swaragini ( dastan e ishq) Episode 3



sanskar tells to swara that swara lets just forget this topic and go somewhere to spend our golden moments , just you and me and no one in between us.
swara says what and idea sir ji . so we will meet after the collage and we will somewhere. sanskar gifts her a dress and ask her to wear it when they go for picni. swara says ok i am getting late for my class see you later. they both went in different directions, they both turn to see each other at the same time. swara gives a flying kiss to sanskar ( ishq wala love song plays) swara shy and go from there. laksh comes and saya i you have finished flirting with my sister so lets go to our colllage . sanskar say ooo what is that which you try to do with my sister ( in a teasing
way) they both leave.

sanskar comes to home . durga prasad informs him thhat they are going to mandir and ask him to come. saskar remembers that what he told to swara . and tells he has promise swaras mom to come at lunch so he can’t come . durga prasad says ok . they all went to mandir.
IN car uttara whispers to ragini that i am eeling bored . durga prasad listen and says ok after mandir we will go to some park ok. uttara and ragini become happy.
sanskar goes to badi and pick swara from there she wears a pink shork skirt which sanskar gifts him. sanskar presents her a woden basket full of colorful flowers . they both go in a car for long drive and stop at a park . Where maheswari family is there and talk romatically with each other.

sanskar sees durga prasad and informs to swara they both are shock. swara sees a room over there and says i will come in a minute. she take out a long suit from a cover aand wear it .she comes back sanskar is shock to see her she tells i always keep it for saftey, see it works.
they both smile and go to durga parsad,, swara touch everyone feet . durga parsad says you are here he sees to sanskar . sanskar says actaly swara scold me that i have not listen you and ditn’t come here so she bring me there to spend time with you all and you all were going to mandir right. durga parsad says that why we choose swara as our daugter in law ,how saskari is she. he tells we came here just for fun . ragini tells come on lets enjoy thanks swara or coming we was feeling bored . they all run in the park sanskar tells to swara that you was tellig the brave lines that my father have to change , you will wear your clothes only, what happen now. swara says i will show him my color on our wedding day ,i will wear jeans after marriage . sanskar say one more fake brave line he laughs swara runs angrily. uttara calls laksh at park.

PRECAP ; Sanskar is running behind swara , a truck hits sanskar. everone is shocked.

Credit to: NN

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  1. hey guyz if you don;t like my this episode or any episode story so please tell me through comments so that i can improve myself

  2. plzzzzzzz don’t make dp soooooo strict I just give my suggestion but u do wht u like….
    ur story is interesting

  3. No sanskar accident noway ..

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