swaragini ( dastan e ishq) Episode 1


hellow every one i am new so plz cooperate with me and send your suggestions though comments,so that i can improve.


Its baadi . A lady is seen calling someone to wakeup down stares(that lady is sumi).A girl comes down stairs,wearing pink top and blue jeans and she has a ponytail as her hairstyle.She is swara.She was hey miss world how am i looking .Sumi tells in this way you will go to your collage on first day.see your friend ragini how decent she is ,and you, you are going to collage or what . Swara says mom don’t call her ragini ,I have kept her name as rags, how cool right . sumi says if you will go late to collage on first day ,your lecturer will anry on you, so common go fast . swara

says i will go to collage if bhai o sorry i mean bro wil drop we to my collage . sumi says he didn’t woke up till know ?? she goes up satirs and shout at some boy to wake up.but he put blanket on his face . swara laughingly enters room and says he wi not woke up like this he put water on the blanket . A boy woke up remove his blanket (he is laksh).he says swara i will kill you one day. Swara runs down stairs and laksh run after him.
In hall dadaji ,dadai and shekar is sitting, swara hides behind them . laksh says swara come in front of me otherwise i will not drop you to your collage . swara says sorry lucky bhai. laksh comes to her and and holds her ears . Shekar says you know why we call you lucky because you have sister like swara and you are hurting her bad boy. Laksh ans sawar both says sorry and laksh give chocolate to swara.Everyone laughs.


Laksh drops swara to collage.Someone calls laksh from backside , laksh turns and laughs . A very dashing boy is seen (sanskar) . laksh says : finally i won in car racing with you. A cute girl (ragini) form backside says in your race i and swara get woried. she tells to sanskar accha bahi we are late . And goes in collage . Lakhs says to sanskar that today your sister didn’t scold mee. sanskar says may be she is in love with you, as you are in love with her. Laksh says really. Sanskar says no and never she never put grass to horse like you ,so better lets go to our collage.


PRECAP; A guy in collage try to flirt with swara . Sanskar is seen holding the hand of that guy badly,with a angry face.

Credit to: NN

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  1. Super start…swasan and raglak 😉

  2. looks intresting…

  3. Wow.. interesting… unique idea… there is no need to fight for pairs… awesome yaar pls update daily .

  4. wow raglakkkk .thank u dr

  5. Its Very interesting

  6. let it be swasan n raglak only

      1. welcome … its my pleasure 🙂

  7. nice……interesting…

  8. Raglak and swasan superb

  9. Interesting
    waiting for next part

    1. thank you shanaya and i dont know why i am not able to reply you so thank you also


  11. Superb they r bro n sis niz keep going

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