Swaragini Darr sabko lagta hai episode 2


Thank you for everyone which commented on my first ff.i will be uploading everyday and I hope that everyone enjoys it okay so let’s get started.This second part is more longer than the first one so there is more to enjoy.

India year 2000

Two men aged 29 and 30 and two women aged 27 and 27 enter the old abandoned mansion of nisha with two 7 years old these people are sanskar,lakshya (the children),dugra prasad, ram prasad,annapurana and sujata.malti is still residing within the mansion and she has woken up.a strong gust of wind blows as dugra prasad opens the door.

Sujata:didi I don’t like this mansion seems scary.
Annapurana:same here dugra are you sure about this place.
Dp:100% sure
They enter the house (just imagine the house used on the programme).they get used to the house.malti starts causing havoc and they decide to call the priest he comes with holy water and powder He preforms an exorcist and thinks that he got rid of malti in fact she only just lost her powers for a short time.she is waiting for a certain day.

India 2016 August 18th
Swara and ragini are sisters and have fallen In love with laksh and sanskar.today is their wedding day.swara and sanskar take their 7 pheas and then ragini and laksh.all their families are happy suddenly the lights flicker on and off and then it switches back on.
Crowd:it is just a lighting problem
Swara:someone go to the fuse box

After party and everyone leaves
All the rituals have been preformed

☆☆☆☆☆night time☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Everyone goes to their own room
In swasan room
Swara:Lets go to bed
Sanskar:so early why
Swara:I am a bit scared after today
Sanskaar : oh that.you know our house used to be haunted by a woman called malti can you hear something.
(They both listen)
Sanskaar: okay
They go to bed

In Raglak room
Ragini:can you hear that
Laksh jumps up in fear but acts like he is not scared
Laksh:Haa very funny

03:00 am
Swara sees a dark figure passing her
Bed room. She hears a something rattling like a door.she goes and turns on a light she see the basement door is rattling the door that leads to the cellar.she goes towards the door and it creaks open and then the lights Immidietly switch of the mansion is in complete darkness.she still goes to the cellar.she hears a sound saying go away and then sees red eyes coming closer the cupboard doors open and close.she screams and runs out leaving the door open.
Malti:haaaaaaa this is just the beginning of my wrath.
Swara runs to the bedroom and screams sanskar name
Swara:sanskar sanskar sanskar
Sanskar:kya hua (what happened)
Swara:g – g – ghost
Sanskar:come on swara don’t scare me on our wedding night.
Swara:it is not a joke
She explains everything
Sanskar:good job on scaring me
Swara:b – but
Sanskar:stop enough
They go to bed

Next day
Swara ignores sanskar
Swara is gone
He comes down and sees her serving breakfast with ragini
Sujata:swara your cooking is amazing
Sanskar comes and calls swara
She ignores him and goes off ragini and laksh look dumbstruck.
Ragini:I wonder what happen
Laksh:yeah I will go ask sanskar
Ragini:no let’s wait they might be playing a game.

Swasan room
Sanskar:forgive me Swara it is just that it is so difficult for me to belive you
Swara:I forgive you and maybe what I saw was just a dream.
They both hug

In the Night
Swara gets a fever so ragini stays with her in her room while laksh stays in sanskar room.
Ragini:swara are you okay
Swara:get my medicine please it is downstairs
Ragini goes downstairs and turns on the kitchen light then all of a sudden it switches off and the switch does not turn on.
Ragini:ever since the wedding day the lights have been playing up.
She goes up to the stair and goes to swara ‘s room to find swara is gone.

Precap:Swara and ragini begin to act strange in the house

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