Swaragini, Dabh, Tei- it’s my promise maa (Part 1)


Friends it’s Balaji back with a new ff” it’s my promise Maa”. First I introduce my characters.
Lakshya Dev Rajavamshi- A 14 year old boy who lives in a village. He can do anything for his beloved ones. He loves his mother Annapurna a lot.
Sanskar Rajavamshi- A Brother of Laksh and he loves his BROTHER a lot. he is 10 year old.
Durgaprasad Rajavamshi- a leader of that Village. He is so stubborn . for him Pride is so important than anything.
Ragini Rajavamshi- A 12 year girl who loves Laksh a lot. She is staying with his Mama ji Dp and Mami Ap. She is daughter of Kamal narayan suryavamshi brother of shekar suryavamshi and also wife of Laksh.
Annapurna Rajavamshi- Wife of dp and loves her son and her nephew a lot. She is sister of shekar Suryavamshi.
Twinkle Suryavamshi- A 8 year girl who loves her mother a lot. She wants to become a Doctor.
Swara Suryavamshi- A 6 year old girl who loves her sister a lot.
Sharmista Suryavamshi- A sister of Dp and wife of Shekar Suryavamshi. For her, her child is the world.
Shekar Suryavamshi- he is also leader of nearby village after Rajavamshi’s and same as Dp. He can do anything to keep his so called pride. But he loves her wife so he let her daughters to live.
Sandhiya Raati- An expolice officer who loves her Family lot. Her family only have five members she, sooraj, Ved , Babasa, Babu.
Sooraj Raati- he is owner of Raati sweet stall
Guys, the pairs are Raglak, Swasan and Twiraj. Due to my health issues, I should be irregular for a month. I will post one episode in the gap of two days. My main lead is Ragini and Laksh.
Let I start the first episode.
In a ground a man and a boy fights with sword.
A women sees in a helpless position.
Man: today also you can’t win me.
Boy: Let’s see.
Boy starts to fight. Both fights with so much of force.
Man sword come near Boy’s neck. That boy is escaped at that nick of time.
Women: Laksh..
Man: ohh! Purna just go from there.
Annapurna go from there with moist eyes.
Laksh fights more faster and make fall man’s sword.
Laksh keeps his sword on that man’s neck.
Laksh: Papa.. I won.
Dp: Haan Beta.. you won.
Laksh: so, you should sent Ragini with me to School.
Dp: okay..

Laksh extends his hand to Dp and Dp grabs his hand and stands up.
Dp: sanskar you also fight like your Bhai. Laksh, teach him.
Sanskar nods.
Ragini comes there with water.
Ragini: I know Meri pathi will won.
Dp grabs her hand and pushes her to ground.
Dp: how many times I say to you? don’t show your face to me. if you want to speak with me, then put a moni using your saree.
Ragini: sorry Mamo ji.
Ragini go from there and her hands bleeding. Laksh is seeing that helpless.
Ragini is going to Anna purna.
Ragini: Sasu maa, why Mamaji always hate me?
Annapurna: he never hates you.(lies)
Flashback starts.
Dp: Sujatha, I know you didn’t ate anything. Please atleast drink this milk.
Sujatha is a sister of Dp and widow wife of Kamalnarayan Suryavamshi. She is widow at 16 at that age she is also mother of Ragini. She gave a birth to girl. So, her sasural I meant Suryavamshi kicked her out. If Ragini is not Last sign of Kamalnarayan, they will definitely kill her like Dp killed her own daughters.
Sujatha: bhai..(her eyes become moist) you are talking with me after so many days.
Sujatha happily drinks milk.

