Swa: k ragu.  Gud night
Rag: gud night Shona…

Next epi
Wil laksh be able to confess his feelings.. Wil Swara stop going for abroad.. Ragsan moments.

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