Swaragini – Definition of relations Episode 17


Recap: Exams, Results and Laksh apologises to Swara
Annual day night at college around 8.30pm
Laksh goes out from the room and walks towards the gate, Ragini follows him and says sorry to him for misunderstanding him
Ragini : Lucky I know you haven’t done intentionally…
Laksh holds Ragini’s arms tightly and says What do you really think of me Ragini, am I so bad. She is my friend Ragini and all the above a girl, Even I have heart Ragini, why do you always finds mistake in me, I am silent that doesn’t means that you can say whatever you want. I doubted you it was wrong but what are you doing Ragini???? Always finding faults in me, I got tired now. I sincerely apologised to you, I am not expecting any Love from you but at least thought we could be friends like before. Now I feel that you have not even accepted me as your friend, what would you do if Sanskar was in my place, would you blame him???? No Ragini you would have never done that, I am no one for you in your eyes, saying that he left the place.
Ragini runs behind Laksh and tries to stop him but in vain. Lucky the only person with whom I have freedom to be myself is u Laksh, Sanskar is my Friend but I love you Lucky so I feel I had a right to scold you, tease you. I have hurtled you a lot, I shouldn’t have spoke to you rudely, U r not my friend Lucky u r my love. Never let me go from you Lucky and she remember the fun times when they were together and suddenly her mobile rang and it was Sanskar

Ragini: Ha Sanskar
Sanskar: Where r u both?? From when I was calling Lucky and he is not picking the call, is everything fine
Ragini: He is a bit disturbed so he left to home and if you don’t mind can you please drop Swara at her home.
Sanskar: Rags what happened??? How will you go???I can’t leave you alone like that
Ragini: Don’t worry about me, papa will be coming now so I will go, I think you can understand that I want to alone for sometime please Sanky, and please don’t say anything to Swara, just tell her that Lucky is with me and going to drop me at home
Sanskar: OK take care but call me after reaching home
Ragini: OK baba…. Bye
Sanskar goes to Swara and asks her shall we go home now, Lucky and Ragini left
Swara: Ohh… Sanskar is everything fine between them???
Sanskar: Hopefully Swara.. Rags is hiding something and even Lucky, don’t know what’s happening
Swara: OK Sanskar then I will also leave just msg me after reaching home, Lucky might be very much disturbed because of today’s incident
Sanskar: I will come along with you Swara and just listen to me now, its already 9pm and I can’t let you go alone
Swara: Papa will come to bus stop so don’t worry
Sanskar: OK I will accompany you till you get into the bus and do call me after reaching home

Both of them went to the bus stand, they had waited for almost 30 mins and there was no bus, Swara informed Samrat that Sanskar is along with her and no need to worry. Sanskar got a msg from Ragini that she has reached home. It’s 10pm bus has come and no one is in the bus and Swara got into the bus and sat and asked conductor for a ticket, she heard a male voice from behind her seat saying that even for me to the same place. Swara turned around and saw it to be Sanskar.
Swara : Sanskar u here
Sanskar: smiled at her and said I will accompany till your stop
Swara by his gestures understood that he got into the bus as there were no passengers in the bus. After few mins SwaSan got down the bus but Samrat was not there. Swara called Samrat and she got a reply that car got punctured and he is on the way walking and it will take another 15mins.
Sanskar: Swara instead of standing here it’s better to cover some distance…… come let’s go
Swara: papa will be coming now and you will not get any bus if you are late, so u carry on I will wait for papa
Sanskar observed that there is a bar near by and immediately he says no Swara I can’t leave you like this at this time and I don’t feel safe to stay here for long time and he demanded her to start walking
Swara and Sanskar started to walk and while passing from bar, SwaSan exchanged looks and his eyes were speaking “don’t worry I am there” and hers “thanking him” , they walked for almost 10mins and Samrat came across them. Sanskar waved bye to them and left from there.
After reaching home Swara thinks about her day with Sanskar and smiles “Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari u r doing some magic with my heart, u r changing me, what kind of feeling u r making me to experience”

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Credit to: Ashrita

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