After few minutes, she feels dizzy.
Sujatha: Bhai..
Dp: sorry sujatha.. you are a widow. You can’t marry again. But you loved that ASP. It will destruct my pride. So I don’t have any other way.
Baby Ragini starts to cry.
Sujatha: Ragini..
Dp: don’t worry about her. She will be the bahu of my house. I fixed her marriage with my son Laksh after a week.
Sujatha Faints.
Dp claps his hand. A man comes there.
Dp: Bury her body in my land. But no one should know about this. Spread a rumor that she committed suicide in the canal.
Man takes the Sujatha body and moves out. At that time, sujatha is just 18 years old.
Flashback ends.
Ap(in mind): you are lookalike your mother. Whenever he sees you, you remember your mother. How can I say to you?
Ap: Ragini beta come with me. I will put ailment in your wound.
Ragini: Sasu maa.. how your marriage is happen? It’s so grand naa.
Ap: no beta.. meri bhai loved your Mamaji’s behan sharmishta. But , your Mamoji refused. So he kidnapped sharmishta and married her. To take revenge against him, he married me forcefully.
Ragini: Sasu maa..I have a doubt.
Ap: what beta? Touches her chin with care and love.
Ragini: why he never give importance to you? whenever he got angry, he beats you.
Annapurna hugs Ragini and in mind” how can I say beta”
Annapurna: beta.. you are small now. When you grown up like me, you will get the answer.
At the same time, same village
A new teacher comes inside the class.
Teacher: am I new to this class? So, can you introduce me with your name?
Everyone starts to introduce themselves by their own ways.
A voice comes there” I am Dr. Twinkle Suryavamshi”
Teacher is very impressed by her introduction.
Teacher: very good. Are you become a doctor?
Twinkle: yes teacher. I will become a doctor and help poor peoples.
Teacher: everyone should clap for twinkle.
At that time, A man comes there.
Man: Mam, I come here to take Choti malkin.
Twinkle sees him.
Twinkle: mam, he is working under my father.
Teacher: can I know why?
Man: her marriage is fixed with Sanskar Rajyavamshi. Her sasural didn’t wish her to study.
Teacher sent Twinkle with the pain in her heart.
Teacher(in mind):she is saying about her dream, now. But her dream is shattered next minute. Ohh! What’s happening there?

At night,
All the men eats and leaves.
Ragini sits to eat in Laksh’s plate.
Ragini sees the plate and worried.
Ragini: sasu maa.. Meri pathi didn’t eat. How can he become strongful?
Annapurna(in mind): my goodness my elder son never like his father.
Annapurna: you eat it. you can give milk to him.
Ragini nods.
After few minutes,
Ragini enters their room with milk.
Laksh sees her.
Laksh: from tomorrow, you also coming to school.
Ragini nods with shaking hands. Because for her mistake, Laksh slapped her in morning.
Laksh(in mind): sorry Rago.. I act like that to get permission for you. I want to take you to school. I promised my mom that I will make you study.
Laksh: sorry Rago..
Ragini jerks.
Ragini(nods her head down): you are meri pathi. You can do anything to me.
Laksh feels pain in his heart.
Laksh makes sits Ragini in bed” Rago.. see me”
Ragini sees Laksh .” even I am your pathi, I didn’t have right to slap you.”
Ragini: don’t speak like that. Drink this milk and don’t skip your food. It hurts me.
Ragini try to speak something but stops it. Laksh observes it.
Laksh: can you ask anything from me?
Ragini(stammers): why you want me to study?
Laksh: I want to see you as a doctor. Can you need anything?
Ragini shakes her head fast.
Laksh sleeps in bed and Ragini sleeps in floor.

