swaragini ( dastan e ishq) Episode 8

hey guyz don’t worry it will be ralak and swasan only. and as i say i want my silent readers to comment because it matters me so much. as per my exams i may no write or a shot period of time so its a big episode for you .

scene 1
Ragini sees love for uttara in sawan’s eye and she is happy, but swara has a misunderstanding that ragini is in love with sawan and tells about it to sanskar and sanskar knows laksh feeling, he informed it to laksh about it . laksh says but ragini told me that she love me , may be we are having a misunderstanding . sanskar says may be and is happy that ragini confess her love or laksh . meanwhile swara ask ragini that will she become by bhabhi my marring to sawan bahi . ragini says no never. swara is shock . ragini says that she loves laksh but i thought that sawan loves uttara. swara says oooo in a teasing way. swaragini took sawan to a corner and teases him
Swara : so bhai i was not hoping this from you.
ragini : she is telling about your concern towards uttara (in a fake angry way.)
sawan: no swara it was not like that
swara ; then how is it?
ragini : yes yes tell how is it
sawan : it happens what can i do ( in a fearing way)
sanskar joins them
sanskar: that to with my sister
swara : i am angry with you
sawan : sorry di but i am in love with her so i can’t take my step back
swaragini and sanskar laughs.
sawan what happen ??
swara : i was angry because you didn’t tell me about that before her explains the misunderstanding with ragini
all of them laughs

meanwhile laksh try to tease uttara
laksh: i came to know about your love
uttara thinks that her love towards laksh
uttara : in a shy way it happen what can i do
laksh : hmm, so i was not hopping this from you
utttara gets worried
laksh: but it happens what can a person do .
laksh in a low pitch tells
laksh: even i am also in love ( he is telling about ragini )
uttara misunderstand that he is talking about her she shy and went from there .
laksh: ajeeb ladki hai bahi.
laksh sees ragini and again confess her love , but uttara sees it andtake back step and thinks that maybe i am wrong and went from there and cries.
mean while laksh takes ragini to the beach and date with her
sawan make a reason and take uttara to a restaurant .
sanskar takes swara to farm house they reached there
as swara step down her feet from car she sees that whole her way was filled with the red rose petals and the whole farm hose was decorated with red and white flowers,ribbons and lights she was so happy that she can’t express and in excitement she kiss on sanskar’s cheeks . sansakar to can’t control his emotions and lift her in his arms and take her inside the farmhouse there they spend some golden moments and had a candle light dinner

at the same evening on the way to home
swara : my todays day was the best day of my life , but i am little bit tired now
sanskar : same there my pretty lady
swara gets the call form sujata , who ask her to come at mall as there are going for shopping
swara says yes she will be there
sanskar thinks just now she was tired but when my family called her she didn’t say no to them , she is a perfect life partner.
sanskar holds swara’s hand while driving with other hand and says i love you
swara: i love you too,now concentrate on driving and lets reach to mal faster as i am excited for our wedding shopping
sanskar: ok madam

and speed up the car and reach mall safely
swara : o my got , how much fast
sanskar smiles
swara choose all the dress of sanskar choice and sanskar of swara’s choice and they both took same colored dress.

PRECAP: swasan before marraige ritual

guys how was that if you don’t like plz tell i may write from wednesday sorry for it .

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