Swaragini – Definition of relations Episode 7


Recap: Swara’s weekend at Gadodia’s house

Day by day Laksh and Swara became very good friends..

A special bond was formed between Swara and Ragini’s family…. So from then on Swara used to visit Ragini’s house frequently and Ragini used to visit Swara’s… And also Ragini used to call Samrat as papa…

Laksh also used to visit Swara’s house….. But Swara used to make sure that Ragini and Laksh never ever turned up to her house at the same time, as she started to understood their cat fight… But never tried to know about it or none of them shared the reason behind it….

Sanskar was trying hard to know about Kavita…. But never showed any interest in making any friends other than Ragini…. Whenever Ragini tried to speak about Swara he just pretend to listen to her….

On the other hand Swara started to get close with Laksh and Ragini….. She started to understand that Laksh had a big fight with Sanskar and Ragini due to Priya… Who happened to be her one of their friend, now so called Laksh’s Girlfriend…..

First year exams were nearing by ….. Swara and Laksh used to study together and Sanskar and Ragini together…..

Swara always used to ask Laksh….. Is it a coincidence or do you have any relation with Sanskar, as both of you have the same surname, Maheshwari…..

Laksh used to cut down the topic always…. Swara never tried to ask Ragini as she is much closer to Laksh than Ragini….

Exams, holidays everything completed….. Finally results…. Sanskar topped….

2nd year : First day

Sanskar was sitting alone in the class when Swara entered… She found him to be very much disturbed, went to him and with a hesitation put her hand on his shoulder and asked him are you fine Sanskar…. Just then Ragini came running to Sanskar and started to console him when tears started to roll from his eyes…. I am there don’t worry come with me… She took him out of college….

After sometime everyone arrived ….. Laksh saw that Swara was sitting alone and Ragini is not present in the class and he automatically started to look for Sanskar….even he is not present…. He started to think……

In lunch break Swara saw missed calls from ragini and dialled her back…
Swara: Is everything fine Ragini…
Ragini: I won’t be able to come to college in second half also…. I am with Sanskar now, he needs me…
Swara: OK… But how is he now… Is he fine..
Ragini: Not talking to me even… Hope he will be fine soon….take care….
Swara: Bye… Take care of him…

Laksh: who should take care of whom?
Swara: I am asking Ragini to take care of Sanskar….
Laksh: both of them always care about each other… What’s today?
Swara: Sanskar was very disturbed today…and told him everything whatever happened in the morning..

Laksh: So u became emotional for Sanskar, who even doesn’t try to be friendly with you and always stares at you angrily as you are my friend…. Sanskar and Ragini are lovers…. They might have fought about something… Don’t think too much about them who pretends to be friends….. but are in actual fooling everyone by the name of friendship… Come let’s go out somewhere….

Swara: It has been almost 7 to 8 months and I am not still able to understand you….. You are the most friendliest person in the whole class who really doesn’t care about his childhood friends…. How come you think about them like that…. One more thing don’t think that Ragini had told me anything… I can see everything Laksh, whatever happening between you, Ragini and Sanskar…and I am 100% sure that you 3 are friends before…. When you are not able to maintain your relations with your old friends why not one day even you will fight with me….. I can’t bear the pain of losing my friend once again… I already had that pain… U and Ragini became my medicine …..but I am afraid if you will turn into slow poison… It would be good for both of us if we part our ways…… One more thing, you were the most nearest person to my heart after my parents….. U are more to me than Ragini… I used to think that no one in this world can break our relation but today, u broke me totally…. I am afraid that if you give a wrong meaning to our friendship… Yes, you can do anything Laksh…. U r not ready to see the truth…. I can see it clearly how good friends they are and no one can come between them…. We can never be like them Laksh…… Saying that she went home and didn’t even turned back.

Tears rolled down from Laksh’s eyes… As she the most closest person to his heart misunderstood his friendship…

In a park…

Ragini: What happened Sanky?….. Don’t want to share with me too…
Sanskar: with tears in his eyes not even able to talk to her properly just said … Kavi…Kavi….Kavitha…
Ragini: what happened… Did u meet Kavita??? Where is she?? How is she??? Many questions were rolling in her head…
Sanskar: I lost her and hugged Ragini…
Ragini: Tell me where she is I will clear your misunderstandings…
Sanskar: she left me forever Ragini … Now no one can clear our misunderstandings…
Ragini: what do you mean Sanskar… I am not able to understand anything…. What are you saying …. Where did she go… We will go to her…come get up stop crying …. Tell me where she is…
Sanskar: She died in an accident Ragini… And can never get her back… Saying this he hold her tightly and said please Ragini never leave me…. Even Lucky left me…. I need you Ragini… Please never leave me alone …. I can bear the pain that Kavita is no more but I can’t bear if you leave me…..and our friendship

Tears rolled down from Ragini’s eyes…..

Precap : Sanskar scolds Swara and warns her to stay away from Laksh and a cute eye lock

Credit to: Ashrita

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