Swaragini – Definition of relations Episode 14


Hello everyone, Thank you for your warm wishes. I have seen many of your guesses and comments, most of you are right but with a small twist… I hope you will like it….I don’t want to keep the suspense for a long time… In today’s episode I will reveal
1. Is Kavita really dead???
2. What’s the relation of Swara and Kavita
3. How does Swara know about Kavita
4. How Swara concluded that Sanskar was responsible for accident

Swara “Sanskar Maheshwari unexpected, you told me the truth today, but the truth is you are the reason for Kavita’s death”

Yes Sanskar………….. you killed my soul and i was dead when I came to know its because of you I lost my mother……

She got down from the bus and walked towards her home…… After going into home she went to her moms portrait and said…… “maa I am
missing you, I should have died that day rather than you, papa is missing you…. I know maa he is acting in front of me….. If I had not taken you to orphanage that day, I would have never lost you…… The person whom we were searching from years was responsible for the accident….he is the culprit…”

Samrat came home and saw Swara crying in front of her mothers portrait
Samrat: Hey Bachoo……. what happened dear, r u missing ur mom??? U r my strength and hugged her
Swara: Papa ……. I don’t want you to feel weak but I am missing my maa…… She saved me that day and left both of us…. U know papa that day she pushed me out of the auto in order to save me…. It’s all because of me….
Samrat : Don’t blame yourself bachoo…. She protected her kid…. Every mother in this world first think about their child and their happiness, mothers love is unconditional ….. U know why she named you Swara???? She wanted you to become music of our lives……. Wherever she is she will shower her blessings always on you and if she sees you crying like this, she will be worried….. He took her to her room and made her sleep

Swara in her sleep recollecting her childhood,
Two people a man and a woman came to see her in orphanage and they have taken her along with them to their home
The man introduced himself as his papa, Samrat
Samrat: beta do you know what’s your mothers name???
The lady told that even my name is Kavita…. So from today you are Swara…..
Samrat: Ha …… But I am going to call you bachoo…… After long years I got a child…… U r my bachoo
Swara was a bit nervous and weeping all the day and also bit afraid but Kavita took her in lap, the touch of Kavita made her feel that I am in safe hands, she felt comfortable, she don’t have any feeling of stranger and called her maa…….. And turned to Samrat and said Papa…..
Kavita and Samrat became emotional, they both hugged her as if they got the world’s precious gift…

Swara woke up suddenly and started to cry
I never felt to be an Orphan…. I don’t know to whom I was born…. I was no more Kavita, i became Swara Bose……….for me u will be my real parents always, yes I am your Swara and no power in this world can separate me from you. I remember the day when you brought me from orphanage…. I still remember I was crying all the day and I didn’t eat anything…. You took me into your lap maa and fed me…. You never used to leave me even for a min…. You never let anyone say that I am Orphan…. You scolded me, pacified me, loved me, fondle me what not maa…. U are my support, if you are near me I can get a sound sleep because I know there are two protecting hands around me……… U were the only person who understands what my heart sounds like….. I remember the days when you used to go for shopping to buy something for yourself but you returned with bags full of gifts for me……

I remember the days when papa, you and me danced for silly things… Papa always used to fight with you whenever you scolded me(though Papa knew that it was my mistake), but u always come to me and caressed me when i slept, in actual i used to be awake and once you came to me, I used to hug you tightly and I used to fought with you and asked you why did you scold me…….I knew you …….u never wanted me to go in wrong path… But I always used to do it intentionally because, I always wanted you to be me at my side caressing……… You are part of my life maa….. And you lost your life saving me….. Today I am alive only because of you….. If that day I didn’t took you to Orphanage you would have been with us today…

Day of accident:
Swara : Maa even this time orphanage people were saying that Siddharth didn’t turned up…..How can we find him
Kavita: Don’t worry bachoo, one day he will definitely come for you and pacifies her holding her hands…. Saying that they got into an auto and were going towards railway station
Suddenly after 30 mins of travel a car came in front of them and auto driver jumped from the auto and Kavita saw a lorry and she pushed Swara from the auto, Swara fell on the ground, she was injured and fainted, the lorry hit the auto and Kavita fell near Swara with pool of blood……..
The next day when Swara woke up… She saw that she was lying on the hospital bed with bandages on her hands, legs and on forehead…. She saw her papa sitting beside her
Swara: papa where is maa??? Why she is not here…. Please call her… How is she… I want to see her
Samrat : Bachoo… You are weak now…maa will be always with us…u take rest now
Swara saw that Samrat eyes were turned red, his face became pale… She understood that he is hiding something from her

