swaragini ( dastan e ishq) Episode 4


hellow everyone i will follow your comments because i believe that it should be interesting for readers

swara angrily runs and sanskar runs behind her . a truck hits saskar . Swara shout as its her dream. she says thank god it was my dream . and leave for classroom as she is late to o with sanskar. on the way swara is thinking about her dream only and suddenly she see a little girl came in front of her car. she turns her car very speedly and hits the tree. durga prasad was passing by there and see this and run towards swara shouting her name. swara says i am fine . durga prasad see her in jeans and get hurted and think as she wear jeans in daily life but of his fear she wear suits in front of her. he ask swara to come to maheswari house at evening and leave. swara get worried.
IN the way ragini think to buy a jeans as she like it alot and durga prasad see ragini buying it and get more hurt.

maheswari house
Durga prasad calls everyone at hall , swargini and sanlak also comes along uttara. durga prasad says today he was someone in the cloths which he don’t like. swaragini think of themselves and fears. durga prasad says today i will tel you the truth that why i will not allow you all girls to wear jeans annupurna stops him by crying but he didn’t listen, he tells because of ankita .sanskar says because f didi but she is in US completing her studies. durga prasad sya no . he says that was ia time that i use to allow first short dress or jeans but the thing happen that ( flash back is shown) ankita (imagine her as twinkle from tashan e ishq) she is wearing a short top and jeans and coming from party some goons try to flirt with her but shekar comes and save her and bring her to home and at that time durga prasad got heart attack and is in the hospital and says his last wish was to see sanskar marriage

(ragini is not born . swara and saskar are small kids) and he says he tell he want to bring swara as saskar wife as shekar save ankita everyone was ready for it . durga prasad was taken for operation and was successful everyone was happy swasan was fighting with each other . Ankita thinks about her and families respect and she decide to suicide when durga prasad become healthyand did it . durga prasad and annupurna hide it from the kids . FB ends every is emotional and swaragini and uttara promise t not to wear any cloth like that.
sanskar goes to his room emotionally . swara runs behind him.

PRECAP : uttara realize her love for laksh and aksh realize her deep love for ragini. swara console sanskar.

Credit to: NN

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  1. hey everyone how was the track if u don’t like please tell me

  2. What a precap
    Is uttara is sister for laksh or not

  3. it’s awesome but just one confussion uttara is laksh’s sister ???

  4. Nice … Wait just tell me uttara is laksh sis na

  5. Wow awesome no uttara is sanskar’s sis right?

    1. right uttara , ragini and saskar are sis and bro and laksh and swara are sis and bro

      saskar and laksh are friends . saskar and swara are going to marry. laksh love ragini

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