Swaragini – Definition of relations Episode 15


Recap : Swara’s childhood and Swara is none other than Kavita

At college:
Laksh: Ragini can we be friends again??? I promise that I am not going to trouble you by the name of Love, I want a new start…just friends nothing more than that
Swaragini and Sanskar got stunned
Ragini happily shook her hand with Lucky and said thank you Lucky for not forcing me and she went from there

Swara: Are you serious Lucky???
Laksh: Letting go is good as the relations might get disturbed if I try to hold her………
Sanskar: but you love her Lucky
Laksh: Yes bhai…. That’s why I don’t want to hold her…. I want her happiness… Love left us bhai….. Now I don’t want her to leave me
The next day Swara rushed into the library, while Sanskar and Ragini who were in the Library found her to be tensed, She was searching for someone, both of them went to her and asked her…What happened Swara why r u tensed…what happened…. Where is Lucky???
Swara: Ragini ….. Sanskar…. Thank God I got you…. I was searching for you people everywhere and my phone was also not working….
Sanskar: Why r u panicked??? What happened Swara?????
Swara turned to Ragini and said while coming from home some people were teasing me and Lucky in anger is fighting with them…please come fast they are outside the campus…we need to stop them else… I am afraid for Lucky…please come fast…
Hearing that Sanskar ran towards the outer gate and didn’t even waited for Swaragini….. Ragini also ran along with Swara…..

Ragini: Swara but no one is here…. Even Sanskar is not here
She heard Sanskar shouting Ragini run from here it’s a trap…go fast …..
Ragini: Swara did you hear Sanskar????? Where is he…. And turned towards Swara
Swara kept her hand in the bag and mischievously looked at Ragini and applied colour on Ragini’s face and shouted “Happy Holi”
Ragini saw Sanskar who was fully dumped of colour coming towards her…Laksh was behind him and came to Ragini and applied colours to her….
Sanskar : Rags I was shouting to run but you were standing like a rock…. See these two has planned and made us fools
Laksh and Swara gave HiFi and were laughing loudly….. Looking at them Sanskar and Ragini got irritated….. Ragini took the colour packets that fell on the ground… RagSan went to SwaLak and applied colours on them and they shouted “ happy holi to you too” all the 4 had a group hug
Exams were nearing by and all the 4 decided to do group studies…. They scheduled it in Swara and Ragini’s house every alternate days…..
Swara used to think that only for Lucky and Ragini I am ready to bear Sanskar otherwise I would have not turned to him
First day study at Gadodia house:
Sumi: Lucky???? After long time…
Laksh: Ha maa…. Your daughter had bitten me long back and now I got cured
RagSan stared at Laksh angrily….

Sumi: Maaji, papaji and Sekhar I think we should start using cotton balls again to keep in ears…
Everyone started to laugh and the environment got cooled
While studying RagLak started to fight for each and every statement and looking at them SwaSan decided to form to different groups RagSan and SwaLak and once they completed to study one topic they would discuss on it, so that they would understand easily and it can be memorised ….. While discussing RagLak used to fight like kids…. SwaSan tried to calm them and every discussion turned out to be a heated argument….
Hearing them, Sumi came to their room and she saw RagLak’s bullfight
Sumi :She went to RagLak and said if i see both of you fighting again then I will throw both of u from the house…. While going she was murmuring loudly, I think these two are born to fight with each other, Shaitan bacche…… I don’t understand when will they grow and she went from there
SwaSan tried their best but in vain RagLak started once again….. This time Sumi brought a stick to beat Laksh and Ragini
SwaSan came in between to stop her
Sumi: Now you both move away or else I will start beating you too…. Lucky why do you fight with her…. You know her right why don’t you walk away and let her shout….
Laksh: yes maa… U r right… I always forget that she lost her screw…. And they both started to laugh

Ragini was staring at Laksh and Sumi angrily
Sanskar : Lucky don’t say a word to Rags…. It was you who started
Swara: Sanskar don’t say even a word to Lucky….it was Ragini who has started and why are u blaming Lucky….
Sanskar : Swara its not Rags it was Lucky didn’t you notice how he was making faces looking at her
Swara: No Sanskar, first Ragini started so Lucky replied her
They continued to argue……. Sumi and Raglak were stunned looking at them…..Sumi interrupted “till now I thought no one can defeat RagLak in their fight but I was wrong…. These two have spoiled even you both…. Your group studies are enough for today… I am no way allowing you people to do group studies in this house…. I can’t bear this Mahabharata daily….. I need peace at my home….. Now come for dinner… And after dinner, Swaragini will sleep in Ragini’s room and SanLak will sleep in guest room and I don’t want to hear anything from you people, I already spoke at your homes that tonight u people will be staying here itself …. No more arguments that’s it”
SwaLak sat together and RagSan sat together at dining table facing each other and eying angrily but Sumi came to them made SwaSan and Raglak to sit together and left from there….SwaSan and Raglak helped each other in serving foods and started to talk… Sumi became happy as her idea worked…….

After dinner all of them went into their respective rooms and slept

Next day SanLak went to their home
Sanskar: Lucky we can study at our home…. What do you say
Lucky: Yes bhai nice idea….but how will Swaragini go back to their homes at night…
Sanskar: They can stay here itself only na….
Lucky: Ragini will agree but I don’t think that Swara will agree
Sanskar : In that case, morning we can do group studies here and at night in Swara’s house…. We can return back home even if it is late and Ragini can stay at Swara’s house….
Lucky: Good one…. But who will take permission at our home for group studies
Sanskar : I will but you should promise me that again you are not going to fight with Rags otherwise even here we will be kicked out
Lucky: OK bhai…. But make sure that Chipkalli is not going to irritate me
Sanskar: Hmmm…Never ending drama from both of your sides…

Precap: continuation of group studies…. Exams…. Results

Credit to: Ashrita

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  1. raglak scenes were superb

  2. Still one more confusion/doubt. Is Swara is Ragini’s lost sister?

    1. Nope dear. Ragini has no lost sister

      1. Hi Aishu….ragini has a lost sister but yet to be revealed

  3. 1. Is swara is ragini’s lost sis nd 2. Is sanskar is laksh’s real bro
    nd one more thing pls clear swara’s misunderstanding regarding sanskar of accident..pls update nxt soon

    1. Hi kittuu…
      1. Swara is adopted by Samrat…. her real identity will be revealed in the upcoming episodes
      2. Sanskar is also adopted, so he is not blood brother and everyone in the family knew it
      3. Soon love will blossom between both the the couples…. not going to stretch on the past

  4. Raglk behaving like kids fighting always
    n ya swara misunderstood sanskar regarding accident truth shoulb revealed. Unite swasan

  5. Hahh very funny episode… Keep it up the gud work..

  6. I hope u will clear swara’s doubt soon


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