Swaragini – Definition of relations Episode 12

Recap: Ragini rejecting Laksh

Ragini was staying in Swara’s house as her family went to pilgrimage for a week….
Ragini : Swara shall we plan something as it is Sunday tomorrow and even papa will be at home
Swara : Shall we invite Sanlak??? As papa was asking me about Laksh…If you are comfortable only then
Ragini: Sanskar will not come, as he has some paper presentation work… I don’t have any problem with Laksh
Swara thanks God, anyway I don’t want him to be here…. I don’t want to hurt Ragini so thought of inviting him too….

Samrat : Bachoo….Ladoo…..wake up…..
Ragini: Please papa you wake up Swara na, I wanna sleep for some more time
Swara: Papa today please let me sleep for some more time… Ragini will help you
Samrat: Then don’t complain me about breakfast…. I will prepare whatever I know….and don’t keep any names for it……
Saying that Samrat left from that place….
Swaragini gave HiFi….and Swara called Laksh and asked are you ready and cut the call..
Hearing doorbell Samrat went to open the door…..
Samrat :Lucky??? Early in the morning!!!! And your friends are still sleeping….come… come…
Laksh: Uncle I came to meet you not those sleeping beauties….
Samrat: Really???? So come and help me in preparing breakfast
Laksh and Samrat went into kitchen and after thinking a lot they finalised to prepare upma…
In meanwhile Swaragini went into Samrat’s room and locked the door from inside while Laksh kept Samrat busy…..
Finally upma turned out to be a paste….. Samrat and Laksh became unhappy with the texture of the dish
Laksh : papa…. I will bring something from outside… You go to your room and freshen up
Samrat: Hmmm…. That should be good for all the 4

Samrat went towards the room and opened the door….The room was very well decorated….. Swaragini and Laksh together shouted “Happy Birthday Papa” and all the 3 hugged him tightly….
Samrat: So that’s the reason why my lovely daughters were pretending to sleep and Lazy Lucky turned out early morning…. This is my best birthday gift from my children….
Laksh brought the cake and Samrat had cut it…
After sometime Swaragini went into kitchen and found it to be a mess…. Soon one of them started to clean and other started to prepare breakfast…..

In the evening all of them went onto the terrace
Laksh : Papa, yours was a love marriage na tell us your story
Swaragini: Ha papa…
Samrat: its a normal story… I used to wait for your mom at her college gate daily…One day I made up my mind to propose her and went to her, she immediately asked me when shall we get married???I was shocked by her question as I was expecting a slap……… She told me that from day 1 she knows that I was following her and even she loves me…. We went against our family and got married…. Simple story
Laksh: Papa, did you and mom ever had a fight
Samrat: Ofcourse Lucky…. In any relation there will be problems but it depends on us how we handle it
Laksh: I need your help papa, for one of my friend .. How to convince your partner if the other person is not ready to give a chance (looking at Ragini).
Ragini became uncomfortable….. Samrat observed it and understood the whole situation…. Swara kept quite
Samrat: If your love is sincere…then the other person will automatically understand you… Love has got no bounds…. If you love someone truly try to win her heart…. A trust should be there in your relation otherwise it will become weak one day….
Laksh: Papa if two people are in love, and one person blames the other for betrayal.. And after some days he comes to know his mistake, is he forgivable
Samrat: First trust should be gained in any relation…. If you don’t believe your partner then each and every day the doubt will kill you….. But if he want to rectify his mistake,.he/she should win back the others trust….
Samrat said now you people carry-on……. I have some work, going down… Enjoy guys… Samrat went down
Swara: Ragini and Lucky I will give medicines to papa and will come back…. And she went down

Laksh went to Ragini and caught hold of her hands
Laksh: Ragini, Please don’t say anything, let me complete….. I know I shouldn’t have done like that…. I am not going to say sorry…. I assure you that one day I will make you realise of my love……. I promise that our story will have a fruitful ending …… And made her turn on the other side and now her back is facing to Laksh…. He leaned and showed her a fireflies and whispered in her ear “I love you” and I will wait for my whole life to hear this 3 magical words from you… Saying that he left from there
Ragini felt tickling and said I love you too Laksh….. She went near fireflies with tears and said yes I love him and broke down…

Samrat and Swara conversation
Swara: papa your medicines
Samrat : Hmmm… Looking at Swara he understood that she wants to ask him something…..U have any question for me???
Swara: Love doesn’t have any bounds?????
Samrat: Yes…. Love can happen with anyone, anywhere or at anytime…its not pre planned ….
Swara: Is it correct to fell in love with someone who became the reason for sorrow????
Samrat : What happened bachoo….is everything fine… Do you..
Swara : No papa…she gave a fake smile and said general knowledge that’s it

Ragini came down and said Laksh left to home

Samrat understood that his bachoo is hiding something from him… He asked Swaragini to come near him and said always listen to your heart and take a right decision……

Precap : Swasan…..

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