Swaragini Darr sabko lagta hai

Swaragini darr sabko lagata hai episode 1
1975 india
There are 3 girls (friends) 18yr olds in a car driving home at night after going to a friends henna party.nisha is driving the car and the two others shalu and eshia are sitting in the back.shalu is a really superstitious person.nisha decides once they have reached her mansion that they should play a game called ouija (it is actually a real game board to contact spirits.don’t try it the consequences are deadly)shalu warns them saying that the consequences are deadly when not handling the spirit properlly and following the rules she says she will not partake the game and will just be a spectator.her friends calls her a baby.they reach nisha mansion and nisha gets the board game.she switches of lights. The deadly game begins from there.they light 20 candels shalu informs nisha and eshia about the rules properly but they miss hear one vital rule.the spirit is released into the house if you do not say goodbye.they start.they ask what is the name of the spirit the board spells malti.shalu gasps at the name.they ask if it is a good spirit the heart shape piece moves to no.eshia gets a bit freaked out but she cannot release her hand from the piece or she would release the spirit.nisha asks want do you want from me the piece moves and the three of them read out (shalu is still not playing the game)D -E-A-D.10 of the candels extinguishes at once and there was a large thud from upstairs and the toilet flushes.water trickles down the stairs.the girls look at disbelief says I warned you.without saying goodbye to the ghost they run out.the house.
i hope that you enjoyed it

Precap:Dugra prasad and his family move into the abandoned house

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  1. Awesome

  2. pinkChocolate

    Woah a horror one?Waiting…?

  3. Megha123

    Really haunting! ?hats off 4 the description

  4. yashasvi ( yashu )

    wowwwww i love horror, so this ff is gonna too good………… loved ur ff

  5. Arshi

    Wowowow.. really interesting..

  6. interesting

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