Swaragini – Definition of relations Episode 1


Hi readers I am Ashrita…. After reading many of your ff’s I was inspired to write one… It’s a story of four different individuals their friendship and emotions.. It’s a kind request not to think about pairings I will try to give equal importance to all the characters… I am sure there will be mistakes but please excuse me… And your feedback is valuable….

Wake up bachoo…. It’s already 8 and you have to go to college…. I had prepared everything for you just wake up and get ready….
Papa …..let me sleep for some more time.
First day of your new college that too in the mid of the year so go early and make some friends and also you have to get notes too…… So my dear bachoo if you get ready I will drop you in the college and also have to complete some formalities…quick
OK papa…

Mom bless me… It’s my new journey… Always guide me and I promise that I will always take care of papa… I can feel your presence everywhere ….yes papa ready let’s go….
So bachoo took your moms blessings, you have to again adjust in this new college, but I promise this time that we are not going to shift anywhere from Kolkata… Excited or afraid?
Papa till now I don’t have any friends except you and……. (pauses for a while)
I understand dear, childhood memories can’t be wiped out so easily, but you should not stop in the middle of the journey… Whatever you have done is for your friend’s betterment… One day your friend will realise and will patch up with you so don’t worry… This time I feel that you will make some long lasting friends who will never ever leave you and will always be your support and trust me it will happen for sure believe in destiny….
Let’s hope for the best papa and we reached the college… here we go…
Papa first we have to go to administration block and have to fill some forms… I will go and collect the forms..

Hi Madam, I am Swara, new joiner in ECE can I get the forms ….
Madam: Did anyone accompany you… if so please ask them to be seated over here..
Swara: Sure madam and brings her papa…
Madam : Sir your name
I am Samrat Bose…
Madam: Sir please fill the forms and pay the fees in the counter and Swara you can go to your class… Take right and go to first floor…. You are in ECE -1.. All the best.
Swara: Thank you Madam… Turns towards her father and says wish me good luck papa ..
Samrat: My dear I know you are brave and can handle any situation.. My blessings will be always with you… Take care.. Meet you in the evening… I will come and pick you up.
Swara: I will come on my own papa don’t worry.. As I have to collect notes too … So I will call you if I needed you.. Waves bye and heading towards the classroom… May I come in Sir…. I am Swara Bose lateral entry..
Sir: yes please and take your place…
Swara : goes to last bench and sits there and opens her bag and starts penning down the lecture… In her mind she is talking to herself may be more than 50 students are there and from where should I start…

Once the class was done professor walked out of the class and Swara turned towards her fellow bench mate and found her to be like an angel…
Swara: Hi I am Swara….if you don’t mind can I sit here… As you were sitting alone, in a hurry I occupied your next place…… May I know your name…
I am Ragini… And you can feel free to sit anywhere… And shakes their hands… When Swara was about to say something … Ragini asks her if you need any notes I can give it to you… And the next class is lab so we have to go to second floor.. Come let’s go… And they head towards lab…
Ragini: I think you have to sit with Laksh as the person in whose place you swapped here is Laksh’s batch mate.. Will confirm with madam …Madam she is Swara new entry ..so who will be her bachmate….

Madam: Swara, go and sit with Laksh …he is there…
Swara: Thanks madam …. Moves and sits beside Laksh… hi…
Laksh : hey hi… So you are Swara Bose right…( Laksh is tall, handsome and any girl can fall for him…. He has got tactics to make anyone fall for him)… Forwards his hand for a shake
Swara shakes and looks for Ragini…
Swara and Ragini looks at each other.

Precap: Swara was about to fall… Laksh and Ragini hold her together…. Ragini scolding someone in phone

Credit to: Ashrita

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