Swaragini – Definition of relations Episode 16

In Maheshwari house kitchen:
Ap, Sj and pari were busy preparing for Lunch….Sanskar and Lucky came there
Sanskar : bhabhi why are you working… Doctor told you to take rest na…. You are carrying our little princess….
Sj: Ha u two explain her…. From when me and jiji are telling her to take rest and she is not at all listening
Lucky: how will she not listen….wait I will talk to my princess …. He brought a glass and kept on her womb and said your 2 chachas are waiting for you…. Come soon and ask your mom to take ample rest
Sanskar said its my turn now….. My dear…hru??? Is mumma taking a good care of you
Pari feels a baby kick and says to everyone…all of them gets super excited and one by one all starts talking to baby and after sometime Laksh takes Pari to her room and makes her rest and comes back to kitchen

Laksh: Bhabhi is resting now….. Chachi u r looking gorgeous today…..
Sj: Lucky beta do u need something…. Butter jiji not me… I am not going to fall in your trap
Sanskar: No mom…. Really Lucky is saying truth
Sj: Even u turned like your brother…..
Ap: Ha both the sons are praising only u… They didn’t even think about their other mother Sujatha
Sj: Ha jiji…. Cos they need something

Ap: Sujatha your sons want to ask something…. Don’t you think that they are planning against us
SanLak: Maa what are you saying????
Sj: Jiji ….. I think they are planning to bring bahus
Ap: Right Sujatha that’s why they are flattering us….
Sanskar : Maa me, Lucky, Ragini and Swara group studies…..
Sujatha cut down his words and said jiji I told you na they are planning something big…
Ap: My dear kids so you people are planning for kurukshetra here….. No way
Lucky: but maa
Sj: Nothing more ….. Sumi has already informed me everything…. I know if you and Ragini will sit together then it won’t be house any more…. Tom and jerry fights….
Ap: Bcoz of you my Sanskar is also spoilt…
Sj: Don’t take Sanskar side jiji…. Why will Lucky spoil him….

SanLak “ even they have started it’s better if we escape from here…. “
At Swara’s house:
RagLak again started their fight, Samrat who understood the situation called SwaSan to his room while RagLak were busy in fighting…
Samrat: If u people study in this way u will never able to complete even 1 page.. I have an idea
Sanskar : Yes Uncle
Samrat : Beta leave them and you both Study together
Swara : What are you saying papa

Samrat: Bachoo…it will work try it once…if you both leave them then they will realise…. Try out once
Sanskar : Swara… I think Uncle is right….. As far as I know them they will not digest if we are studying together leaving behind them and they too will join…
SwaSan agreed and went into the room and started studying…. Looking at them RagLak said u people are studying without us…. Cheating
Swara: I don’t want to fail in exams……
Lucky: Even I don’t want to
And all the 4 from that day studied without any disturbances
Exams has started and for every exam Ragini used to get the difficult set and out of syllabus questions….. The only reply from Ragini used to be “I attempted all the questions but I would fail….” SanLakSwara used to feel very bad for her and prayed for good results
A big shock to SwaSan and RagLak as Ragini topped the exams….. ( it happens when the paper is very difficult unexpectedly you will get very good marks…. ….)

In 3rd yr…
All the 4 became very close and Swara also started to move freely with Sanskar because of his good nature. Fresher’s party was arranged for the latest batch, a girl Nikhila was crowned Miss Fresher, all the seniors were after her but she was after Laksh because of his charming talks, this made Ragini Jealous and she used to drag away Laksh whenever she finds him with Nikhila and used to give some reasons.

For annual day function SwaraginiSanLak planned to do skit… In mid of the play Laksh pulls Swara towards him, due to his grip the dress back part gets torn and her inner strap was clearly visible, RagLak were shocked but Sanskar reacted and covered her with his overcoat and took Swara from there, RagLak followed them and Ragini started to blame Laksh while Sanskar makes Swara rest on the chair and turns to Ragini and says at least now you stop Rags, it was not his mistake and please take care of Swara. Laksh comes to Swara and wipes her tears and apologises, Swara holds his hands and says I know you Lucky, please never say sorry to me. RagSan looks on.

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