Swaragini (Destiny) Episode 4


Sorry for the big delay. I was a bit busy with my clg work. Thanks everyone for commenting and also thank you to all silent readers. Here is the much awaited episode 4.

The episode starts with Swara stopping Sankita’s mirage. Everyone looks on shocked. Sanskar is very happy n soo is lucky. She tells everyone that this girl is not real Kavita. Ragini n Kavita are shocked to the core. Swara brings Kavita’s childhood pics in whch she has a birthmark o her left leg. She asks her to show it. Seing her truth out Kavita agrees that she is not Kavita. She narrates thr story to everyone. She says” I am a girl from poor family. I need money for my mother’s medical expenses. Ragini approached me n said that she will herself bear all the expenses. I just have to listen n act according to her wish. She did my plastic surgery n then told me everything abt Kavita n sanskar’s relation and told me behave like Kavita n convince Sankar for our marriage.”

Everyone is shocked. Everyone has hatered for Ragini. DP ordes that girl to go and promises that he will get her mother treated in best hospital. She goes. Swara n Sanskar are just staring at each other lovingly. Laksh notices this. He says “ Mandap is ready. Panditji is also here. Lets get Sanskar n Swara married today itself. Everyone likes the idea. Sumi and AP take Swara upstairs to get her ready. In the mean while Laksh takes Ragini to their room. He closes the door and sits on his knees crying. Ragini is shel l shocked. Laksh begs Ragini’s pardon. He says “ Give me the punishment for my sins not my family. Today after seeing all this I have realized that if two people are meant for each other. They are bound to stay together. So I have decided that I will give our relation a second chance. Bu I want some time for it. Please don’t hurt my family, I really want to accept you from bottom of my heart please give me some time.” Ragini is very very happy. She also says SORRY to laksh for hurting him n his family a lot. Laksh says “ come on lets go down”. Ragini compiles n they both go down hand in hand.

Just then Sumi brings Swara down. She is looking gorgeous in red lehenga. Sanskar was just not able to remove his eyes from her. Lucky teases him n he blushes. Swara sits in mandap n marriage takes place peacefully.

After bidai Swara and Sanskar come to their room which is beautifully decorated. They have a intense hug. They remember all their past incidences n smile. Just then Swara sits on her knees and “Sanskar till today many times you said n not only said that you love me but also proved it. I was very stupid not to realize it before. But now I have realized that yes I too love you. I LOVE YOU SANSKAR. WILL YOU BE MINE FOR NEXT 7 BIRTHS” Hearing this Sanskar is n cloud 9. He picks up Swara in his arms n takes her to bed. He makes her lie down on bed and they consummate their marriage.

In the mean while outside MM:
Dadi again starts filling Ragini’s ears against Swara. Ragini stops her and says “ Dadi I got what I wanted. Laksh is mine now and so I don’t have any problem with Swara n Sankar’s relation now. I m happy for my sister. I am happy that my sister is also with the person whom she loves. Saying this she goes inside leaving Dadi shocked.

Precap: some more Swasan moments.

Credit to: Diya

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