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There is a last episode.
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Let I start the episode.
Yuvi stayed with Sanskar to help Laksh.
Laksh enters his room and starts to speak with baby as he always do.
The next day morning,
Ragini wakes up and see Laksh’s face.
Ragini caresses Laksh’s face and whispers”Dev..”
Ragini(in mind): I am so lucky Dev that’s why I got you as my husband.
Laksh wakes up by Ragini’s gaze”Good morning Rago…”
Ragini remembers yesterday incident and tears falling from her eyes and laksh is worried.
Laksh:Rago…what happened?
Ragini: why did you not tell me the truth?
Laksh: it’s not needed and I don’t want to see you in guilty.
Ragini: but you took slow poison.
Laksh(smiles):ohh! The reports are fake .(lies)
Ragini: but I checked your eyes and nails.
Laksh(winks): don’t forget I am also a doctor and I know how to make false symptoms.
Ragini(hits his chest): you cheater..
Laksh locks her in his embrace and kiss her in her cheeeks to forget about the incidents, temporarily.
Laksh wakes up and runs.
Ragini smiles by seeing laksh.
Ragini get ready and comes downside.
Sandiya : what are you doing here?
Ragini:maa.. It’s boring.
Bhabho:take it.
Bhabho gives wollen thread and needle.
Ragini gives a confused look.
Sandiya: you have to make sweaters for your child.
Ragini: but I don’t know maa..
Bhabho: I will teach you.
Bhabho teaches Ragini how to make sweaters. Sooraj and Bhabhasa come here. Uttara and ved also coming here.
Yuvi, Uttara, Sanskar and others always make her busy in little works at the same time, they take care of her in her sleep and food.
Laksh always speak with baby in night after Ragini sleeping.
Another four months runs like four days..
It’s Raksha Bandan ..
Aadi and Pari comes to pushkar.
Twinkle ties rakhi in ved and Laksh’s hands.
Uttara ties rakhi in Aadi’s hands while swara and Ragini ties rakhi in Yuvi’s hands.
Pari ties Rakhi in sanskar and Laksh’s hands.
Laksh&Sanskar: there is your gift, di.
Pari opens the gift. It’s the invitation.
Pari opens the invitation.
Parineeta Rajavamshi weds Aadharsh Maheshwari
Pari is in cloud nine.
Pari: dev.. sanky…
Laksh smiles: with in a week, there is your marriage and tomorrow is your engagement.
Pari is in cloud nine and hugs them.
Laksh:and twinkle , Tomorrow is your engagement also.
Yuvi is shocked.
Laksh:are you don’t want to see groom face?
Twinkle(smiles ): I trust you bhai more than myself.
Laksh: ok.. Sanskar, maa.. wants your remarriage with all rituals. So tomorrow is your engagement also.
Sanskar hugs Laksh more tighter.
At night, in terrace..
Twinkle stares Sky and tears flowing down from her eyes. Someone touches her shoulder.
Yuvi: why didn’t you oppose jeju? You love me naa.
Twinkle: yes I love you Yuvi. But my bhai’s words are more than my love.
Twinkle: you don’t know, Yuvi. He puts his life danger to save my life. He cared me and loved me like a own sister. even my parents consider me as a burden. But he never considered me as a burden. For his love, I can do anything. I never fell him embarrassed because of me.
Yuvi:if you won’t stop, I will stop this.
Twinkle takes his hand and put it in her head.
Twinkle: no one know about our love. It’s promise on me.
By saying this, twinkle runs from the place and lock her in her room, cries.
The next day morning,
Rathi house is fully decorated with various flowers.
Engagement ceremony starts .
Panditji starts the rituals .
After that ,
Pari puts the ring in Aadi’s finger and Aadi does the same.
While putting ring, Aadi pinches her hand.
Pari blushes and Ragini teases her.
Then Sanskar puts the ring in swara’s hand and swara puts the ring in Sanskar hands. They have a deep eyelock.
Then Ragini takes Twinkle to the Mandap.
Twinkle takes the ring and sees the Groom’s face.
Here, yuvi stands with a smile.
Laksh side hugs her.” Make him wear the ring, twinkle… we can speak later”
Twinkle put the ring in Yuvi’s hand and yuvi do the same.