Swara: papa I just want too see my maa, she was about to get up but she didn’t have enough energy to keep her legs on the ground… Please papa tell me where is maa… I want to see her… Why she is not coming to see me…. Tell me papa that she is fine and started to shout…I want my maa
Samrat: Bachoo… Ur health is not good now we can talk about her later on…. Now you take rest
Swara: No papa …. I want to see her… I just remember that she pushed me from auto but after that I don’t know what happened…….. Papa don’t be quiet… I am afraid of your silence……
Samrat broke down came near her hugged her tightly and said…. Be strong bachoo…. She is no more, she left us for always…..
Swara broke out…no it can’t happen… Tell me papa that you are lying…its not the truth….
Samrat: That’s the truth my dear….
Swara fainted and Samrat rushed to call the doctor

After a week, Swara was discharged from hospital Samrat took her to the park in the hospital and asked her to sit there and I will come back after settling the bills, and then we can leave…
Swara nodded her head in agreement…

Swara saw a guy sitting on the bench, and found his face to be very familiar… After thinking a lot……She thought is that Siddharth….. Yes I think he is… But his leg is absolutely fine… May be he is not…. But what’s wrong if I ask him… She was about to go near him then she saw an elderly person walking towards the guy and asked him shall we go Sanskar?????
Swara was shocked to see that man….. Yes he was the same uncle, who came to adopt Siddharth… Yes now I am sure this guy is none other than Siddharth… Yes I found you when I needed you the most and she was about to move her steps towards them but stopped hearing their conversation
Sanskar: Bade Papa, how is she now……
Dp: She is fine now… And going to get discharged today…
Sanskar: I want to meet her Bade papa
Dp: Her father refused to meet her… He don’t want to let his daughter know anything about the accident… He is a gentleman.. He don’t find you as the mistake for this accident and he also told me that don’t feel guilt…..
Sanskar : but Bade papa… I think I should meet at least uncle and seek for apologise…
Dp: Even I told him, but he said even you are like his child and today they are going back to Mumbai…

Sanskar: Mumbai????
Dp: Yes the girl and her mother came here on some work and they stay in Mumbai…. Beta we should be thankful to God at least one life got saved…… Police has given a wrong information on that day that both of them were dead…..
Sanskar: But Bade papa, one life was lost and he hugged his Bade papa…… I wish their family always stay happy
Swara was shattered hearing them….. Siddharth I never thought that because of you I will lose my life’s important part…. I will never let myself come in front of you….. You were the reason for the accident…… I lost my maa because of you…. My papa can forgive you but not me…. I just hate you… Saying that she went to her papa

At present
Swara “Yes I wrote that letter to orphanage that Kavita is dead, when I came to know from Ragini that you had a friend Kavita and you are searching for her… I knew you would go to orphanage, so I wrote it on papa’s behalf…. I have taken all the care to stay away from you …… But you are in front of me and happy always”

At Gadodia house
Ragini : I am not at all happy mumma… Lying on her mothers lap …… I was the reason for the accident and Sanskar took the blame on him…. Am I forgivable ever???
Sumi: You haven’t done anything intentionally…. It was not your mistake…. It was instructor who should have been careful……beta I know you, you can never harm anyone…..
Ragini: As you are my mother you will always find good in me…. But what about the family who lost their loved ones because of me
Sumi: Nothing is there in our hands….. We can just pray good to keep their family always happy
Ragini: that day I became helpless……… Because of me Sanskar has to take blame on him and took a promise from me not to share it with anyone….. I am ashamed of myself when police were talking rudely to him…. But Rp uncle and Dp uncle along with papa reached on time and handled the situation otherwise I could never forgive myself

Precap: Swara informs RagSan that Laksh is fighting with some gang….. SwaraginiSanlak Group studies for exams

Credit to: Ashrita

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