Swaragini – Definition of relations Episode 5


At college

When no one was present in the class, Laksh goes to Sanskar’s bench and keeps something in Sanskar’s record

In lab:
Sir: Everyone submit your records
Laksh to Swara : See today there will be fun in the lab
Swara: why? Anything special today?
Laksh: just look on and reminisces how he has stacked calendar girls pics in Sanskar’s record
Sir: Sanskar, your record is perfect …. Everyone please follow his record
Laksh to himself… did sir liked it???? Laksh your plan got flopped???? Come on Laksh he is very strict… But how could he appreciate him!!!
Sir : Laksh…. Have you been mad??? What do you think about yourself…. I think you should go back to kindergarten, if you are interested in learning alphabets
Laksh : (with a surprise) kindergarten… Alphabets… What did I do sir..
Sir: Come and look at your record…

Saying that he has shown the record to everyone…. Alphabets were written in the whole record… Everyone stared at record and Laksh….

Sir : U r suspended from lab for 2 weeks Laksh… U can go now…

Laksh and Swara looked at each other and he silently went out, he knows that there is no point in arguing with him… He went into his class and sat in his bench and was thinking who could have done this….

He saw a note on his bench…

Note: Don’t be over smart Laksh… I saw everything whatever you were doing with Sanskar’s record… So tit for tat ….. Ragini

After lab Ragini and Swara came back to class as they were completing some assignment together… No one was present in the class as college hours were completed

Swara: Ragini did you do anything with Laksh’s record….. (With a hesitation)
Ragini: Swara… You are understanding me very nicely… U r right… (Proudly)
Swara: U did it wrong and I think you have to apologise to him… Fighting with each other is fine… But why you were bringing academics in between…. I am sorry if I my words hurt you … But in my view you did wrong with him
Ragini: OK… I will apologise
Swara: He is in corridor…
Ragini: OK baba going…

Laksh who was about to come inside heard their conversation and wanted to execute his plan…. He poured oil on the floor which he bought from store as per plan…. And was waiting for Ragini to come..

Sanskar whose notes was with Ragini…came back to college to collect his notes

Laksh heard some one coming and was feeling very happy as his revenge will be completed… On the other side he saw Sanskar coming, thinking that his plan is going to flop again and he turned towards classroom

When Laksh saw it was Swara who was coming from the classroom… He tried to hold her hand but both of them together slipped and fell on Sanskar… Hearing Sanskar’s scream Ragini ran out of the class and even she slipped and fell on Sanskar…. While Sanskar was crying in pain…all three of them were consoling him but none of them remembered that all of them were lying on him…

Ragini: Ouch!!!!! How come everyone fell down

Laksh: Ha Ha … Here comes the great detective

Ragini: Yes I am detective…. Do you have any problem

Laksh: Funny… Go and Look your face in mirror

Ragini: Why something happened on my face

Laksh: Oh God!!!! She is such a dumbo….

Ragini: Don’t call me Dumbo

Swara was in a shock looking at their fight

Sanskar: Guys please stop it and ….

All the 3 realised that Sanskar was screaming because of them and started to comfort themselves …. Ragini saw Oil on the floor
Ragini: Laksh today I am not going to leave you….
Laksh: Even I will not leave you…
Ragini got hold of Laksh’s hair while Laksh twisted Ragini’s hand… Ragini started to cry ….. Swara tried to stop them but both Laksh and Ragini caught hold of Swara and started to pull her on their sides… Sanskar who saw all this dragged Ragini from there and Swara started to drag Laksh in opposite direction
Ragini: Laksh today you got escaped but I swear I will not leave you
Laksh: I am getting scared of you chipkalli ( in a funny way)
Ragini: Chipkalli??????
Laksh: Few mins back got sticked on all 3 of us like Chipkalli…..
Ragini: If I am Chipkalli…then … Then.. U r a donkey
Laksh : U said me Donkey??? Then u r a frog…

They were scolding each other till they vanished from each others sight

Swara calms down Laksh and scolds him, and says him that I came to know everything…. Ragini told me everything ….. Both of you are wrong…. Now stop it and let’s leave to home….

Sanskar also scolds Ragini… And says her never do it again

Precap: Swara’s weekend with Gadodia’s ….. Swara tells Laksh and comments that Sanskar should be called an expression modulator……

Credit to: Ashrita

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