Swaragini – Definition of relations Episode 11


Recap: Maheshwari’s become happy as misunderstandings between SanLak cleared

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Next day morning at Maheshwari’s house:
Laksh: Bhai we will go together to college on bike
Sanskar: No Lucky, u know right I love travelling by bus
Laksh: OK, so even I will come with you then
Sanskar: U…. Then I should get ready to bear the consequences…. (Teasingly)
Laksh: Bhaii…..
Sanskar: Just kidding ….
Laksh : Bhai…. I am really sorry about Kavita, Swara told me, I was not with you at time when you need me the most….

Sanskar reaction changed after hearing to Laksh… But soon made up his mind and said come on let’s go to college it will be late otherwise…….. Are you ready for your mission… Did you think how to appease Rags…

Laksh: No Bhai, I am feeling as if I am going into any war field…. First time I am bit nervous to face Ragini… You should only help me….
Sanskar: Hey I am not any Love guru…. And you know that I don’t believe in Love…. So I can’t get any ideas… I will help you… But don’t rely on me totally…
Laksh: At least you agreed… That’s enough… Bachoo is there na, she will do some magic…
Sanskar: Who is Bachoo????
Laksh: Swara, her nick name at home….
Sanskar : ohh… Come fast let’s leave now

At college after college hours Swaragini and SanLak were left in the classroom

Laksh made some courage and went to Swaragini’s bench…. Sanskar was looking at them… Swara moved from there as Laksh can talk to Ragini…..
Laksh sat near Ragini and hold her hand and was saying…. Ragini, the word sorry is not enough for whatever I have done, I should have already spoken to you people but I didn’t…. I am not getting any words to talk with you….. Can u please forgive me Rags!!!
Ragini: No need of Sorry Laksh… ( a tear drop fell on Laksh’s wrist)
Ragini was about to leave and Laksh holds her hand again
Laksh: I love you Ragini….
Ragini: Love…. Do u know the meaning of Love Laksh???… I forgave you, that doesn’t means that we can be back together like before…
Laksh with a shock hearing to Ragini

Ragini : I can forgave you as my friend but not as my love…. Whenever I think of our moments it hurts me Laksh…. I am not any great personality to forget everything and start once again…. Sanskar can forgive you whatever rubbish you spoke with us as you are his brother but I cannot… We can be friends that’s it and don’t expect anything more than this…. In any love trust is required which we lost on each other and can’t be regained back by a single sorry… What if Swara didn’t come in our lives, then you would have never realized…… I don’t want to make it an issue…..Let’s leave the matter here itself….
Sanskar: But Ragini, I think you should give him one chance to prove himself
Ragini: Don’t take your brothers side Sanskar…. A brother made you forget your best friend and whatever wrong happened with her

Ragini left while Swara followed her to stop her

Sanskar: Lucky, she just took out her pain…
Lucky: Bhai…All girls are alike… They want us to run behind them (Hiding his tears from Sanskar)
Sanskar: Lucky….
Lucky: See what your friend is thinking about herself… As if she is Miss Universe, and any boy can fall for her
Sanskar: Stop it Lucky( Saw Swara and Ragini hearing everything standing near the door)
Lucky: No Bhai… Huh!!!!I got relief when she said we can be just friend…. Seriously who can bear that torture once again….I have a doubt Bhai… Don’t you think she has got her screw lose… formally I proposed her as she might be feeling bad ….. I wanted her to take on Cloud9 and push her from there…but this Chipkalli became too intelligent…Anyhow don’t you think Lucky is Very Lucky
Sanskar: Might be you have been Lucky but your stars are not favouring you…. Look there and turned Laksh towards Ragini

Ragini and Swara looked at Laksh angrily……

Swara: Till now I was thinking to help you.. But now I will not allow Ragini to forgive you….and left from there taking Ragini along with her
Laksh: I am gone bhai…. I don’t have any control on my mouth…
Sanskar: Yes Lucky that’s true….

Swara and Ragini’s conversation
Swara: Are you ok…. Feeling bad of Laksh words
Ragini: No Swara… I know him, he is trying to cheer out Sanskar and trying to hide his pain from him…He is just trying to pretend that he is not affected by my reaction towards him…
Swara: I can see that you love him…. But why are you hurting yourself… You should have accepted
Ragini: Yes I love him a lot… He means a lot to me… But I can’t forgive him…… He believed his eyes but not his heart… He has given me a lot of pain… I can’t forget.. I can’t go back to him, what if again the same thing happens between us… This time I can’t take it anymore…its better if we stay away from each other
Swara: I can understand your fear Ragini…….. But everyone doesn’t get a second chance…….He wants to rectify his mistake… I don’t want to force you…he has done a mistake by misunderstanding your relation with Sanskar…… But you know him …….. He is still childish and not able to distinguish….

Ragini: U r right Swara…. That’s why I don’t want to forgive him…. I just want Laksh to understand himself first… At the end everything will happen to our good… I want that Laksh who can just look into my eyes and know my feelings without uttering a single word from my mouth… I want such a strong love…… Which can never be broken….. I will wait for him Swara….

Laksh and Sanskar overheard them
Laksh : I am cent sure now… And this girl has to be taken to psychiatric… No doubt…
Sanskar: What are you saying Lucky??? (With confusion)
Lucky: Then what bhai….. She want me to read her eyes…. Do I have any degree in body language… Saying that he started surfing in his mobile…
Sanskar: what are you searching Lucky??
Laksh: I am planning to join in body language course
Sanskar with a questioning face what????
Laksh: Who knows after few days this Chipkalli might ask me to read her mind, face, posture…. What not… So if there is any crash course I will join soon….
Sanskar: Lucky you can never be serious!!!!!!

Precap: Laksh asks Samrat for Love tips and Swara questions Sanskar about his relation with Kavita…..

Credit to: Ashrita

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