Swaragini, Dabh, Tei- it’s my promise maa part-3


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Let I start the episode.
It’s the May month.
Laksh faints and Twinkle and Rathi’s are worried.
Sooraj: beta.. taps Laksh’s face.
Twinkle: Bhai.. bhai..(starts to cry)
Babu touches Twinkle’s shoulder” beta.. don’t worry he will be alright”
Babusa: Sandhiya bahu call Doctor.
Sandiya: Haan Babusa..
Sooraj takes Laksh inside the room.
At that time, Ved enters the house.
Ved is confused by seeing the scenario.
Ved: Maa.. who are they? Why are you looking so tensed?
Sandiya: I will tell you later, Ved.
Doctor comes and checks Laksh.
Doctor: he is so weak and some scratches in his body. I dressed it. take care of him. Give these tablets. He will wake up after some hours.
Twinkle take a deep breath.
Twinkle:(in mind)because of me, you are so suffered.
Tears flowing from Twinkle’s eyes and Ved wipes her tears.
Ved: don’t cry. Doctor said naa he will be alright.
Twinkle nods but tears coming from her eyes.
Babu sits near Laksh.
Babu: I will take care of him. first you go and take milk for ..Beta what your name?
Twinkle: my name is Twinkle Suryavamshi.
Sandiya is shocked by hearing the name.
Sandiya: are you Suryavamshi?
Babu(ordering tone): you can question her after some time. First give something to drink and eat.
Sandiya nods and within few minutes, she comes with milk and Ladoos.
Twinkle refuses.

Babu:beta.. eat it. you can trust us.
Twinkle drink milk and eat Ladoos.
Babu caresses Twinkle hair” Now, tell why you want to see Sandiya bahu? How he have scars?
Twinkle: actually my dad fixed marriage with his brother Sanskar Rajavamshi. But I want to continue my study. So, we eloped at marriage night. During the journey, Ragini bhabhi is missed. We searched the whole train. But we can’t find her.(cries)
Babu hugs her. Twinkle sobs and then says” then, we reached pushkar. We decided to get help from Sandhiya mam for my studies and find Ragini bhabhi. But after coming out from Railway station, bhai asked auto driver to take this address. After getting into Auto, Bhai fainted and that Auto wala pressed some wet cloth over my face . I also fainted. When I wake up, we are in abandoned place. We try to escape. but that goons chased us and shoot us.
While telling this, Twinkle jerked due to fear.
Sandiya and Sooraj sees one another.
Sandiya:you are with us, Twinkle. Don’t need to scare.
Twinkle: but we escaped and we hideout in Temple. After that , you come there.
Babu rubs her shoulder.
Babu: sandiya give her a room. We can speak later.
Sandiya nods and allocates a room to Twinkle. Sandiya takes Twinkle to her room.
Babu: sooraj, they are escaped from big trouble. Ohh! Shivji what happening in Pushkar?
Sooraj: haan Babu..
Sooraj goes to his sweet shop by thinking about Laksh.
Sandiya makes Twinkle sleep and comes to Babu. Babu sees her.
Babu: sandiya, why are you shocked by her name?
Sandiya: her father is a leader of a village.
Babu: Twinkle’s parents are so worried about her. Call them and Inform about Twinkle and Laksh.
Sandiya: no no.. Babu.. I know about them. If they knows about Twinkle, they will definitely try to kill her.
Babu(shocked): do you say a father can kill his own child?
Sandiya: they can do. They only concerned about their so called pride. We can keep them safe.

At the same day,
Annapurna, Kalavathi , swasan reached Mumbai.
Kalavathi take them to slum area.
Kalavathi: purna we are stay here.
At that time, a lady coming there.
Kalavathi: purna, she is gango thai. She will help you get a job.
Ap: thanks di. di (points swasan) their studies?
Kalavathi: I will take care of it. today I am going to Govt. school to talk about their admission.
Ap nods.
Kalavathi takes Swasan to hut. Ap follows Gango thai.
Kalavathi: bacho, don’t get out from this. I will come after some time.
Swasan(unison): kk. Bade maa..
Both look each other and smiles. Kalavathi tap their head and then goes.
Gangothai takes Ap to a house.
Gango thai: purna, it’s ASP sap house. You are going to work here.
Ap: thanks and holds her hands.
Gango thai: it’s ok Purna. You are also like a sister to me.
Gango thai takes Ap inside the house.

