Swaragini – Definition of relations Episode 9


Recap : Laksh confesses his love for Ragini to Swara

In College:

Class Representative : tomorrow we shall all go to resort as discussed earlier , sharp 8 in the morning, the bus will be starting from college

Ragini: Swara…. I will come to your home early in the morning, will meet papa, together we will come to college.
Swara: Ragini , I won’t be able to come….
Ragini: What will you do alone in the house, even papa will be going to office… If you are not going to come… Even I won’t go…. I will be bored….. Sanskar is also upset… It will be a change for everyone…. I thought of doing masti… But no one is interested… OK then even I will not go…
Swara: No Ragini don’t say like that, I will come …. smile… Please dear…
Ragini: hurray!!!!! Get ready by 7.30 am….

Next Day, while going to Resort from college Swara and Laksh sat together and Ragini with Sanskar in bus…

Everyone were playing antakshari till they reached the resort

In Resort:

SwaLak and RagSan were having welcome drinks along with others…

Swara and Laksh were talking in each other ears

Swara : Lucky somehow I will bring Ragini to lounge, no one will be there now as everyone is busy, talk to her once and clear everything
Laksh: Bachoo.. I am really afraid of that Chipkalli…. Promise me even you will be here…
Swara: Hey what will I do in between you two… And that killer is always with her… I have to first think, how should I get here…. But you get prepared whatever you want to talk with her
Laksh : I think it would be easy if I take bhai’s help…..
Swara : its a good idea… Go and talk to him then problem will be solved easily
Laksh: OK…I will try to do something and will bring bhai to lounge and you bring Chipkalli…

Sanskar observed Swara and Laksh and asked Ragini to look at them and said…. Rags don’t you feel they are eating each other ears….. See how they are talking to each other as if they are planning something….

Laksh and Swara both of them separated and showing thumbs up looking at Ragini…..

Sanskar saw both of them and thought this Lucky is again up to something and this time even Swara is with him… I have to do something…

Girls and boys planned to play musical chairs for sometime and after that boys went to swimming pool and girls became busy in their talks…

Swara called Laksh and informed him its a good time everyone is busy now shall we start our work…. Whoever reaches first to lounge should message the other… Don’t call is that OK???
Laksh : OK done and they cut the call

Swara went to washroom and Sanskar followed her… He was waiting for her outside….

Laksh was not able to find Sanskar anywhere and he thought of calling Swara but her no was not reachable… So he went to see if she is with Ragini….

Laksh: Ragini …. Did you see Swara anywhere???

Ragini was stunned as Laksh was talking to her and that too very politely but soon she realised that he was asking about Swara and she said I thought she was with you….

Laksh : No Ragini she is not with me and even i tried her no and not reachable… And even Sanskar is not there
Ragini : Wait I will call him…. She tried but even his no was not reachable… Where could they go…????
I think we have to check near washroom once
Laksh : U r right … Come let’s go…

Even there they did not find them… Ragini became nervous and she was scolding herself that I should have taken care of Swara, I insisted her to come along… What should I say to papa now

Laksh consoled her and said nothing will happen to her wait I will ask someone.. He saw a person coming from stairs and asked him whether he saw any girl and boy and told him about their features.. The man replied yes I saw a girl and boy going upstairs… The boy was very angry on her, I thought they were lovers and fighting for something.. Hearing that Laksh and Ragini ran towards terrace

Other side
When Swara came out from washroom Sanskar dragged her to upstairs…
Sanskar : Swara can’t you understand, I told you earlier itself to stay away from Laksh
Swara : Sanskar he is my friend…
Sanskar: I saw both of you showing your thumbs up looking at Ragini…

Sanskar came very close to Swara twisted her hand backwards and said if its just friendship its fine…. If anything else
Swara started to breath heavily and with much difficulty she cut down his words and said u are taking me wrong we are just friends.. Lucky and I

Sanskar: Don’t call him Lucky… Only I have right to call him Lucky…

Ragini and Laksh saw them and asked them to stop fighting
Laksh: Bhai leave her….
Sanskar and Ragini were shocked…… Sanskar left Swara and went to Laksh and asked what did you call me…. Is it not a dream… Did you call me bhai.. Did my Lucky called me bhai after 2yrs
Laksh: Bhai… I am really sorry…. I misunderstood you and Ragini…. But bhai Swara has nothing to do with anything, she was helping me… She is trying to bring me back to you both
Sanskar and Ragini looked at Swara surprisingly…..
Swara : I think you people should talk with each other and left from there….
Ragini : Sanky how could you behave with a girl like that??? You should say sorry to her… Saying that she left from there…
Laksh : Bhai did you forgive me ????
Sanskar: Lucky don’t say anything now and he hugged him.. Why didn’t you try to talk to us even once… Whatever you saw that day was not true Lucky….
Lucky: Bhai about that day we can talk later but first go and apologise to Swara for you rude behaviour towards her…
Sanskar : you have to apologise to Ragini for hurting her all these years

Laksh and Sanskar together went down and they were enjoying each others company… They went behind the girls whenever they saw them alone but Swara and Ragini avoided them in each and every possible way….. SwaRagini were together all the time and had much fun….

Precap : Sanskar’s past…. He is an Orphan…

Credit to: Ashrita

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