Swaragini – Definition of relations Episode 6


Recap: RagLak Fighting with each other

Weekend at Gadodia’s House:
Swara arrives

Ragini: Mumma… Come fast…
Sumi: Coming beta

Ragini introduced Swara to the whole family…

Swara: Hi aunty, and handed a gift to her…..
Sumi: What’s the need to bring all these beta…… Even you are like my Ragini…. Please I can’t take it from you….
Swara: Please aunty…. If you take it I can feel that I am giving it to my mom… Please accept it aunty…

Ragini sighs Sumi to accept it… As Ragini knows everything about Swara’s mom, she told to Sumi about it earlier… even Swara knows about Ragini’s twin

Sumi: On one condition I will take it… U have to call me mumma….
Swara: In an emotion hugs Sumi and calls her mumma….
Sumi: Ragini take Swara to your room, no one will disturb you… I will prepare something for both of you
Ragini : OK mumma… But don’t do any experiments on Swara…. She will be frightened to come here again… (Teasingly)
Sumi: Shaitan!!!
Swara: Mumma is She always like this….
Sumi : Smiles and says she knows how to make others happy by her silly talks

Ragini and Swara went into Ragini’s room and started writing notes with some nok jhoks in between… After sometime Sumi called them for lunch…

Dadi :Swara beta can I call you Shona…..
Swara: Ha Dadi, think me as if I am your own granddaughter and you have all rights on me….
Sekhar and Sumi got stunned hearing Swara and looked at Ragini….

Ragini was overwhelmed and said that I am Laado… And you will be called Shona… Hurray!!!!!
Everyone were shocked to see Ragini…

Sekhar: Ragini get down from the table…..
Swara: She is not less than a monkey papa (in a flow she forgot that she was talking to Sekhar but not to Samrat) , realising , she said I am Sorry uncle…
Sekhar got emotional hearing papa but controlled and said its OK beta…you can call me papa…
After Lunch again Swara and Ragini became busy in completing notes…
Swara: Its already 7 and I have to leave now…. Papa will also return from office
Ragini: Hmmmm… OK I will also come along with you…
Swara: Hey its already late, it will be difficult for you to return back… I will manage.. Just chill

Sumi passing by heard them and said… None of my girls will go alone…wait here…

Swara : No problem mumma…
Sumi: Cut down her words and said u call me mumma and not listening to me ????? No more arguments and calls Sekhar
Sekhar: Yes Sumi… What happened?
Sumi: Swara will be leaving to home…
Sekhar: I will drop her …( without completing Sumi’s statement)
Ragini: Pops, Pops even I will come…
Sekhar: OK…

Sekhar took both the girls along with him… After reaching Swara’s house had conversation with Samrat and left to home …

Next day at college:

Swara : Laksh do you know yesterday I went to Ragini’s house… Such a nice family… They treated me as their own daughter
Laksh: Yeah they are very nice people… I don’t understand how Ragini was born in that house…. Idiot No 1…. She has some problem yaar… Over enthusiastic… A mad girl
Swara observed that Laksh smiles to himself while talking about Ragini….
Swara : Do you know them from before….
Laksh: Ha family friends… And don’t ask me anymore questions
Swara: OK done…. Hey today in class when sir was explaining that we will be having amplitude and frequency modulation in coming sems… I just want to look at those modules… Come along with me na…we shall go and look at it
Laksh: With pleasure madam

After looking at the modules,

Swara: hey but we have live example of one of the modulation in our class
Laksh : Which modulation and who is that ????
Swara: Sanskar ….. Expression modulator…. How many expressions does he show up yaar… For every word he shows up expressions… He got a killer look

Laksh: Ha Ha Ha…being with me, even you started to keep names!!!!!! But apt name…. Angry young Man is an Expression Modulator and also killer

Both of them laughed enjoying his names…

Precap: Swara gets worried for Sanskar and fights with Laksh

Credit to: Ashrita

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