Swaragini – Definition of relations Episode 22

Recap : Sanskar accepts Swara’s proposal
Swara was dumbstruck…. She reminisced how she proposed him on farewell day… So you know me???
Sanskar nodded yes, I know Swara but only half truth, the day I came to your house I saw your moms portrait, I remember that she is the one who died because of the accident, I wanted to apologise to you, but I was frightened that you will go away from me after knowing the truth, I always wanted you to stay in front of me at least like a friend, I never want to lose you Swara, I understood the reason for your hatred Swara….. But I still love you Swara, I will till my last breath.. Do you know how hard for me to stay away from you when I came to know that even you love me, but few things are bothering me Swara, tell me the truth today
Swara stunned Sanskar by hugging him back with tears and said “Do you know Sanskar, though I tried hard to hate you I was never successful, there is one more truth that I have to tell you…. I am your Kavita”

Sanskar was choked and said Kavita??? Yes Sanskar and told him everything…. Ragini said Kavita!!!!! And went to Swara’s house along with Laksh and asked Samrat about the same… Samrat told her everything. Ragini reminisced how her Dadi told about birth mark on her sisters back and she saw the same on Swara’s back on Annual day and confessed the same to Samrat, then he gave an idea to go for DNA test and after that we can tell to everyone…
After a week reports came and it was positive, Ragini jumped in happiness and informed everyone.
5yrs Leap : SwaraginiSanLak in Mumbai
SwaLak shopping:
Laksh: Swara don’t you think the drama is going to start once again???
Swara: Of course Lucky I am afraid to go home, I don’t know why can’t they understand ??? At least you have to explain her na
Laksh: Me!!! Swara you know about that Chipkalli na… Whenever I try to explain her she starts her drama and your Sanskari husband stands beside her, instead of supporting me, this time you should do something…
Swara: What should I do??? How many times I told her that I will cook the food but she will never listen and spoils the whole dish… I don’t know what we have to eat today
Laksh: That’s the reason why I made the plan to buy some vegetables and came along with you… Come let’s eat quickly and we should go back…..

RagSan at home:

Ragini: So finally Sanky you got your Kavita
Sanskar: haa… And you got your Swara
Ragini: hmm…that’s the reason why we felt something strange about her in our first meeting itself… But you said that you don’t have any interest on her… U are a chuppa rustam.. Didn’t even tell me…Sanskar I think atleast now we have to tell her that u were not the person who was driving the car but its me.
Sanskar: Don’t forget you promised me… No need to say anything …. She has accepted me by heart… It was a game in which we became pawns and you promise me that you are not going to talk about it again

Ragini: hmmm…..Sanky its an hr, will it take so much time to bring vegetables???
Sanskar: Even I was wondering the same Rags, I doubt if they are going to eat and come
Just then SwaLak arrived and Ragini took the bag and went into kitchen and started to prepare.
Dinner time:
Laksh vomited the food for the first bite itself, and shouted on Ragini how many times I have to tell you not to prepare food, see again I vomited, please let Swara cook. Ragini started to cry.
Sanskar angrily said “Lucky don’t forget that I am there for her”
Lucky: That’s the actual problem, you are always supporting her, see how the food is burnt, how could you eat??

Sanskar: just look at her and say with how much Love she cooked but you can’t see that
Swara came in between and said calm down Sanskar, Lucky is not saying anything against Rags but he is, Sanskar asked her to stop and said Ha you will always support your friend Of course and they started to fight, RagLak quietly escaped from there and went into their room silently and said GN my dear friends enjoy fighting winked at them and said even papa told us how to stop the fight…. Bye… Enjoy the romantic night and wish us the same and closed the door.
Laksh dragged Ragini towards him and kissed on her neck and said shall we switch of the lights, have to go to office early morning

Sanskar pulled Swara towards him , cupped her face and kissed on her forehead and both went into their room.

Early morning Swaragini helped each other in cooking and packing food and after that they got ready and woke up SanLak, all of them had breakfast together and then everyone headed towards their office


Hi guys, I tried my level best to give a proper ending and I know I am not upto the mark but you people had still supported my ff and writings, a load of thanks to everyone whoever has been commenting from Episode 1 till 22, and also Thanking the Silent readers too as well SPL thanks to SwaSan, RagLak, RagSan, SwaLak fans for suggesting your views, I was not able to reply anyone of you, but I had read almost all the comments. I thought of extending it but due to lack of time i was not able to concentrate on ff so wanted to give a happy end instead of leaving in the middle, If possible I will try to write down some Short stories. Thanks once again for your patience and bearing my torture… Lol… All the best to everyone in whatever you do… TC guys

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