a girl was sleeping on her tummy and covered with duvet..she was dreaming about something may be….. suddenly she got up with a jerk as she was wet someone has thrown a buket full of water on her….she saw the person …then she started shouting ragini ….how dare you… what have you done…. i was sleeping peacefully …she nagged like small girl….
rag: she was laughing at here cute sisters antics…its morining my baby sister…get up now lazy head….
g: not fair ladoo….
r: all is fair in love and war ….shonaa(swara)
s:raginini you just wait and watch ….ill not leave you saying this …
seeing this ragini started running….after her…..they were running here and their ….and teasing each other…all over the house…
stop!!!!!! they heard a voice and saw at that direction to see their mom they knew heir mothers voice
maa…they both ran to her and hugged her..
s: beta….you both started it again….you both are grown up know…
and go get freshened up ok ….your papa wanted to talk to you something …
swara and ragini got ready and want to have break fast
swara saw her daddi and back hugged her and said good morning darling..love you
dadi: good mrng shonaa ….love you too
saying this they sat on table
at same time ragini said good mrng boyfriend…how was the jog
dadu: good girlfriend…jog was goo with your dad you know
they both chuckled at each other and sat ontable shekar also wiahed every one they were having their bf
suddenly shekar asked ragini beta i dnt how to talk this..as this is your life we have got a good allaince to you…we will proceed if only you want to…orelse do you have someone inlife you can tell me
r: no i dnt love anyone…about marriage i’m ready to get married to whom youll choose coz i knw you always choose the best for me….
hearing this swara chocked her food ….in shock..
all the family members were releived and happy..

so here it is prologue
story of two sisters swaragini …about their life….their future…their bonding..their destiny

hoping you guys will like
pls do comment …
should i continue or not
love you all loads :*

Credit to: cutieepiee

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  1. Sanskriti ?die hard fan of swasan ?

    Cutieepiee is was awsm…… Superb……. Incredible…….Hope the pairs r swasan and raglak…… Continue soon….. Luv u loads?

    1. Thank you soo much sanskriti pairs will be revealed soon 🙂

    1. thank you lovely 🙂

    1. thank you tvisha 🙂

  2. nyc.plz pair swasan n raglak

    1. thank you mou 🙂 it will be revealed soon 🙂

  3. hope its swalak

    1. Thank you 🙂

  4. ragsan swalak

    1. Thank you 🙂

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