Everyone claps.
Laksh offers Twinkle a stick.
Twinkle: why did you inform me before Yuvi?
Yuvi:woh… actually…
Laksh: he wants to confess your feelings infront of our family. So he made to tell like that.
Twinkle takes the stick and beats him.
Twinkle: how dare you to do this? Do you know how much I cried?
Yuvi holds her hands” I love you Dolly”
Twinkle hugs him.
Laksh: why did you reveal your love Twinkle?
Twinkle(smiles): because you never made me fall, bhai.
Laksh hugs her with moist eyes. Ved hugs both.
Everyone witnessing their bond.
Sanskar(kindling tone):ohh! There is flood.
Laksh: stop this dramebazz.
Sanskar: lets dance bhai…
They starts the dance.
Sanskar and Swara dances for Ang Laga dere and Twinkle and Pari dances for pinga re pinga.
They enjoyed their moment.
Ragini:Dev, I also want to dance.
Laksh: you are carrying child in you, Rago.
Ragini: no.. I want to dance.
Laksh: ok..
Laksh carried Ragini in his hand and starts Dance. Ragini is enjoying.
Finally ,After one week, Swasan, Twiraj and parirsh married. Twiraj and Parish went to Mumbai.
After a week evening,
Rathi’s chitchats and remembers about Twinkle.
Someone knocks the door.
Uttara: I will see it.
Uttara opens the door.
Uttara (surprised): Yuvi..
Yuvi takes blessings from elders.
Laksh: yuvi, Twinkle didn’t come with you..
Yuvi(sad tone): My parents sent me to enjoy my bachelor hood after my marriage until she completed her studies. I have to work in pushkar xx hospital.
Laksh and Ved bursts in laugh.
Yuvi gives a anger look” Jeju.. it’s not fair..”
Ved: ohh! My dear choti saala..
Bhabho: ved…
Ved suppresses his laughter.
At that time, Sanskar enters the house sadly
Sandiya: Sanskar beta.. what happened?
Sanskar: maa.. took Swara to Mumbai… she don’t return until her studies completed.
Now Laksh and Ved rolls in ground and laughs like a mad..
Sanskar: bhai.. already I am so tempered. Please..
Laksh: ok.. cool.. you both continue your higher studies in same college. Still you have a week time for enterance
Yuvi:but we didn’t applied.
Ved: we applied for you..
Sanskar: our sign..
Laksh: its easy to put your sign.
Laksh goes to his room and give some books to them.
Sanskar and yuvi busy in their exam preparation.
Ragini mood starts to swing. Laksh fulfills all her wishes and cooks different dishes for her.
After a month,
Sanskar:bhai..we toppered in the exams. We are going to see our wives.
Laksh smirks but hides the smirk” get ready..”
Yuvi: haan jeju..
Sanskar and Yuvi leaves the pushkar and at evening, they enter Ram’s house.
Yuvi: dolly..
Suji comes there.
Sanskar and Yuvi takes blessings from Suji.
Suji: takes this.
Yuvi: what is this maa?
Suji: it’s dev flat key. Until Swara studies got over, you both will stay there.
Yuvi and sanky:maa/bua.. this is not fair..
Suji pushes both out of the house” don’t come here until their studies got over..”
Yuvi(fake tears):maa.. how can I live without seeing you?
Suji: me or twinkle..
Yuvi scratches his head. Suji: I am your maa.., Yuvi.
Yuvi and sanskar leave the place.
Sanskar calls laksh.
LAKSH: Enjoy your bachelorhood in my flat, guys..
Sanskar:bhai.. how can you know this?
Laksh: I am the one who gave the idea. Tit for tat.
Laksh cuts the call.
Laksh laughs while Ragini enters the room.
Ragini: what happened Dev?
Laksh suppressed his laugh”no.. nothing Rago..come sit here..”
Ragini gives milk to Laksh and holds his baby bump.
Laksh: what happened Rago?
Ragini: he is kicking .
Laksh touches Ragini baby bump and observes the baby’s movement..
A little tear escaped from Laksh’s eyes and tried to hug Ragini but he can’t because of baby bump.
Ragini smiles and side hugs Laksh while caressing her baby bump.
The next day morning,
Everyone works fastly.
