Swaragini Darr sabko lagta hai episode 3

Hello everyone and you might be wondering why i have uploaded three stories.it is because iit is my first time so i am really excited.but starting from tomorrow i will be starting with only one per day.
for people which are new to this ff it is a horror story based on a haunted house which two daughter in laws are living swara and ragini so if you want to see these episodes go to these two links
Episode 1 http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-darr-sabko-lagta-hai/
Episode 2 http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-darr-sabko-lagta-hai-episode-2/
two people which have been commenting and have encouraged me to do more are Arshi and megha123 a special thanks to the both of you
okay so lets get started on this story

Ragini:swara where are you
She then hears swara voice from the cellar
Swara: help help

Ragini goes into the cellar and turns behind her back and then see malti with red eyes.

swara manages to escape

The cellar door shuts and ragini screams can be heard.
A few minutes later the door opens and a star mark is on ragini.swara carries an unconcious ragini back to her room.swara does not tell anyone because she does not belive that anyone will trust her

☆☆☆☆☆☆next day☆☆☆☆☆☆
Sanskar:morning swara how are you
(Swara does not remember anything and is not possesed)
She sits in front of the mirror and sees ragini when she turns to say hello to ragini she is gone.
Swara: I am thinking too much
She turns round to see ragini standing there. Ragini:swara let’s go for a walk in the forest there is something important I have to tell you
Swara:ragini are you okay you do know about that forest.what maa always said –
Ragini (angry) I KNOW I just thought you wanted to spend more time with your sister but I don’t think you want to.
She begins to walk out
Swara:ragini wait I will come with you
Ragini smiles an evil smile
Ragini:we will leave at 9:00pm
Swara:that’s late
Ragini:do you want to come or not.
Swara:fine I will

Ragini:Lets go
Swara and ragini sneak out through the window
(Near the forest)

They go by car
Swara:what do you need to tell me
Swara look over there
A faint figure is shown a woman walking towards them
Swara turns round but to see ragini gone
Swara:ragini where are you I cannot see you anywhere
The woman has now vanished swara turns around and sees the woman only 70 cm away from her.
She has no eyes and is floating
Swara screams and begins to run.
Then she stopped dead in her tracks
The car which was behind her far away was in front of her same car same plate number.but no one was inside it
Soon enough the engine turns and the car starts by its self.coming towards swara.

Precap: a possesed Ragini makes it look as if swara wanted to hurt sanskar

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