Swaragini, Dabh, Tei- it’s my promise maa part-2


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Let I start my episode.
Ram Prasad hugs Ragini and said”My anjel”
Ragini and Yuvi gives a confused look to them.
Yuvi: Maa.. who is she? Why you both crying?
Sujatha: she is your di.
Ragini gives a look to Sujatha.
Sujatha Takes Ragini in her hands” I am your Maa…”
Ragini: but my mom is gone to god.
Sujatha: no beta.. I just far from you. for your goodness..
Ragini remembers her hell moments with Dp.
Ragini: no .. I hate you.. whenever I needs you.. you not with me.. when mamoji slapped me , beaten me.. whenever I cry and I longed for you..you not with me.. (cries and then determinate tone) but you said that you are my maa..
Sujatha and Ram Prasad are shocked to hear this.
Sujatha: Ragini.. how can I say?.. how can make you understand?
Ragini: sorry.. I don’t need you. I just want mera Pathi Laksh. if you want me to happy, please help me to find him madam sahiba.
Sujatha make her sit in a seat.
Sujatha is internally breakdown.
Ramprasad kneels down to Ragini” Anjel see me,”
Ragini looks into Ram Prasad eyes” trust me, I will help you find your Laksh. It’s my promise”
Ragini nods.
Yuvi goes towards Ragini and Take her hands” are you my di, really? Can you tie Rakhi in my hand? Maa.. always said I have A di who lives in village. I really longed for you . do you know one time that Karan teased me that I don’t have sister to tie Rakhi in my hand? I will show you to him”
Ragini sees him and caresses his hair. Yuvi places his head in her lap. Ragini sings Laali which sang by Ap for Laksh and tears flowing down from her eyes by remembering Laksh.
Ram Prasad sees and remembers When he meets Ragini.
Flashback starts.
Ram Prasad is 23 year old police officer ASP (by UPSC) at that time.
He is transferred to that village where Rajavamshi lives.
He sees a 16 year child who wears white saree fall down in road.
He stopped the jeep.
He goes near towards her and shocked to see that child suffering from Labour pain.
Rp takes her in his hand and rushed to nearby hospital.
After some minutes, A nurse come with a child.
Nurse: sir, you have blessed with Lady child.
Rp takes Ragini in her hand and Ragini cries and then smiles.
Rp lost him in Ragini’s smiles.
Rp: I promise you my anjel that I never let them to kill you.(bcoz killing Lady child is common there.)
Flashback ends
At the same time, in another train ,AP along with swasan&Kalavathi travels to Mumbai .
Sanskar: Maa.. I am hungry.
Ap: Take it.
Ap gives Ladoo to sanskar.
Swara sees Ladoo and wishes to eat it. Ap observes it.
Ap: swara take it.
Swara smiles and take it.” in which name, can I call you?”
Ap: you can call me maa..
Swara makes different face” then do you cheat me like my maa? She told that if I wear that heavy dress, then she give me Basanti. But still she didn’t gave me Basanti”
Ap: no beta..i never cheat you. you can call me maa and (points Kalavathi) she is your Bademaa..
At that time, Sanskar finished his Ladoo and snatches Ladoo from swara’s hands.
Swara: that’s mine(cries)
Ap: sanskar what’s this? Give it to her.
Sanskar: why can I give? Papa says she is my servant and she will do whatever I say. I want this Ladoo and snatched it. she is just a special servant to me.
Ap’s anger crosses it’s limit and slaps Sanskar.
Sanskar:Maa..(sees Ap with Shocked face)
Ap:she is not your servant. She is your wife . it means that she is your special friend and you should take care of her. Give her Ladoo..
Sanskar rubs his cheek and give Ladoo to Swara.
Swara takes it in her hand and sees Sanskar with half eyes.
Swara(in mind) he is so sad. What can I do? Haan..
Swara divides Ladoo in two part and gives one to Sanskar.
Swara: Sanskar take it.
Sanskar surprised” why are you giving this to me”
Swara: I don’t want to see that monkey face. Your sad face looks like monkey. So take it and then smile.
Sanskar: thanks and extends his hand with bent last finger.
Swara: friends and locks her last finger with sanskar’s hand.
Both smiles.