At that time,
Ram: Anjel, you are good girl naa. Please eat it.
Ragini: no. I want to see my pathi first. Until I never eat.(turns her head)
Ram: I am going to search him. first tell this, where he planned to go?
Ragini thinks.
Flash back starts.
In Railway station,
Laksh: sir, give three tickets to Pushkar .
Ticket vendor:kk. And gives three tickets.
Flashback ends
Ragini: haan.. Pushkar
Ram: why did he go?
Ragini: no I don’t know.
Ap sees Ragini and hears the conversation.
Ap(in mind):shivji thank you a lot. Mera Ragini is safe. Please keep safe my Laksh and Twinkle.
Ap hides her face by putting Gunghat.
Sujatha: please eat this Rago. From yesterday, you didn’t eat anything.
Ragini: I don’t want anything from you Madam Sahiba..
Sujatha(upset): I am your Maa..Ragini.
Ragini(shouts): No..you are not my maa.. I want to see mera Laksh.
Yuvi comes here.
Yuvi: di..
Ragini turns to him.
Yuvi: di.. until you eat food, I am also don’t eat anything.
Ragini refused him. yuvi sits near Ragini.
Ap comes inside.
Gangothai: Madam..Pranam..
Sujatha(with attitude): Haan.. bolo Gango thai.
Gangothai: Madam.. she is your new servant.
Sujatha sees Ap and but can’t see her face.
Sujatha: can you remove your gunghat? What’s your name?
Ap: sorry madam sahiba. I can’t show my face to others. My name is purna.
Sujatha: what about your family?
Ap: I am living with my Di. I have two child. My husband abondaned me.
Sujatha:kk. You can work here. But don’t take leave unnecessarily.
Ap nods.
Ragini sees Ap” why I am feeling that I know her”
Time starts to Roll.

At evening,
Till Yuvi and Ragini don’t eat anything. Sujatha and Ap sees them with worriedness. Ram Prasad went to Pushkar to investigate about Laksh.
Ragini sees Yuvi . Yuvi sits in the same position.
Ragini: are you not hungry?
Yuvi: I am hungry,
Ragini: then, go and eat.
Yuvi: I said that until you eat food, I never eat.
Ragini takes Deep breath.
Ragini:kk. Come with me. I will eat.
Yuvi smiles” that’s my di”
Ragini: you are very adamant.
Yuvi: because I am your choti.
Ragini taps in his head and smiles.
Sujatha: Purna..come there and arrange food in dining table.
Ap: ji.. Madam sahiba..
AP arranges food in dining table and Ragini sits there.
The dining table is very shiny and made of glass.
Ragini is shocked by seeing Ap face in Dining table.
Ragini(whispers): Sasu maa…
Ap goes from there,.
Ragini(in mind): why Sasu maa didn’t speak to me? why she hiding her?
After few minutes, They finished eating.
Ap: Madam..
Sujatha: haan purna you can go.
Ap leaves the house and Ragini follows her.

Ap turns and Ragini hides.
Ap reaches the Hut.
Kalavathi: come in Purna .. is this house ok naa?
Ap: I saw meri bahu Ragini Today.
Kalavathi(surprised): then why did she come along with you? what about Laksh and Twinkle?
Ap: now, she is living with her mother Sujatha. But she hates her. If I am expose my true identity, then she will depend on me and Sujatha will lose her daughter. Sujatha got Ragini after so many days. So I hided. When Laksh come here, I will expose about me.
Kalavathi: Sujatha suffered so much. Because of our husband, she forced to separate from her own daughter.
Kalavathi’s eyes become moist.
Ap presses her shoulder.
Ap: I will unite them.
Ragini(in mind): Sasu maa with me. it’s enough for me now. But why Mamoji separated me from my maa? I also hurt her.
Ragini returns to her house and enters the house.
Sujatha run towards her and hugs her.
Sujatha: where you gone, Rago? I am so much scared. Don’t leave me.
Ragini sees Sujatha’s eyes. It shows her worriedness.
Ragini: sorry maa..
Sujatha is overwhelmed” what did you call me?”
Ragini: maa.. you said it naa you are my maa.
Sujatha hugs Ragini tighter and then leaves her.
Ragini observes yuvi’s absence.
Ragini: where is yuvi?
Sujatha: he is crying in his room.
Ragini goes to their room.
Ragini: yuvi..
Yuvi sees Ragini with moist eyes.
Yuvi: di.. and hugs her and ragini reciprocates it.
Yuvi: di.. if you anger on me, then beat me. but please don’t leave me.
Ragini: I never leave you, yuvi.
Ragini hugs yuvi.

In Pushkar,
Laksh wakes up and sit in bed.
Sooraj and Ved comes inside.
Sooraj: Finally you wake up.
Laksh is confused and scared.
Sooraj: don’t need to scare. I am your Sandiya mam husband.
Laksh takes a deep breath.
Laksh: sorry sir. I think I disturbed you.
Sooraj: It not like that Laksh.. haan.. Laksh, he is Ved, mera beta. Ved, he is Laksh. he shares your room.
Ved smiles to Laksh and Laksh also smiles.
Ved: how can I call you?
Sooraj: you can call him as Bhai.
Laksh nods with smile.

Precap: Laksh put his life in danger to save ved and Ram Prasad declares Laksh is dead.

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