Swaragini – Definition of relations Episode 20


Hi everyone, thanks for your lovely comments, being a bit Lazy I was not able to respond to your comments, thanks to the silent readers too, there might be many mistakes, but I tried my best, Thanks for your continuous support and going into the plot
Recap : Naming Ceremony and marriage proposal of SwaraginiSanLak

At College everyone was asked to form a 2 member team and do a mini project. Laksh and Ragini wanted to form a team with Swara and Sanskar Resp. But SwaSan formed a group as they wanted RagLak to spend some time together. SwaSan became very comfortable with each other, they used to stay at college after college hours and Sanskar used to drop her and pick her from home, they started to understand each other. SwaRaginiSanLak used to go for outings, tours … Used to do combine studies during exams. Days were passing by and farewell party was organised for the 4th year batch
On Farewell day: At 6pm
SanLak wore party wears and arrived to the venue and were looking for SwaRagini
Laksh: Hey bhai, where are these girls?? Always late… Swara and you are going to host the party but see they haven’t turned up
Sanskar: hmm… By the way at what time you both will be leaving the party??? And be careful drop Ragini at her home by 11pm
Laksh : Don’t worry bhai, I will take care of her and we will be leaving by 7pm, I spoke to Samrat papa and he will come to pick up Swara at around 10.30pm till then you accompany her
SanLak observed that Boys around them were staring towards entrance and complimenting for good looks , they turned and found them to SwaRagini . Ragini was wearing a peacock blue coloured half saree with embroidery work and Swara was wearing a baby pink half saree with pearl work, both of them had their hair opened with curls, matching ear rings, bangles, Maangtikka which enhanced their beauty. SanLak were mesmerised with their statuesque beauty.

Laksh: Omg I can’t believe!!!! R u my Chipkalli??? And is this Swara???? Had lot of makeup ah??? Look how everyone over here are staring at you two
Swaragini smiled and said no makeup but tried for a different look
Sanskar admired them in his way “ looking at Ragini he said one is Natural beauty and turns towards Swara and said the other has beautiful heart, all the above both are beauty with brains, so what’s the need of make-up??”
Swara stared at Sanskar lovingly when all the 3 were busy in exchanging words. After Few mins SwaSan went on to the stage and hosted the party. RagLak left the party and went on a date. At around 10pm all the girls from Seniors batch, juniors left the party. Only SwaSan from juniors left and Sanskar found that around 10 senior guys were present and they were consuming alcohol mixing it with drinks and went towards Swara to take her out. Unknowingly Swara drank the drink and lost her senses and was behaving weirdly, Sanskar took her out from that place and made her sit on the chair, he immediately called Samrat and told him the situation, he got a reply that he will reach there in few mins and he cut the call.
In meantime Sanskar saw that Swara was missing, he ran out and found that Swara was wandering in the nearby garden, he immediately went to her and hold her on time while she was about to fell down

Sanskar: Swara Sambhalke
Swara looked into Sanskar’s eyes and said “ Sanskar why do you care so much, why are you making me weak, whenever I want to go away from you, you are getting more closer, see even now I ran from you and you got hold of me again “
Sanskar was not able to understand her and said Swara I think you are not feeling well now we should go from here and we can talk tomorrow saying that he is trying to hold her as she was drowsy.
Swara: Always stand beside me and hold me like this all my life Sanskar… Shhh…Shhh and she kept her finger on his lips, let me say, I haven’t completed yet… Just look at me…. Can you see something???
Sanskar : He sensed the situation, Yes I can, but Swara don’t say anything u r drunk now… His heart started to beat fast… He knows what is this girl going to say.. But he doesn’t want to hear… He is afraid as her heart may break, he don’t believe in love but he has got some soft corner for this lady…. His heart is saying, common Swara I am waiting for this moment from long time but his mind was saying Sanskar Please don’t hear to her and somehow change the topic. His mind overpowered his heart and he started to drag her
She was not ready to leave, she planted a soft kiss on his chin and said I Love you Sanskar, Sanskar was choked up hearing her confession he was carrying mixed emotions, she started saying I always wanted to stay away from you, but destiny played its game it made me meet you once again, the first sight made me fall for you…. No no no you are my love at every sight, I had been waiting to talk with you from the day I saw you, I thought that you will identify me on our first meeting itself but you were not able to, I don’t know when my hatred for you turned out to be Love, I realised it late that how hard I tried to bring hatred for you in my heart I was unsuccessful, I used to fell for you more and more. Sanskar stopped her and said “Swara we should go home, what is all this Love??hatred?? First sight?? Please for God Sake we are just friends”

Swara went near him and said even I don’t know Sanskar, but one thing is true that “I love you” and she fell on the ground. He looked at her and said what did you do Swara??? How could we face each other??? Can we be like before…. His thoughts were interrupted by Samrat’s call and he told the location to pick Swara

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Credit to: Ashrita

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