It’s Ragini’s godhbarai. Twiraj, Parish and Swasan , everyone present there.
Uttara and Ved takes care of guest.
Ragini comes and sits in chair.
Guests give their blessings , ladies starts to dance.
After some time, the function got over.
Uttara takes Ragini to her room.
Ragini: uttara, I will take care. You can go and help them.
Uttara: don’t move from bed.
Uttara go to hall.
Ragini goes to near mirror and admires her motherly feeling and touches her baby bump. At that time, some reports are falls from almirah.
Ragini takes it.
Ragini: my report.. but I didn’t see it.
Ragini starts the read the report. The report says that she have twins and she have only 20% chance to survive in her delivery at the same time, Abortion or miscarriage make worsen her situation.
Ragini is shocked and when she moves backward, she hits Laksh’s wardrobe. A bottle rolls from Laksh’s shelf.
Ragini catches it and reads the medicine name.
Ragini(in mind): it’s slow poison. Who put it in Dev’s shelf? Dev..
Ragini opens it and sees only few more doses are left.
Laksh takes a tablet..
Ragini:Dev.. why are you taking Tablet?
Laksh: it’s Vitamin tablet..
Ragini: kk. But get it from your food. I will say to maa..
Laksh smiles weakly.
Flashback ends..
Ragini(in mind): he takes it continuously from a month before.
Ragini feels Labour pain.
In hall, everyone chit chatting.
Laksh hears her scream.
Laksh runs to his room and shocked to see Ragini in floor.
Laksh :rago…(shouts)
Everyone is worried by hearing Laksh’s voice and run to his room.
Laksh feels Dizzy at that time, Yuvi observes Laksh and take Ragini from Laksh’s hand.
Yuvi:jeju.. I will carry di. you come fast…jeju..
Twinkle: I will take bhabhi’s reports.
Laksh nods.
Sanskar takes the car.
When Yuvi reaches the house enterance, everyone hears the sound “THUD”
Laksh falls in steps and his head starts to bleeding.
Everyone calls him by their way.
Twinkle comes with some papers and a letter in her hand.
Ved takes Laksh in his hand and taps his face continuously.
Ved puts Laksh and Yuvi puts Ragini in the car. Sandiya sits with Ragini..
Ragini:maa.. save him.. he is..
Sandiya: don’t worry Rago.. nothing happen to him..
Ragini screams in pain and try to tell about Laksh.
They reached hospital.
Doctor takes Ragini to operation theatre on other hand another doctor takes Laksh in ICU.
Twinkle: doctor, he is taking slowpoison. It’s his report. He taken this slowpoison..
Twinkle shows the bottle and doctor takes it.
Everyone is shocked by Twinkle’s words.
Sandiya shakes Twinkle” are you mad? What are you saying?”
Twinkle sits in floor while crying and gives a letter to Sandiya.
Sandiya opens the letter” Maa.. when you reading this letter, I am far away from you. sorry maa.. I can’t live without Ragini. I know I am selfish. But I don’t have any other way. Maa.. I came to you as a refugee. But you make me as your son and give all the happiness to me. If I have another birth, I should be born as your son and own brother of ved and twinkle.Papa.. you are the best papa. take care of maa and your self.
Dadi.. I will miss your sweet taunts with love.. dadi .. now I say one truth.. dadasa steals ladoos from store room and he didn’t take tablets correctly.. just pick his ears as usual you do..
Yuvi..listen me carefully.. if I know that you made my behan cry. We both your di and I come as a ghost and will make you repent your mistake. Don’t dare to make her cry.. Yuvi please take care for her. I know you should take care for her. But as a bhai, still I worried for her.
Ved.. now you didn’t have any competition for Ladoo.. you can also eat my part also.. take care of Uttara.. nowadays she misses you more..take care of maa.. now you should do my duties also.. she never take sugar in coffee.. she always take jaggery in coffee.. don’t make her fell that she is missing me and ved take care of my children.. I already told them to don’t disturb their chacha..
Uttara.. still Ved is a child.. you know he even can’t decide what he wants to wear a day. He will break down when he knows about my death.. make him normal only you can do this… always stay strong.
Sanskar.. I know you miss me more in your young days.. sorry mera choti,,, Swara loves you more than world..
