Swaragini – Definition of relations Episode 21


Recap : Swara confesses her love to Sanskar

RagLak date :
Ragini gets surprised looking at the arrangements, she goes and picks the heart shaped balloons that were lying on the floor and goes to Laksh, suddenly the lights goes off, in candle lights she sees Laksh kneeling down and he takes Ragini’s hand in his and says “I promise I will always keep you happy, if you have a pain share with me and the next moment I will make you happy, I will never object if you are changing for good, even if you gain weight I will still love you but along with it you have to increase your love for me, you make me feel in paradise when I am with you, your smile drives me crazy, you are my life, no one in this world can replace your place in my heart, will you be always with me in my good and bad times” , tears of happiness were rolling from her eyes and she nodded her head in agreement. He slowly got up wiped her tears and said this is the time to celebrate and started to dance

In the morning at Swara’s home, Swara was crying with pain and Samrat was pampering her and said this is called hangover and went to bring Lemon juice… Swara with a question what are you saying papa Hangover???? How did I come home?? … “So you don’t remember anything”, said Samrat. “No papa, I just remember that I drank something and after that…” , that’s OK bachoo don’t stress yourself and its better you take off to college today, you should Thank Sanskar by the way, he was taking care of you till I reached the venue saying that he left from there, Swara smiled hearing Sanskar’s name and thought I should call RagLak to inform them i will not be coming to college and also Sanskar to Thank him…

At Maheshwari house, Sanskar was recollecting the previous night incidents and worried “Swara this is not the time for Love, I want to excel in my studies, My aim to get into IIM, all the above I don’t know the circumstances if I tell you the truth, I know you will be hurt with my answer but I don’t want to increase your hopes, I will make it clear today, I like you Swara, I have to talk to Laksh so that he can explain her and went into Laksh’s room. Laksh was sleeping and was dreaming about Ragini, and was about to kiss when he heard a scream “come to your senses its me”… He was shocked to see Sanskar and said “When did you come??

I am sorry”, “Come on Lucky, leave about that and I want to talk to you something important, yesterday after farewell party some of the seniors mixed alcohol in Swara’s drink…”, Laksh cut down his words and said “ bhai y didn’t you called me??? Is everything fine with her??? How could you” Laksh’s phone rang and it was Swara

Laksh: Swara what was bhai saying?? Hru now??
Swara: Nothing to worry Lucky.. I am perfectly fine and I have a bit of headache and I won’t be coming to college, inform Ragini also
Laksh: OK you take care… And he cut the call

Laksh turned to Sanskar and said nothing to worry bhai, she is fine now
Sanskar : Lucky I have to say something else just then his phone rang and it was Swara
Sanskar went from there and picked the call
Swara : Hi Sanskar
Sanskar : Swara its not right

Swara cut down his words and said, “I am sorry Sanskar, I really don’t know who has mixed it in my drink, from next time I will be careful, papa told me that you took care of me, actually I don’t remember anything, I am really sorry if I had bothered you yesterday, after that drink I don’t remember anything, even I don’t know how I reached home”
Sanskar was puzzled and said its OK Swara, tc and he cut the call. So she don’t remembered anything, it would be better if I don’t raise the topic again, but I should keep myself away from her saying that he went to college along with Laksh.

Sanskar was avoiding Swara but still he was not able to concentrate on his studies his mind was filled with Swara’s thoughts. On one night around 12pm he got a message from Swara I am waiting for you at your gate please come out. Sanskar got angry and he went to her, she was smiling looking at him, but he shouted on her “Are you mad Swara??? Look at your watch… At this time how could you come like this… What if something happened to you, I never thought that you can act in such a foolish way?? Are you a kid Swara???”, Swara got frightened and her eyes were filled with tears

Hey Sanky why are you scolding her like that, even I am there along with her and Lucky too said Ragini coming from behind, Sanskar was shocked looking at them, “bhai we planned to surprise you as its your birthday today but see how you scared Swara and how she is crying”, Swara tried to leave the place but there was someone’s strong grip on her wrist she turned, “Swara I am sorry, I don’t know that..” , she cut down the words and said “What sorry Sanskar??? I am looking at you from past few days you are avoiding me, When I try to speak you are pretending as if you haven’t heard anything, I can see everything, only with me you are behaving weirdly, what did I do??? Tell me I will try to rectify if I can but why you are avoiding me, your silence is killing me, can’t you understand a girls heart???, Won’t you be able to understand my feelings for you??? Sanskar closed her mouth with his hand and said please Swara don’t say anything else. RagLak were shocked looking at them and they were not able to understand anything and silently listening them.

Sanskar said, Don’t you really remember what happened on the farewell day???, but I was in my senses, you know something Swara??? I fell in Love with you the day I saw you the first time, your eyes makes me feel that you are made for me and just me, from that day I was trying to be away from you I was afraid of Love after looking at RagLak, the path is full of thorns, but I failed I started Loving you, I was not able to control my heart I wanted to tell you but something stopped me you know what???? Your Mother Swara…..

No Precap

Hi guys, Just one more episode and I am going to wind up, Thanks for supporting me. I will try to update the next part soon, today itself… Thank you once again for reading my ff

Credit to: Ashrita

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