Swaragini, Dabh, Tei- it’s my promise maa part-4


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Let I start the episode.
Sooraj told ved that he can call Laksh as bhai.
Ved sees Laksh and Laksh nods.
Sandhiya enters the room.
Sabdhiya: how are you feeling now, Laksh?
Laksh: I am ok, mam.
Sandhiya smiles.
Laksh remembers about Ragini.
Laksh: Mera bag..
Sooraj: there is it. Sooraj gives bag to Laksh.
Laksh gives a photo to Sandhiya.
Sandhiya sees the photo in which Laksh and Ragini smiles.
Laksh: mam, she is Ragini,mera pathini. I missed her on the way. Please help me to find her and these are mera and Twinkle’s certificate. I want to continue her studies.
Laksh gives some money to Sandiya.
Sandhiya stares Laksh with question in her eyes.
Laksh: Mam, I need a job and A house. Can you please help me?
Sooraj: what’s the need of job and house? You can stay here and we will take care of you.
Laksh nods negatively.
Laksh: no sir, you are helping us. But we can’t overpower it, please.
Sooraj starts to speak but sandiya stops him.
Sandiya: we can speak later, Laksh. first come down and take lunch.
Laksh and everyone comes down.
Babu: how are you now beta?
Laksh: now, I am ok.
Twinkle also comes there and surprised to see the whole family taking lunch together.
Babasa: twinkle beta.. come here and take lunch.
Twinkle: but..
Sandiya: here, we always take lunch together.come on twinkle.
Twinkle nods and all take lunch by chit chatting.

At the same time, Ram Prasad comes to Pushkar’s railway station.
He goes to autostand to go police station to see his friend for getting help from him.
Ram Prasad goes to auto driver and tells him address.
Autowala drops him.
Ram Prasad enters the police station without giving fare.
Autowala: sir, money
RP: wait for me.
RP enters the police station.
Inspector: sir,are you here?
RP: A autowala is waiting for me. take him inside. And says about reason for his arrival.
A constable takes autowala inside and autowala comes with scared face.
Rp takes a chain from autowala and shows to him(threatening tone): how can you get that?
Autowala: it’s mine(stammers)
RP slapped him hardly and a little bit of blood oozing from his mouth.
RP takes him into cell and beat him with Lathi.
RP: are you going to tell the truth or not?
Autowala:(faintly): I will tell but before I need chicken briyani for getting strength.
Rp sees a constable and after few minutes, constable enters with briyani.
Autowala takes it and eat it.
RP: now tell me.
Autowala: it’s a boy’s. I kidnapped him along with her behan. I killed them while escaping.
RP is shocked” what?”
A blood is oozing from autowala’s nose and he fall down into the floor as a lifeless body.
Inspector worried and checks him” sir, he is dead”
RP: Sent him to forensic and sent the food also. I want to know all about him.
Inspector sends Autowala body to forensic and take care of the issue.
Rp holds his head” what can I say to my anjel”
A ASP, friend of RP comes there” Ram, in pushkar there is a group who kidnaps children . still we don’t know the reason. We are trying to find that group. I think the children whom you are try to find, may be caught by that group.please leave the place”
RP: Sent the forensic report to me and if you anything about them, please intimate me.
RP leaves the place.
Laksh goes to speak with Sandiya about Ragini.

In Sandiya-sooraj room,
Sandiya: I never thought that a network is involved in child missing case. They kidnaps the child and ruin their life.
Sooraj: and Pushkar railway station is their starting point.
Sandiya: tomorrow, we are going to pushkar railway station with ved.
Sooraj is shocked.
Sooraj: why are you involving Ved in this?
Sandiya:trust me . nothing happen to him.
Sooraj: I am supporting you. but I think that you should reconsider your opinion.
Sandiya: I will never let him in trouble.
Laksh hears that.
The next day morning,
Sandiya goes to Ved room.
Laksh is already wake up.
Sandiya goes to wake up Ved.
Laksh holds Sandiya hands.
Sandiya: what happened Laksh?
Laksh: I am coming with you, mam. Don’t involve Ved in this.
Sandiya: but.. I can’t risk your life.
Laksh: I trust you, Mam.
Sandiya: I should not involve you in this.
Laksh: sorry mam, I can’t let you to involve Ved in this. He is very small.
Sandiya takes a deep breath.” Kk. Come to my room”
Laksh goes to Sandiya room.
Sandiya: Laksh, wear this dress . I will say what we should do.
Laksh nods.
Sandiya tells something hidden.
After one hour,
Sandiya and Laksh comes down.
Sandiya: Babu, we are going for some important work.
Babu: one minute, Sandhiya bahu.
Babu comes with yogurt mixed with sugar and feeds Sandiya and Laksh.
Babu: you should be succeeded
Laksh and Sandiya sees each other and smiles.
Laksh and sandiya goes to Railway station.
In Railway station, waiting room,
Sandiya: beta.. wait here. Mumma come within few minutes.
Laksh: haan mumma.

