Swaragini – Definition of relations Episode 2


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Recap: Swara’s admission in college and getting introduced to Ragini
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Laksh : So Swara stop staring Ragini and listen to me, though we like each other or not, fate has forced both of us to become friends as we will be batch mates for the next 4 years and we have no other go…. If you need any help don’t hesitate to ask me….
Swara: Thanks Laksh.. By the way I liked your frankness, I don’t have any worries as of now… I might need your help regarding records.. Tomorrow is that okay for you to help me
Laksh : of course… (She is so cute and lovely)
After lab it was a lunch break … Ragini and Swara sat together… Swara asked Ragini if she could come along with her to office as she might require some help , Ragini was about to say something when other girls of the class came to them… Ragini introduced Swara to them… Priya interrupted Ragini asking how come you be with us… Where is your Sanskari boyfriend? Haven’t turned up to college…..
Ragini with a rage …. mind your tongue Priya… Did Laksh sent you here? Swara who was listening to everything turned and found out Laksh enjoying himself watching the cat fight and even she being a new comer easily figured out it was Laksh who was behind this, and made her mind not to think much… I am no one to interfere between anyone… When Swara was about to leave from there, Ragini stopped Swara and said even she will accompany her to office… Laksh stretched his leg a bit to make Ragini fell down … Swara in a hurry trembled her leg and was about to fell down, Laksh and Ragini who saw that ran and hold her together… Swara said thanks to both of them and headed towards office along with Ragini
Laksh was staring at both of them….
While going to office , Ragini got a call and started scolding the person, how come you do like that…. But today I didn’t missed you at all as I got a new friend who is very lovely( looking at Swara ) and warned the person to be on time and pick me from my home tomorrow…
Swara after finishing her work came to Ragini who’s on phone and asked her shall we move.. Ragini cut the call and then started walking towards classroom……
In the classroom when Ragini and Swara were about to enter, the last bench boys started to sing
Rukh Jha oh dil dewanee..
Poochooo tho main zara…
Swara looked at Ragini with a question … Ragini cleared out that this is favourite time pass of Laksh to irritate girls, so don’t worry… He will sing for every girl…
At the end of the day Ragini gave some notes to Swara and told her I feel you to be very close to me, I never make friendship with anyone so easily… I don’t have many… Swara says even I feel good talking to you and Laksh.. Ragini smiles and waves bye and left from there saying her father will be waiting for her at the gate…
Swara started to walk from college was about to call her papa when someone from behind scared her… Turned and found Laksh over there and got relaxed…and had conversation while walking towards bus stop

Laksh: So Swara how was your first day at college…
Swara: it was good… I saw that you were trying to make Ragini fell down right… What did she do to you.. Why are you trying to hurt her like that… I know I have no right to ask you but still as you told we are friends.
Laksh: when time comes I will tell you everything but before that we should get the space that we can share anything… Don’t roam with that chipkalli(Lizard) too much…
Swara: who is chipkalli?
Laksh: Secret… It’s Ragini … Even you will get your name soon… Every girl in the class has nicknames
Swara: who is the leader for all these
Laksh: its me…. Everyone has some name … And whenever any girl enters i will sing a song for them.. Soon for you too… But need sometime so that I can get to know more about you..
Swara: ragging in the class itself… So how about ragging in the college
Laksh: it will be there… But you should be smart enough so that you can get rid of ragging
Swara: So Laksh you might have many friends..
Laksh: I speak to everyone but I don’t have a real one… I am a flirty type but for the first time I am not trying to flirt you… Ragini should have already warned about me…
Swara: Oh is it!!!!! But she did not speak anything about you
Laksh: Oh!!! How about Sanskar?
Swara: Sanskar!!!!! Who is he?
Laksh: Ragini’s boyfriend
Swara: OK… So he is that sanskari boyfriend who Priya was talking about…and you like fighting only with Ragini?
Laksh: I like to irritate even Sanskar…. May be you can also join in the list soon…
Swara: Sure and one more thing I just want to remind you about records… Please don’t forget..
Laksh: after college hours we can sit in library and can complete…. I will help you ….. And your bus is here… Bye… Meet you tomorrow in the college..
Swara: waves bye and got into the bus after reaching home she found her papa at home… Went and hugged him
Samrat: Bachooo…. Seems like you made friends?
Swara: yes papa Ragini and Laksh..
Samrat: ohhh that’s great… How was the day?
Swara: good papa.. Come on we will cook something…

At Gadodia House:
Ragini: Mom today I made a new friend , Swara, she is very sweet and feel some connection between us… Sumi darling are you listening to me…..
Sumi: how many times I have to tell you not to call me like that (with a chapatti roller in her hand ran behind Ragini)…
Ragini: oho mamma have you given that right only to pops……(ran and hided behind her father)
Sumi : Sekhar don’t hide her, she is becoming naughty day by day… Wait I will call your dadi…
Ragini: Sorry..Sorry.. but please don’t call dadi and hugged her tightly

Precap: Laksh says to Swara, look there…. Ragini’s hero …. Sanskar

Credit to: Ashrita

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  4. Hi guys… I don’t want to hurt anyone of you , so I will reveal in the upcoming episodes that Ragsan and Swalak will be having a special bonding but Swara will fall for Sanskar and it will take time… so it will be Swasan and Raglak pairing only…

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  7. Yeah I agree with you anu plzzźzz unfold the pairing

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