Swaragini (Destiny) Episode 2

Thank you soo much to all of you and also to silent readers. Suggestions are always welcome. here is the nxt part and a bit longer as per your request.

The episode starts with Swara looking behind. She gets shocked seeing her school friend Ananya (from reporters) after soo many years. They hug each other.
Ananya : Hi Swara hw r u? Swara (sadly): Hi Ananya…. How’s life going on?

Ananya realizes that Swara is not normal. She forces her to tell wht happened. Swara tells her everything. To make her happy Ananya asks her to show Sankar’s pics. Swara shows her everyone’s pics including Ragini n Kavita. Ananya is shocked seeing those pics. She remembers seeing them in hospital while she was following a lead. Swara is shocked to hear that ragini and Kavita know each other from beginning. Swara asks Ananya to find out the secret. Ananya assures her the same.

Scene 2: At Maheshwari house
Ragini is allocating works to everyone. Kavita asks her the duty saying ”Ragini bhabhi wht work shall I do” Ragini: you go on date with Sanskar. Sanskar: I have importat meeting in office. I cant go sorry. Just then Laksh cmes down. Ragini: Laksh you handel Sanskar’s meeting. Sanskar is not coming to office today. Sanskar: But….. Dp: Sanskar beta you go we will handel office work. Sanskar nods his head sadly. Kavita is happy n Ragini smirks looking at her.

Scene 3: Baadi
Swara returns home. All are happy seeing her back. Sumi hugs her. Sumi: where have you gone beta. We all were worried. She then informs Shekhar who is relived to hear that. Swara: Maa I m tired I want to rest. She goes to her room n lies on bed thining abt Sanskar and then Ananya’s words.

In morning:
Swara gets Ananya’s cll. She informs Sumi n goes to meet her. Ananya: Swara dear i found out the secret and I m shocked to know it. Swara: Plz tell me everything directly and in detail. Ananya: That girl Kavita is nt Kavita. She is some other girl whose plastic surgery was done in that hospital. Swara: What!!!!! Just then Ananya gets Kabir’s cll. They talk. Ananya: One more thing Swara. Real Kavita is dead. Swara is shocked. She determines to save her n Sanskar’s relation and also Maheshwari family fron Ragini’s torture. She thanks Ananya. Ananya assures her of updates on this story. Swara reaches home n is happy thinking that she n Sanskar will nw unite very soon.

Scene 4: In Park and MM
Kavita n Sanskar are sitting on the bench. Kavita is talking cont. while sanskar is just listening to her silently. Kavita gets annoyed seeing this n provokes Sansakr to talk to her. Sanskar gets angry on her n leaves frm there saying he will send a taxi for her to go home. He leaves for office. Angry Kavita reaches home. Ragini sees her and asks her to come to her room. Ragini asks Kavita to keep paitence n stick to plan. Uttara hears this n gets tensed as to wht new drama Ragini will create nw. She gets worried for Sanskar.

Precap: Swara’s step.

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