After few minutes,
A porter comes there” beta your mumma is calling you. she is waiting outside for you”
Laksh observes Porter’s lie but acted as he trust him.
Laksh(innocently): kk. Thanks..
Laksh goes near outside suddenly a cloth holds his mouth. Laksh holds his breath and act as fainted.
Porter smirks and take Laksh in a sack and leaves the Railway station.
Here, Sandiya observes Laksh’s absence and informs to her team to track him.
The porter takes Laksh to the place but it’s different than previous place.
A porter put Laksh in a ground and ties his hand and Legs.
A goon comes there and throws some money” take it and Leave now”
Goon 2: he is looking so good. Definitely his parts should be in very good condition.
Laksh is shocked to hear this.
Goon 3: tomorrow, we can operate him and we can take his part. First , we should inform our boss about the new arrival. Goon 3 takes blood sample from Laksh.
Laksh moans.
Goon 2: I think he is awake.
Goon 2 goes to near Laksh . suddenly , All hears a gunshot.
Police surrounds the place and arrest all the goons.
Sandiya goes near to Laksh and unbounds his ties.
Sandiya: Laksh are you okay?
Laksh didn’t respond.
Sandiya is worried. “ Laksh.. Laksh..” taps his head and a tear escaped down from her eyes.
Laksh” don’t be scare mam. I said naa nothing will happen to me”
Sandiya hugs Laksh” you scared me like hell”
Laksh: kk. I want to tell something.
Sandiya: first, we will go to home. Sooraj is worried so much. He is scolded me first time for involving you in the case.
Laksh : don’t worry mam. Now I am ok naa.
Laksh and Sandiya went to Rathi’s house.
In Mumbai,
Ap cooks the dishes which Ragini loves and kept it in Dining table.
Ram Prasad comes to his house . He is shattered inside and he don’t have confidence to face Ragini.
A storm blows in the place.

In slum,
Gango thai enters the hut.
Sanskar: thai, we want to see maa, please, I feel so restless.
Gangathai: but, you should not disturb her work.
Swasan: Pakka.. promise.
Sanskar and swara holds their neck and Gangothai smiles by seeing their innocence.
Gangathai takes them to Ragini’s house.
Ram Prasad enters the house. Ragini sees him.
Ragini: Papa.. can you find my Laksh?
Ram Prasad gives a chain which is belongs to Rajyavamshi.
Ragini: it’s my Laksh’s. Ragini sees outside” where is he papa? I am waiting for him”
Ram Prasad hugs Ragini” Anjel, he went to god. He can’t return to you”
AP misses the utensil where she holds and tears rolling down from her eyes.
Sujatha is shocked.
Ragini breaks the hug and run to Ap and hugs her” sasu maa, Papa is lying. How Laksh left me alone? He promised that he always protect me, tell papa that Laksh will definitely return”
Sujatha and Ramprasad is hell shocked.”Bhabhi..”
Ap sits in floor and gunghat is move from her face and tears continuously rolled from her face.
Ragini hugs her and Ap burst out in cry” Laksh.. Laksh..”
Ragini: sasu maa.. tell them.. Laksh should not left me alone. Tell me that Papa is lying….”
Yuvi is worried by seeing Ragini” Maa.. why di is crying?”
Ap hugs Ragini..” he left us..Rago. he never return to us..”
Swasan enters the house.
Sanskar sees Ragini” Bhabhi..”
Sanskar is worried by seeing Ragini and Ap’s tears.
Sanskar: Maa.. why you and bhabhi are crying? Is bhabhi there naa where is bhai?
Ap hugs sanskar and said” he left us permanently”
Swara sees them worriedly without knowing the reason.

In Pushkar,
Laksh and Sandiya enters the Rathi’s house.
Babu: see then, Sooraj. They came. Why are you so worried? Your wife is not a child that someone can Kidnap her.
Sooraj sees Laksh with worriedness.
Laksh: sir, why are you staring me like this? It’s not correct. See mam is fuming in jealous.
Laksh winks to Sandiya.
Sandiya feels shy and ran to Kitchen. Sooraj blushes little bit.
Babu holds Laksh’s ears” are you kidding mera bahu?”
Laksh:babu.. it’s paining.
Babu: kk. Come inside.
Laksh and Sooraj go to Sandiya-sooraj room.
Sooraj: glad that you are fine.
Sandiya enters the room.
Sandiya: tell now Laksh. what you want to talk with me?
Laksh: Actually mam, there is behind the huge network in this. They kidnaps children and sells their body parts.
Sandiya and Sooraj is shocked.
Sandiya: what?
Laksh nods and explains what happened .
Sandiya sits in bed and holds her.head.
Laksh:don’t worry mam. We will find the culprit.
Sandiya(whispers): we should find. Otherwise..
Twinkle taps the door” Sir,Mam.. Babu calls you”
Sandiya: we will come.
In Mumbai,
Sujatha decorates Ragini in bridal dress and tears flowing from her eyes.