At night,
In Pushkar, Laksh wakes up and sees the surrounding. It’s look like some abandoned place.
Laksh try to stand but he can’t. his hand is tied back and his legs are also tied. He tried to scream but only muffles come out because of gag in his mouth.
He sees unconscious Twinkle in another side with same as him.
He starts to observe the surrounding and sees broken glass piece.
He take it and tries to free himself. Finally he freed himself and frees Twinkle.
Laksh taps Twinkle’s face.” Twinkle wake up. Twinkle…”
Twinkle opens her eyes” bhai..”
Laksh: are you okay naa?
Twinkle nods. Both get up and go outside by taking his bag.
Here Laksh sees some goons drinking Liquors and talking.
Goon 1: what you think that both are worth?
Goon 2: definitely. That girl we can sale at very good price and we make that boy handicapped and sent to some another city to beg.
Goon 3: they will earn money for ourself and we will enjoy it.
Goon 4: speak in lower tone. Otherwise boss will taunt us.
Laksh and Twinkle try to leave that place without getting other’s attraction.
Twinkle slipped and it makes a noise.
Goon 1: I am going to check them.
Laksh and Twinkle start to run.
Goon 1: they are not there.
Goon 2: they are escaping. See there.
Goons chase them
Goon 1: if you don’t stop running, I will shoot you.
Goon 1 try to shoot them.
Laksh: twinkle we can go there.
Laksh and Twinkle stands near edge of cliff and near there is a lake.
Goon 1: you make us so tensed.
Laksh sees him and starts to run from there. Goon shoots him but Laksh slipped and fall down. because of him, Twinke also fall down. Some rocks fall down in water and it sounds like Laksh and Twinkle fall down into water.
Goon 2: you killed them,
Goon 1 smirks: it’s better. We can get another child.
Goons moved out from the place.
Laksh and Twinkle hides in bush. After few minutes, The goons are went.Laksh and Twinkle come from hideout.
Laksh: Twinkle, we should be very careful.
Twinkle nods.” Haan Bhai..”
Both get into nearby temple. Pushkar is surrounded by so much of temples.
Laksh feels sleepy and them sleeps in temple.
At that time,
Ragini stands before a house.
Ragini: where am I ?
Yuvi: di.. it’s our house. It’s Mumbai..
Ragini nods. She only speaks to yuvi and ignores Sujatha.
The next day morning,
Someone touches Laksh’s shoulder and Laksh jerks.
Laksh sees sleeping Twinkle besides him and take a deep breath.
Person: beta.. don’t worry(caresses his hair). Who are you? where are your parents?
Laksh: mera nam is Lakshya dev and my parents…..they are not with me.
Person misunderstands that Laksh’s parents are dead and sees scars in Laksh’s body.
Person: beta.. this much scars.
Laksh: wo..h.. some goons try to attack us. When escaping from them, I slipped.
Person(worried): do you know anyone here?
Laksh:actually I came here to see a police officer to ask help from her.
Person: my sandhiya bahu is also a police officer.she may know her. Can you come with me?
Laksh(in mind):I can trust her. She can’t harm us.
Twinkle wakes up and Laksh tells all to her.
Twinkle: Bhai.. kk.
Babu takes them to her house.
Babu enters the house while Laksh and Twinlke hestitates to come inside another one house.
Babu: Beta.. come inside.
At that time, Sandiya comes there.
Sansdiya: Babu… I make parathas and alu masala.
Laksh is surprised by seeing Sandhiya here.
Laksh: Mam..
Sandhaiya sees Laksh and Twinkle and surprised to see them.
Sandhiya: Laksh are you here?
Babu: you know them(whispers in Sandhiya’s ears) their parents were dead and some goons attacked them. They came here to see a police officer. Can you help them?
Sandhiya feels sad for Laksh.
Sandhiya(whispers in Babu’s ear): he come here to see me, Babu. One year before, I worked in his district. Once, I am going to his school as a mentor. At that time, I promised him to help him in study and gave our address.
Sandhiya: Laksh first sit there. First I arrange a room for you and then we will speak.
Laksh nods.
Laksh feels dizzy because he didn’t eat for a day and then fainted. Before touching the floor, Sooraj holds him.
Sandhiya and Babu shocked.

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