Swaragini – Definition of relations Episode 19


Recap: RagLak’s Love confession
Naming ceremony function of Adarsh and Pari’s baby at Maheshwari Mansion
Pari and Adarsh came with a baby from their room and placed the baby in a cradle which was beautifully decorated. Dp and Rp were busy in welcoming the guests, Ap and Sj got involved in puja preparations, SanLak were running all through the house and helping the elders of the house to make this function a successful. Gadodia’s arrived and Sumi started to help Ap and Sj, Rags went to the baby and started to play after sometime Swara came along with Samrat. Samrat and Dp were shell shocked seeing each other. Sekhar introduced Samrat to Dp and Rp. Dp was about to say something to Samrat, but the other interrupted and congratulated for becoming grandfather and slowly both started to move from that place while talking with each other. Samrat again said that I never knew that SanLak were sons of this house and please never let them know about the incident and let it be past. He showed SwaRaginiSanLak how they were enjoying each others company and it will all be ruined if they come to know the past, they may not be able to face each other. Dp assured Samrat that he will never let the Children know about the past and he is very happy that they had met once again and this relation should be taken foward.

After puja, baby was named Aadhya, everyone has started to click photos with the baby. Dp observed that SwaLak and RagSan to be closer, a taught raised in his head after studies why can’t they get them married. Sanskar was about to take the baby in his arms when Adarsh took the baby from Pari and angrily he said how many times I have to make you understand to keep few people away but you can never understand and left from there and even Sanskar left the place hearing those harsh words, he understood that his brother was saying all these to him. Swara who heard all these became very concerned for Sanskar and she followed him. Sanskar went to Laksh and handed a gold chain with a pendant of Maa Durga and asked him to make it wear to Aadhya. Laksh who knows everything took it from him and said don’t worry bhai, one day everything will be fine between our brothers and don’t be sad now after all our little princess naming today and she will unite everyone one day. SwaRagini looks at their brotherly bond and goes into kitchen to help. Maheshwari ladies gets impressed of SwaRagini. Sujatha likes Swara a lot and feels her to be perfect for Sanskar.
After Dinner all the guests left…. only Gadodia’s, Swara and Samrat were present in the Maheshwari’s house
Laksh : Hey I am very happy that from today I am no more the youngest member of this house
Ragini: Physically u r but mentally u r still
Laksh : Atleast I was grown in one way but You are zero both physically and mentally
All others understood that world war 3 might start now and asked SwaSan to take RagLak from here. After SwaRaginiSanLak left the place Dp went near Sekhar and Samrat and said “i want to tell you something, I haven’t discussed with any of my family members but when I saw SwaRaginiSanLak together, I got a thought why can’t they get married, my opinion is SwaLak and RagSan are perfect for each other, I know they are very good friends, the way they care for each other they can be perfect life partners., I was seeing RagSan from childhood and how much they care and today when I saw SwaLak together after many days I found Laksh was so happy, so I am asking you if you can give your daughters hand for my sons, they will be always happy

All of them were stunned, Gadodia’s, rp, ap became very happy and Sekhar agreed but Sujatha and Samrat were unhappy with the proposal, Sujatha was about to say something when Samrat replied back to Dp saying that “please don’t take me in other way, its too early to decide about their marriage and for me I can’t go against my child’s wish and also I don’t know what will the Children feel when they come to know about all these things, even though they accept it might be because of pressure, if they love each other I don’t have any objection but as far as I know they are just good friends and they have never seen each other from that sight”, Sujatha interrupted and said “ even I feel the same bhaisa, today when I saw RagLak they were not behaving like before and what I feel is we should not repent on our decision, I know RagSan are good friends but they don’t love each other, I love Ragini a lot but it should not be a forced relation to any one of them” , Sumi says “ I think Samrat ji and Sujatha are right, we should not force them, let them decide about their future, if they really wants to get married then we will but now it’s not a right time to discuss about marriage, I am sorry to say that but I don’t want them to suffer because of our wrong decision”. Dp gets convinced and said “may be you people are right, looking at them I felt to make them as my bahu’s , let them decide, if they really love each other I will never have any objection”

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Credit to: Ashrita

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