Swaragini – Definition of relations Episode 18


Recap: Sanskar accompanied Swara till her home and Laksh goes angrily to home leaving Ragini

After college hours Swaragini came to SanLak and asked them to play badminton along with them, SanLak agreed but Laksh was avoiding Ragini. All of them went to court and SwaLak and RagSan formed groups and started to play, Laksh got a call and so he left in the middle and went near the parking slot. Ragini and Swara played for sometime and Sanskar called Laksh but he is not picking the call so he thought to go and check, Ragini interrupted and said I will go and she went to search Laksh and saw Laksh near parking area talking with someone and she started to move towards them. While nearing them she saw a girl, coming closer to them she found her to be Nikhila, junior, the girl who was crowned Miss Fresher, the beauty of the college standing in front of Laksh holding bunch of red roses. Laksh was facing Nikhila and Ragini was back to him and she could hear them. Nikhila was not even bothering of anyone because of Laksh’s presence
Laksh: Nikhila!!! why did you call me here??? U need any help???

Nikhila: No sir.. I just want to say something
Laksh: Stop calling me Sir, u can call me Laksh and please tell me, my friends are waiting for me
Hearing this Ragini had a smile on her face
Nikhila handed the roses to Laksh and started to say it was not planned and I don’t know if I will be able to convey my feelings properly or not but whenever I see you my heart starts beating fast and it stops me from hearing to anyone and I just look at you, my mind is always filled with your thoughts and I always want to be with you my whole life, I love to be Loved by you Laksh “ I Love you Laksh” can you accept my proposal

Ragini’s smile vanished hearing her, she was not able to see Laksh but she wanted to hear Laksh’s reply, her heart started to speak to her don’t worry Ragini he Loves you a lot, he can never love anyone, he will reject her proposal, she might be the college beauty but for Lucky no one is beautiful than you, I know he Loves me a lot, he can be a flirt but I know he still loves me only me and she suddenly came out of her thoughts when she heard Laksh’s reply which she was not at all expecting….

Laksh smiled at Nikhila and said can any person in this world can reject such a nice girl
Ragini felt a big jolt and her eyes misted over, she immediately ran away from there and went near a tree where no one is there and sat with many thoughts, he is not my Lucky, he didn’t even thought about me once before accepting her, is his love for me is not true, u broke my heart today not only that but my hopes, my dreams everything. I planned my life with you and have written many pages with you, I never thought that distances between us can become hurdles for our Love but today I was wrong it separated us and broke down. No Ragini how can you think about him like that, he can lie but his eyes can’t….. He loves only you, whatever is happening between us are just passing clouds, go and talk to him once u will know the truth, he has only you in his heart, your Love is not so weak that anyone can come between you two. She wiped her tears and went to badminton court.

At parking area:
Laksh: Yes Nikhila no human can reject you, if their heart is with them
Nikhila was puzzled
I don’t have my heart with me, I love someone from years and she is my life, there might be differences between us but it can never separate us. U r a very nice girl don’t feel that I had rejected you, the only reason is I am already in Love. I am sorry to break your heart but we are not made for each other Nikhila there might be someone better than me who was made for you. Nikhila’s eyes were filled with tears but she tried to put her words in front of him, thanks Laksh for not playing with my emotions and clearing everything, I hope we can be friends saying that she left from there. Laksh left the flowers there and went back to the court.
Swara: Ragini where is Lucky??? U went to call him but where is he.
Laksh: Hey I am here only, and looked at Ragini and her face was puffed
Sanskar: Ragini did you cry????
Ragini: No Sanky, shall we start the game??
SwaSanLak understood that she is hiding something……
Laksh went near her and made her look into his eyes and said Ragini did you come to parking slot?
She just nodded her head in yes.
Laksh: So you saw me with Nikhila and were you there till the end???
She nodded no.
Laksh : I don’t want to know what you are thinking but just tell me what is you heart thinking???
Ragini hugged him tightly and cried out, you can just love me Lucky and I can just love you, our Love is pure. Nothing is worse than being apart from you, never let me go away from you, “ I Love you”

Laksh hugged her back and said “ I Love you too”
SwaSan were a bit puzzled but became very happy for them and both tapped them on their shoulders and said “Hey guys have some shame!!!! Its college yaar!!!” and started to tease them. RagLak broke the hug and became uncomfortable….

No Precap

Credit to: Ashrita

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