swaragini ( dastan e ishq) Episode 10

hellow everyone sorry i mean ver very sorry for late update , and guys i am going to end this because i don’t think it’s interesting with the same
relation i am going to start one more fan fiction , and i am dam sure you all is going to like it .may be from tomorrow , and once more sorry guyz
and its very shot update sorry
scene 1( 2 year leap)

Sanskar is sleeping one small boy of 1 year is trying to wake up sanskar , swara see’s it and laugh, she goes near sanskar and tries to wake him up, but sanskar pull her towards him, and swara falls on sanskar , he says good morning my princess, swara says good afternoon my prince and she laughs she says see our son manav , he woke up at 6 in the morning,shame on you sanskar. sanskar come and hug swara from back and says ya ya he woke up at 6 in morning , and destroy our morning romance . before swara could take manav side he ran to bathroom, manav laugh in a cute way, annupurna come’s and take manav with her to play, sanskar come out after taking bath, he goes towards mirror where swara is combing her hairs , he again hug her from back , and make her turn towards him, alarm rang in his watch, before swara says anything his says yes morning kiss alarm rang and kiss swara tightly as if he was kissing for the first time, swara pushes him and ran from there. sanskar runs behind her and catch her and says you have to pay for running away from me , swara says leave me sansakar , anyone can see us, sanskar says let them and goes more near to swara, swara says ok i will do what ever you want please leave me , sansakar says promise she says promise, he says you have to came with me for a date , she says ok and runs . uttwan and ralak are fighting swasan comes and ask what happen they tell to each other they are not having guts to ask with bade papa and they again start fighting sanskar shouts stop and says what you have to ask with papa ragini nad uttara says that they too want to work with swara in her new orphanage .swara says its a good thing he will happily tell yes, and who tell you that you are not having guts ragini and uttra says laksh and sawan told us , swara hold lakwan ears and says if there you all were not having guts then how you got marry,you were having guts and you told about your love to bade papa right

ralak and uttwan tell to family that they like each other and everyone is agree to do there marriage with swasan marriage , there are also very happy, durga prasad tell to swasan that there is no need to go to London because the company agree’s to do work in india only, there are also happy there all get married.

After all work is done sanskar pulls swara toward her and says sanskar maheswari never let anyone to forgt the promis . and they went for date , and after that durga prasad did the inauguration of orphanage , with the permission of druga parsad ragini and uttra too join orphanage and they all live happy together.


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  1. Nice and yaa this time make swalka as as a pair and ragsan as a pair

  2. plz make swasan and raglak

  3. hey last. time y said something about swaras prank on sanskar na its missing

  4. next is swasan and ralak , and as i made my mood to make it last one so i just forgot about that prank sorry

  5. Hii its nice next time also try to keep swasan and raglak as couples pls

  6. Nice ???and please I want raglak to have a child too???

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