Pari di and Aadi bhai oops now you are my jeju naa..i didn’t know why I felt that you are connected to me when I met you both first. After that we are become my friends. Jeju , take care of my di. sometimes, she will irritate you but she loves you very much.Di take care of purna maa she can’t accept my absence.
purna maa.. I will finished my promise maa.. I made twinkle as a doctor. I know maa that you are longing for me. sorry maa… I never understand your feelings. For my happiness, you let me to stay with my family.. please stay with my family and take care of your grandchildren..
I Have one last wish please make a single family so you don’t miss your behans, choti’s, di’s and bhaiya.
Letter finished.
Everyone reads the letter.
At the same time, they hear the sound of baby crying.
Doctor comes from OT.
Doctor(bows her head down): sorry we can saved Babies. But Mother is in coma. I can’t tell anything.
Nurse come with two cute babies .
Suji sees them with hatred.
Suji: Sandhiya ji.. they are KALL.
Others are shocked.
Ram: what are you speaking Suji?
Suji: because of them, I am lost my Rago. They are inauspicious. They eat their parents while born to their world.
Sandiya bursts out in anger.
Sandiya: bass.. bass.. Sujatha ji.. they are mera pouthi and poutha. They are my dev’s beta.. they are not Kall. They are pure as their parents love… they are symbol of my Dev and Rago pure love.
At that time, Doctor comes out from Dev’s ward.
Sooraj: doctor, how is he?
Doctor: he is entered into Coma again. His survival chance is very less. Because the slow poison is very dangereous.

After few years,
The Rathi’s house is decorated.
In house, the two photo’s hanged in wall and Varmala’s decorate the photos.
Aadi stares the photo.
It’s fifth birthday of Laksh’s children,
Uttara:Pavithra.. please stand.
Pavithra: no mom.. I didn’t wear this.
Nirmal: Dad, I will wear this on my own.
Ved: please Nirmal… you are my sweet son naa.. I will make you wear.
Nirmal nods positively.
Ved: (moist eyes) you are like your papa, nirmal. The same love and same care…
Uttara: pavi.. you are my sweet daughter naa.. please..
Pavithra nods positively.
Uttara smiles(in mind): you are like your maa,Pavi..
Pavi kisses Uttara” you are so sweet mom…”
Uttara takes Pavi in her hand and Ved takes Nirmal in his hand.
Nirmal and Pavithra are RagLak children. (Nirmal and Pavithra means PURE)
They come down in stairs.
Sandiya: they are arrived.
Pari touches Aadi’s shoulder.
Aadi wipes his tears.
Pari: your parents always with us, Aadi.
Aadi nods with a smile.
Nirmal and Pavithra cuts the cake and feeds Ved and Uttara first.
UttVed didn’t have any children. They refused to have child to take care of Nirmal and Pavithra.
Twinkle and Yuvi stands with their daughter Ragya and Sanskar and Swara stands with their son, Ansh and Parish stands with their son Devprasad.
Pavithra:nani.. where is my gift?
Suji pecks her cheeks and gives her gift.
Pavithra: thanks nani..
Suji hugs her.
At that time, Ved phone starts to ring.
Ved: hello..what? we are coming now.
Sooraj: what happened Ved?
Ved: bhai and bhabhi.. is wake up from Coma.
Everyone rushes to Hospital.
In Hospital,
Laksh is in Ragini’s room and holds her hand.
Laksh: Rago..
Ragini: dev…(cries)
Laksh wipes her tears.
A nurse come inside and removes her strips.
Nurse goes outside.
Ragini:why you took slow poison?
Laksh: without you, how can I live, Rago?
Ragini: why did you love me this much?
Laksh: I don’t know. Only one thing I can know that I can’t live without you.
Ragini hugs Laksh with tears.
After few minutes, they hear sound.
A voice” AHEMMM..AHEM..”
RagLak broke the hug.
Two child run to Raglak and hugs them”maa..papa..”
Laksh sees Ved and ved signs positively.
Laksh picks them in his hands and hugs them.
Laksh: are you know me?
Pavithra:I come once in every week to see you and maa.. but you didn’t talk with me. are you hate me that’s why you didn’t speak to us, papa?
