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Hi guys, its my 10th episode, Thanks guys for your support… I would like to Thank each and everyone whoever are commenting on my ff and also to the silent readers……
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Recap: SanLak tried hard to seek apologise from Swaragini but of no use

SanLak together came back home… Ladies of the house were puzzled looking at them, as they were laughing
Sujatha(Sj): Jiji am i not day dreaming, are they our sons …… I am not able to believe my eyes….
Annapurna(Ap) : Ha Sujatha, even I am not able to believe
Sj: Is there any magic in that resort… If so I would have send them earlier itself…..
Ap: Thank God our sons are back together…… We have to make something special for both of them….

Just then Durga Prasad(Dp), Ram Prasad(Rp), Adarsh has arrived home from office… (They have a business and was taken care by above 3, all characters are same, if there are any I will introduce in the story itself)

Ap: You people came ….. I have a good news for everyone …. After long time Sanskar and Laksh are together…… They were very happy and enjoying each others company….

Adarsh gave a fake smile and went into his room hearing it with anger
Adarsh: What happened to Laksh…. Why did he again patched with him….
Parineeta: It was good right… The two brothers
Adarsh: Stop it Pari…… How many times I told you he is not our brother he is just an Orphan… Our Sanskar died long back…. because of chachi’s and maa’s insistence, papa and chacha ji brought that Siddharth from Orphanage and they gave my brother Sanskar’s name……
Parineeta: Why do you differentiate Sanskar bhai like that… He is good from heart
Adarsh: He is just faking pari for this property….. Laksh became blind from childhood… But I know him

Same day night at Maheshwari Mansion during dinner
Dp: So my sons what happened to both of you all these years
Laksh: Papa that’s past, I don’t want to remind about all those things….
Rp: Ha bhaisa, Laksh is right…. It’s better if we move on …. After all the happiness came to our doorstep after many days….
Sj and Ap: We should Thank the person whoever is the reason for their unity

Sanskar thanked Swara in his heart “Thank you Swara… I misunderstood you… It’s all because of you I got my Lucky and happiness back at home…. Being a stranger you became the reason for my happiness… Forgive me Swara for whatever I have done with you”

Swara at her home thinking about Sanskar looking at the sky from window, she remembers the moments when he was very near to her and her lips got curved automatically…. Swara to herself “Why I am thinking about him?? No it’s wrong… What happens to me when he comes near me….. His happiness should not matter to me… There is no forgiveness for his mistake…. I should just hate him…. I should stay away from him as much as possible…. But why my heart is not listening to me when he comes near me….. Swara stay away from him… He is no one to you… He just ruined our family happiness…. I am not here to take any revenge but even I don’t want to make him my friend (With tears in her eyes)” she went to bed..

At Maheshwari house SanLak went into their respective rooms after dinner
Laksh found Ragini in his room when he opened the door…
Laksh: Ragini…… He rubbed his eyes and said … R u real…..did you come here …. In my room
Ragini smiled at him
Laksh: Ragini you don’t know how much I missed you saying that he hugged her from behind and put his head on her shoulder
Ragini: Laksh what are you doing?? If someone comes…
Laksh: No one will come at this time….. Ragini I am really sorry for whatever happened between us … I didn’t even given you a chance to talk to me….. All these days i became lifeless without you
Hearing that Ragini turned towards Laksh and closed his mouth with her hand and said never say that again Laksh… I Love you… U r my life…
Laksh : I love you too and he leaned to kiss her but fell down on the floor
He realised that it was his imagination, I should take bhai’s help… He should have slept by now… I should talk to him tomorrow…. Ragini I am not able to wait to meet you…. I know you will forgive me…

At Gadodia House :
Ragini was not able to sleep… She was thinking how Laksh proposed her and how he has blamed her and Sanskar…. And today in the resort how he apologised to Sanskar and how he tried to talk to her… Tears came out from her eyes “ How can I forgive you Laksh, you said that I was betraying you…when I needed you the most, you misunderstood me and thought of having affair with Sanskar… You never tried to know what happened with me that day” and reminisced

2 yrs back :

Sanskar and Ragini joined in car driving classes… That day Ragini was driving the car, instructor sat beside her and even Sanskar was seated in the back seat as the next turn was Sanskar’s…
As Ragini slot timing was done, the instructor asked her to go towards her home and then Sanskar will take the charge… While driving towards home she lost the control and instructor was not attentive…. Auto was coming in the opposite direction, the auto driver turned his auto to the other side and jumped from the auto… The instructor took the control at last moment and we got saved but the persons who were present in that auto met with an accident as the lorry hit them…. Instructor fled away looking at it…. I was very scared Laksh at that time… I saw a woman and a girl fell on the road with pool of blood, I didn’t had enough courage to go near them and even didn’t look at them… People surrounded them and took them to hospital… Sanskar was about to go and help them but looking at my condition he stayed with me… He took the blame on him and went from there to police station…. That night I met Sanskar near your home, he told me that they were dead, made me shock and I was sobbing when Sanskar hugged me and consoled me, I got fainted and he carried me to home, but you took it wrong Laksh…. I needed you at that time but you even didn’t try to understand what happened…….. I am sorry to that family who lost their loved ones… Unknowingly I became the reason … God pls forgive me ……

Precap : Ragini rejects Laksh’s Proposal but accepts to Swara that she still loves him

Credit to: Ashrita

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