swaragini ( dastan e ishq) Episode 5


HEY GUYS if my plot is gettin bored so please tell me so that i should stop it and make a fresh and amazing track.

sanskar hears about ankita and get emotional and think that till now he was in misunderstanding that her didi is alive but she is not.he cries seeing his and ankita pic , and he thinks then who was she who used to call her as ankita didi and he used to tell all his secrets o her. He says i must find it. Swara comes inside the room and she console him and he tells about phone calls to swara . she sya may be papa(durga prasad) knows about it . he says i must ask him.
Uttara and ragini both are crying laksh feels bad and thinks i can see any thing but not tears in ragini’s eyes because i love her . he went to console her but uttara ragini went from there before his arrival . he went and sees uttara crying and console her by jokes etc. and went to search ragini . uttara is not able to forget his jokes and the way he console her and think she is in love with him.

sanskar ask durga prasad about the phone call and ask who was she . durpa prasad is confused and say that he don’t know. sanskar says i used to tell all my secrets may she is someone who want to know our family secrets . all get tensed

PRECAP: saskar call on that number and says ankita didi . a girls is seen talking with saskar in ankita’s voice she is kavita.

Credit to: NN

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  1. No pls no Kavita track….. Again.. Y do u all choose Kavita track.. Pls change it yaar…. A friendly request.. May be u can make kavsan of bro sis relationship.. It will be different….

  2. No yr plz don’t end it….I like your plot nd make fresh nd amazing plot by more twist nd turns in the relationship of swasan …..nd give next part soon nd make it little big but only one thing I have to say that plzz some nice twist in next chapter

  3. no kavita between swasan please

  4. yes thank you guys because of kavita a good track is goin to come don’t worry because i too like swasan only

  5. ur ff is not only gud but also awsm

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