The next day,
Laksh go to see Annapurna.
Laksh: maa
Annapurna smiles by seeing Laksh.
Laksh:for your smile, I can do anything maa.
Annapurna: I need a help from you Laksh.
Laksh: haan maa..
Annapurna: do anything and stop your choti’s marriage. I don’t want to spoil Twinkle’s life. I got to know that she is very good at studies.
Laksh: maaa… it’s very complicated. Ok.. I deal with this.
Laksh leaves the kitchen.
Annapurna stares Laksh with so much pain her eyes.
Days rolled..
At the marriage day of sanskar and Twinkle,
At twinkle home,
Twinkle: Maa.. I want to go school. Please don’t send me to any other place.
Sharmishta: beta.. please wear this.
Twinkle starts to cry badly.
Lady 1: we also cried like her. But now see, we live happily with our children. Don’t worry beta.
Lady 2 slaps her: chup!
Twinkle jerks and stops cry soundly. But tears flow down from her eyes.
The Ladies make her ready in bridal dress.
Groom is arrived. All the ladies goes outside to see and welcome the groom.
Laksh enters and Twinkle scared to see him.
Laksh: Behan ji.. don’t need to scare. Take this cloth and Ragini help her to change the cloth. You can call me Bhai..
Ragini takes Twinkle and in five minutes, Both come outside.
Laksh: you can trust me. I will help you to study.
Study – A single word make Twinkle smile.
Twinkle- Sacha..
Laksh nods and trio leaves the place.
Laksh touches his Bag. He take some money from his house- literally theft.
Sharmishta comes to Twinkle’s room and shocked to see Twinkle’s missing.
Sharmishta runs to Shekar.
Sharmishta(whispers in Shekar’s ear): twinkle is missing. I searched the whole house.
Shekar do not think” then, make Swara as a bride”
Sharmishta: what?
Shekar: for me my pride is important. You already know I let them to live because of you. unless I will kill her, make this as a reason for stopping Marriage. You can decide.
Sharmishta leaves the place with tears.
Sharmishta takes Swara and make her wear bridal attire.
Swara: Maa.. this dress is so heavy. I can’t wear it.
Tears flowing from Sharmishta’s eyes continuously.
Sharmishta: if you wear this, I will give Basanti to you.
Swara: Basanti. Licks her lips. Ok.ok. I will do anything for basanti..
Sharmista takes Swara to Mandap.
Due to moni, anyone can’t see Swara’s face.
The marriage rituals started.
Suddenly, Sanskar starts to cry. By seeing Sanskar’s cry, Swara is also scared. She is also starts to cry.
Some old lady: haha ha . both Bride and groom are crying. That means soon they will gave a baby.
She told about giving birth for new child with the six and ten year child to.
That women laughed vigorously.
Annapurna:(in mind): Laksh told that the marriage is never happen. But..
At the same time, Raglak with Twinkle get into a train.
Sharmista and Annapurna sees that helplessly.
Soon, the marriage rituals got over and groom and their relatives leave that place.
The only transport between two villages is boat ride.
Sanskar, Swara, Annapurna and Durgaprasad sits in a boat which is operated by man force.
Suddenly, there is a flood in river. The boat starts to shake and fall down in to the river,
Annapurna is very good at swimming.
Annapurna takes Swara and Sanskar in her hands and swims in the river. Durgaprsad swims in opposite side so he don’t observe them.
Annapurna reaches another village and faints.