Laksh(with moist eyes): papa and mumma will never hate you, baby.
Pavithra hugs Laksh while Nirmal hugs Ragini.
Sandiya and bhabho, sooraj , bhabhasa enters the room.
Laksh bows his head because of guilty.
Bhabho caresses their hairs.
Sandiya(suppressing her tears): come soon to home.
Sandiya walks outside .Laksh holds her hands”maa..”
Sandiya bursts out”dev..” Sandiya hugs him very tighter and cries.
Laksh also cries. Everyone witness with smile in their face and moist eyes
Ram holds Ragini hands. Ram didn’t utter a word but his silence tells more than a word.
After three days ,
Laksh and Ragini comes to home.
Bhabho takes Aarti.
Ragini and Laksh comes inside.
Ved ignores Laksh . Laksh notices it but his guilty stops him to ask.
Laksh and Ragini goes to their room and take rest.
At night,
In hall,
Raglak is chit chatting with everyone and situation is back to normal.
Laksh: ved..
Laksh holds his hands while Ved stands to walk.
Ved: are you fine?
Laksh(smiles for Ved is speaking to him): haan ved…
After that everyone hears a slapping sound.
Ved slapped Laksh for the first time in his life and holds Laksh by his shoulder.
Yuvi stops Twinkle while swara stops sanskar.
Ved: how can you selfish bhai? you know that I can’t select even dress myself. You didn’t know how much I miss you these five years. Why bhai? if you want to leave this world, then take me with you. take me with you…bhai.
Laksh hugs him, Uttara stands with tears.
Laksh expands his hands to all.
Laksh, Ragini,Uttara, Parish, swasan,Twiraj hugs together.
After a long time,
The youngers sits in round.
Ragini feeds Yuvi, yuvi to Twinkle,Twinkle to swara ,swara to sanskar, sanskar to pari, pari to aadi, aadi to Uttara, Uttara to Ved and ved feeds Laksh. laksh feeds Ragini.
Elders witness with smile.
After few minutes,
Sandiya and Annapurna turns.
Laksh goes to Sandiya and Annapurna tryto move but Laksh holds her hands.
Annapurna sees him with moist eyes.
Laksh hugs both his maa..”maa.. without you both, I can’t live. Please forgive me..return to my life”
Sandiya cups his head and Annapurna caresses his hair.
At night,
Laksh and Ragini sits in terrace and Pavithra and Nirmal sleeps in their lap.
Laksh:Rago… our fate is so different naa..
Ragini:haan Dev… first we married in our childhood. After that we separated. You got sandiya maa I got Ram papa.
Laksh: after that we again met and married. Now we are parents of two children and have a big family.
Nirmal turns in sleep and Laksh hold him.
Ragini:we got yuvi, aadi bhai and Uttara, swasan, pari di. now our world is so beautiful with relations.
Laksh: we all are connected by heart. when I saw pain in Ved eyes, I felt that that is the most disasturaous moment in my life. I can’t see pain in his eyes.
Ragini:haan Dev.. we are blessed .thats why we got ved and Uttara in our life. And sandiya maa for her, you are her world.
At that time, Ved and Uttara comes there.
Laksh:haan.. ved..
Ved(hestates): we come here to take Nirmal and pavithra.
Ragini:they are your child Ved. No need of permission. Nothing will change because of our arrival.
Uttara:thanks Rago..
Uttara holds Ragini hands. Ragini feels her love towards her children.
Days starts to rolled.
Raglak children stayed with both their parents. One day they slept with Raglak. Another day Uttved.
After an year,
Rathi house is decorated for new baby. Uttved’s baby boy..
It’s their naming celebration.
Uttara sits with her baby..
Bhabho and Sandhiya, babosa , sooraj are very happy.
Laksh takes care of preparation .
Swasan, Twiraj and parish fights for the name of baby.
Pavithra&Nirmal: bua/mama/chacha/chachi/maasi… we decided the name.
The pooja is started.
Pandit ji: you can name the child.
Uttara: pavithra nirmal.. name the child.
Pavithra and nirmal(unison):vamsh..vamsh..vamsh..
All are happy by hearing the name.
Uttved hugs Vamsh. Raglak smiles with Nirmal and Pavithra.
Screen ends with smiling face of Family.
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