Flashback starts.
A little girl who is aged 15, sat in a chair in bridal dress and makeup.
A old lady comes there and some ladies surrounds her.
A lady rubs her forehead and sindoor is vanished.
She takes mangalsutra from her and put it in milk. The ladies holds her tightly.
A lady holds girl’s hands and collides with eachother. The glass bangles are broken and Girl’s hand starts to bleeding.
Girl:”Sasu maa.. it’s paining”
She have a hard slap” because of you abhashaguni, my son was dead. Don’t dare to utter a single word.”
Girl(in mind): how can I responsible for my pathi’s death? He drove the car in drunken state. What my mistake in this?
Girl feels her cheek’s are burning but she can’t able to hold it.
Her sasumaa gives a white cloth to wear.
After that, Sweet is snatched from her. White is the only colour in her life. She always crossed the taunts as Abhashaguni.
Flashback ends
Sujatha make sit Ragini in a chair and take her hand to rub Ragini’s sindoor. Ap holds her hand. Ragini sit as a numb.
Sujatha: Bhabhi…
Ramprasad takes Yuvi and Sanskar outside as he can’t able to see his Anjels Suffering.
Ap takes mangalsutra from Ragini and Put it in milk.
Ap: it’s enough , Sujatha.
Sujatha sees Ap with moist eyes.
At that time, Swara comes there” Sasu maa, where is mera pathi”
Ap sees Swara’s mangalsutra and takes it from her and put it in milk.
Sujatha:(hell shocked): bhabhi..
Ap: Swara didn’t know what’s the meaning of marriage? She is little girl. Already marriage become a hurdle in Ragini’s life.i don’t want to waste Swara’s life also. After that, she will remain as your child. If time permits and she wishes, she can marry Sanskar again. But she should not know that she is a balika vadhu.
Sujatha nods.
Sujatha takes Swara and Ap takes Ragini with them.
Swaragini takes hair bath and wears simple cotton dress which is in yellow and dark pink.
Ragini sits in Dressing table and takes Sindoor in her hand and take it near to her mang unknowingly.
AP witnesses it with a pain in her heart.
Ragini sees her face in mirror , holds her hand down and cries.
Ap put a tilak in Ragini’s face with sindoor” Rago.. it’s not the time to break down. Laksh always want to see you as a doctor. Please make his dream as a true.”
Ragini sees Ap with a determined face.
Ram Prasad return to his house with Yuvi andSanskar.
Sujatha comes with Swara downside and Ap comes with Ragini.
Ragini sees Rp with determinate face” Papa, I want to study and also arrange for Sanskar and …”
Ragini sees Swara.
Sanskar: Swara..
Ragini: we want to study, papa.
Ram Prasad hugs Ragini” Anjel”
Ragini reciprocate it but without smile.
In some Abondaned place,
Man: how can they caught our goons?
Person: SP Sandiya..
Man: but..
Person: she is in underground project for child kidnapping case.
Man(laughs evilishly): SP Sandiya, you should pay for this.

The next day,
It’s the end of May month.
Ved is playing with his friends.
Laksh see Ved and go to near him. at that time, he hears some speaking.
Person1: Boss ordered to kidnap Sandiya Rathi’s son and Take him to his place.
Persn 2: but we lost his photo. What we can do now?
Laksh is shocked to hear this and he decided something.
Laksh goes to Rathi’s house and wear the dress which he wore yesterday and write a letter.
Laksh goes to near ved.
Laksh: Ved, can I say about new game?
Ved: Haan Bhai…
Laksh: now, we exchange our name. for example, you are Laksh and I am ved and then your friends also exchange their name. if anyone calls them by original name, they should not respond and the one who has the name should respond.
Laksh puts a letter in Ved’s packet and whispers in his ear” if you feel my absence, you will give it to mom”
They started the game. When Babu calls Ved, Laksh is responded and goons misunderstand Laksh as ved.
Laksh intentionally moves from the place and give them a chance to knock out him.
Goon holds Laksh mouth and his body tighter and another goon injects something in Laksh’s neck. Laksh fall down on goons hand unconsciously.
Goons take him into a car.

After 15 minutes,
Ved feels Laksh’s absence.
Sandiya receives a call.
Caller:hello SP Sahiba.. can you know where your son is?
Sandiya: Ved.. who are you?
Caller: you messed with me.now it’s payback time. You always find culprit naa.. then find me and take your son within two days. Otherwise, I will kill him after two days.
Sandiya misses the phone and whispers” ved”
At that time,Ved enters the house.
Ved: mumma.. why are you crying?
Sandiya sees Ved and ran towards him, hugs him tightly.
Ved breaks the hug” Maa.. Laksh bhai gave this letter to you”
Sandiya reads the letter.
Mam, when you read this letter, I would be missing. I know that some goons trying to kidnap ved. So, I make them misunderstood me as Ved. I also wear the dress whicj I wore yesterday. You can track me and you can find the culprit. If anything happen to me, please take care of twinkle”
Sandiya: why did you do this? Why did you risked your life?

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