In Train,
Laksh, Twinkle and Ragini sleeps.
Ragini feels thirsty.
At that time, train is stopped in a stop.
Ragini : ohh! Mera Pathi is sleeping. We can’t disturb him.
Ragini stepped out train and searching for water.
After a minute, Train is starting to move. But she can’t get the train.
Ragini kneels down and cries.
After half an hour,
Another train stops there and Ragini stepped into that train.
The next day,
Annapurna wakes up and shocked to see Swara in bridal dress and sanskar sleeps near her.
A old Lady: thank god! You are wake up. Don’t worry . you and your children are safe now.
Ap(in mind): so Laksh takes Twinkle with him.
Flashback starts
Laksh: Maa.. at the marriage time, Me and Ragini take Twinkle with us and Leave the village.
Ap: beta.. where you go?
Laksh: maa..one time, police officer Sandhiya mam comes to our school. I can ask her help. I take enough money to join us in a school and I can earn money.
Annapurna never see the outside world and their evilness.
Annapurna nods” please take care of you and them”
Laksh: Don’t worry maa.. I promise you when we return we should be doctors.”
Annapurna smiles.
Flashback ends
Ap: thanks .. can I get the job here?
Old Lady: I am Kalavathi. We are going to Mumbai to search a job. You can join with us. I will help you
Ap holds her hands” thank you very much.”
Ap feels that she will see her before.”I felt that I saw you before. Can I know about you?”
Kalavathi: I am Kalavathi Rajavamshi. My husband kicked me away from his house because I can’t give birth to boy. So, he married my sister.
Annapurna: Di.. I am your purna.
Kalavathi shocked and tears flowing from her eyes.
Kalavathi hugs Annapurna.
Annapurna explains all to kalavathi
Kalavathi holds her head” purna.. this world is so evil. Ohh! Kali maa, please keep them safe.”
Laksh wakes up and shocked to see Ragini’s absence. He and Twinkle starts to search her whole train.
Laksh kneels down and cries” Kali Maa.. keep her safe”
Laksh(in mind):once I reach that police officer, they will help me to find Ragini.
The train is stopped in a station.
At the same time, Ragini cries in a train.
Most of the peoples ignores her as a nuisance.
A 10 year aged boy comes towards her and wipes her tears.
Boy: My name is Yuvaraj,Di. why are you crying?
Ragini:I lost mera Pathi dev.
Yuvaraj mother is shocked by seeing Sindoor in a little girl’s mang.
Yuvaraj’s mother: Beta what’s your name?
Ragini: I am Ragini Rajavamshi.
Yuvaraj mother hugs her and cries.
Yuvi: Papa.. Maa is crying by hearing this Di’s name.
Yuvi’s papa: Sujatha, why are you crying?
Sujatha: Ram , she is my Ragini.
Ram Prasad is shocked first and then Hugs Ragini”My angel”
Ragini and Yuvi give a confused look.
Laksh and Twinkle get down from the train.
Laksh go to the autodriver.
Laksh: Bhai.. can you say about this address?
Auto driver: haan I can help you get there.
Auto driver touches Laksh in his shoulder and Laksh feels some pain.
, Autodriver starts his auto and move from Railway station.

In few minutes,
Laksh faints.
Twinkle shakes him” Bhai.. Bhai…”
Autodriver comes near Twinkle and put a wet cloth over her mouth. Twinkle also faints.
Autodriver calls someone” I got a boy and girl. We can sale girl. And that boy we make him handicapped and use him to beg”
Autodriver laughs evilishly.
At the same time, in Rathi’s house
Babu:Sandhiya bahu..
Sandhiya: Babu.. I make chappathis and side dishes.
Babu(taps her head herself): till I don’t know why you resign your job.
At that time, Sooraj” Sandhiya..”
Sandhiya sees Babu” go . your husband needs your help. That’s why you resigned your job naa”
Sandhiya goes to her room.
Sandhiya walks without noticing Sooraj.
Sooraj hugs Sanshiya from her back side.
Sooraj(whispers in Sandhiya ears):why meri pathni so sad?
Snadhiya turns and sees sooraj” I am feeling guilt that I am hiding truth from Babu”
Sooraj: Sandhiya.. there is a need for that. You know naa that if lie is better than truth for everyone they lie is acceptable. So don’t feel guilty. Concentrate on your child missing case.
Sandhiya: I am very near to him. soon, I will catch him.
Sooraj(pinches Sandhiya’s nose): that’s my Sandhiya.
Screen Freezes on Ap worried face, Laksh and Twinkle’s fainted face and Sandhiya’s smiling face.

Guys, I don’t know you like my track or not. but still in india, there is killing girl childs or abort them in mother vomb and still i am hearing some news about child marriage. in this ff, how the family suffer due to child marraige. in this Laksh is not a matured one at the same time not childish.If you don’t please intimate me. I will finish it in three or four episodes. And you have a question, how Sujatha saved? I will give answers to your this question in third episode.

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