Swaragini – Definition of relations Episode 13


Hi guys, tommorrow is our festival and I don’t think so that I will be able to post for next 3 days..so I have posted 2 updates today….. I wish everyone a Happy Pongal!!!!

After a week Ragini’s family returned home…. So Ragini bunked college, Laksh also didn’t turn up to college……

During Lunch break… Sanskar saw Swara sitting alone and went to her……
Sanskar : Hi Swara
Swara: Hi Sanskar…… (Though She wants herself to stay away from this guy she became happy as he came to talk to her)
Sanskar: Can I sit here
Swara: Hesitatingly she asked if he wants to talk about something…
Sanskar: Swara I never knew that you will play such a crucial role in our lives……its all because of you Lucky has changed…I thought wrong about you…… I behaved very rudely with you….If possible forgive me…….
Swara: That’s OK Sanskar…Anyone in your place would have behaved like that…. No need of apologise
Sanskar smiled and said thanks for understanding and left from there

In lab:
As Laksh was absent Swara was not able to complete her task and thought of staying back after college hours and note down the readings..

Everyone left and only Swara was there in the lab and asked lab assistant to help her in completing the task………but she had some urgent work and have to leave….. Someone came into lab and told the assistant that he will help her you please don’t worry…. Swara turned and found it to be Sanskar…. Lab assistant thanked him and left…
Swara: Sanskar You….
Sanskar: You helped us….so even I want to return your favours…. I know its a small one but if I can help you in anyway let me know, I will be always there….I really mean it as U did a lot to us…. So stop thinking and will start the work or else we will be late home…..

Swara and Sanskar completed the task and while walking out of the campus
Swara : So Lucky and you are cousins???
Sanskar: Hmmm….
Swara: Sanskar….. who is Kavita ( Intentionally she asked this question)
Sanskar: Rags should have told you na….
Swara: She just told me that she is your friend…
Sanskar : Yes she is my friend
Swara: Then how come Lucky and Ragini doesn’t know about her…..
Sanskar: She is my Childhood friend ….
Sanskar looked at Swara and said I don’t know why but for first time I want to share about my past to someone who is not at all close to me
Swara looked at him curiously..
Sanskar : I am an Orphan Swara…….. I was brought up in an orphanage till I was 8yrs…. There I had a friend Kavita…who is of my age…… She was my best friend at that time……. Many people wanted to adopt Kavita, but she didn’t go with anyone and the reason was me…. she used to play and talk with me, I had some problem in one of my leg because of that reason I was not able to run and walk fast……. I don’t know how a person of that age can think so widely…. This is the reason she never wanted to leave me……… One day mom and Bade maa came to that orphanage, they saw me and hugged and started to cry saying that I was looking like their dead son Sanskar……. They wanted to adopt me but I was not ready to go….. I was very afraid and I did not listen to anyone…… I don’t know whether everyone at their home is going to accept me or not and lastly I don’t want to leave Kavita too…. She became part of my life…. I was afraid…..

But one day she left saying that I can’t stay back in this Orphanage whole life for you….. Even I want parents who love me and take care of me

That day even I decided to move on as no one is going to wait for anyone…. And I became Sanskar from Siddharth…. I never wanted to look back…. I used to feel bad as she did not value my friendship…..

During our first year of engg…..
One day Bade papa told me that he went to the same orphanage and he came to knew from the caretaker that Kavita used to come yearly once along with her parents to find out about me…….. And he also told that Kavita has asked them if my leg will be cured if I will be adopted by them……and so she has been so rude with me that day……
Hearing this I was not able to believe how could a girl of that age could think about others happiness…… I was very happy that yearly she used to come to the same orphanage only to meet me, I was overjoyed, I went to orphanage if they know anything about her and asked them to call me if she comes…… They told that they knew only one thing that she used to come from Mumbai…… After few months they called me and said that there was a letter from her father that Kavita died in an accident….. I wanted to meet her family….but there was no from address in that letter…… If today she was alive I am sure that she would have been a very good human being and I really missed her…..

Swara’s eyes misted over…. Swara sensed that Sanskar was not able to talk properly….she felt as if there is lump in his throat… He was fighting hard to bring out the words
Sanskar started again “ Swara I never shared my personals even with Ragini or Lucky……Today I presented the actual me in front of you…. I don’t know the reason….. May be I am feeling you as trustworthy…….. Or I don’t know……… “
He comforted himself and said we are getting late and accompanied her to bus stop… And waited there till she got into the bus… but didn’t meet their eyes……..
In bus:
Swara “Sanskar Maheshwari unexpected, you told me the truth today, but the truth is you are the reason for Kavita’s death”

No Precap

Guys suggest me if you are not liking the plot…. Thanks to all the readers

Credit to: Ashrita

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