Swaragini, Dabh, Tei- it’s my promise maa 9

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Aadharsh takes Uttara to Pari Flat along with Parineeta.
In Pari Flat,
Parineeta gives her salwar to Uttara.
Uttara: thanks di..
Uttara goes to washroom and cries silently by remembering Kavya’s words.
Uttara comes outside.
Pari: Uttara, don’t take Kavya’s words. She is just jealous on you .
Uttara shows a weak smile” Di,I am going to my home”
Pari: ok..can I drop you?
Uttara: no .. thanks di..
Ved calls Aadharsh and enquires about Uttara.
The next day morning,
Doctor does the operation for Annapurna.it’s angioplasty.
Everyone stands outside with tensed and worried face.

Sanskar: Bhabhi.. Maa will be fine naa?
Ragini: haan Sansku.. Maa should be fine.
A single drop escaped from Ragini’s eyes. She also so worried.
Dev holds Ragini’s hands.
Ragini sees Dev.
Dev: she will be okay, Ragini. Don’t worry.
Ragini nods.
After an hour, Doctor comes out from Operation theatre.
Doctor: operation is successful.she is fine . but don’t give any stressful news to her.
Everyone nods.
Annapurna is shifted to ICU and everyone stands before ICU .
Sandiya: where is Ved?
Dev and Twinkle sees eachother.
Dev: I don’t know maa..

At that time, A voice come there” I am here maa..”
Sandiya turned and everyone shocked by seeing Ved and Uttara . they wears mala in their neck and vermillion in her mang gives special beauty to Uttara.
Sandiya: Ved.. Sandiya moves back and sooraj holds her.
Ved: Maa.. I married Uttara in an unavoidable situation.
Flash back starts..
Ved(in mind): why I am feeling Restless?kk. I will check Uttara once.
Ved goes to Uttara’s house in slum.
People gathered infront of Uttara’shouse and badmouths about her. A man stand besides them.
Ved rushes to near there.
Lady 1: what a women you are? You are slept with him.

Uttara: no aunty. I didn’t.
Lady 2: then how did he come out from your house at early morning?
Uttara: I didn’t know aunty. Please believe me.
Man 1: how can we trust you? you always coming in late nights.
Uttara: uncle, I am doing part time jobs.
Kavya sees the scene and smirks and hides by seeing Ved. She is the one who gave money to that men.
Lady 3: just believe her.
Man 2: why did you supporting her? We will arrange their marriage.
Uttara and Ved shocked.
Ved: sir, what are you speaking? How can you decide her future?
Lady 1: you don’t interfere in this. That man is slept with her. Who can marry her?
Ved: I will marry her.
Uttara :ved..
Lady 2: talking is very easy.
Ved goes to Uttara” do you trust me?”
Uttara sees him with teary eyes.
Uttara: I trust you..

Ved drags Uttara to nearby temple and fills her mang with Vermillion.
Kavya is shocked to see this.
Flashback ends.
Sooraj: ved, take her to house. We can talk about this, Later.
Sanskar and Ragini are seeing Anna purna through the glass in door.
After few hours,
Annapurna opens her eyes, slowly. Ragini and Sanskar runs inside.
Ragini holds annapurna’s hands” sasu.maa..”
Sanskar holds annapurna’s other hands” don’t scare me maa..”
Suji, Rp and sandiya, sooraj and Dev comes inside. Nurse gave 5 minutes to talk.
Suji: bhabhi..
Annapurna(weakly): Suji.. make ready Ragini for post marriage rituals.
Ragini: sasumaa.. first you recover. Afte rthat we can discuss about it.
After five minutes, everyone come outside.
Ragini, Sanskar and suji decied to stay in Hospital.
Sandiya: kk. I will bring lunch for everyone.
Suji nods.

Sanskar sits in a chair and remembers his moments with Annapurna.
Swara wipes his tears.” Sanskar.. why are you crying like a kid? Purna maa.. should be fine”
Sanskar places his head in Swara’s lap.
Swara is confused how to react.
Swara caresses his hair and Sanskar feels relaxed.
Dev holds Ragini’s hands”Rago, purna maa is fine”
Ragini places her head in Dev’s shoulder unknowingly. Dev pats Ragini’s shoulder.
Ragini realizes her and move from Dev.
Dev(in mind): one day, you will accept me rago. I am waiting for that day.
Sandiya and Sooraj go to Ramprasad house.
In house,

Uttved sits in hall.
Uttara(in mind): what happening in my life? I came here for my studies. But my fate is different. Now I am wife of Ved.
Ved(in mind): I love her. But will she accept me?
Sandiya and sooraj comes inside.
Ved: maa..
Sandiya holds Ved hands.
Sandiya: ved.. I respect your decision, though I didn’t expect. I don’t know what bhabho decision about this.
Sandiya holds Uttara’s hands” no need to worry , Uttara. I will stand beside you whenever you need.” And take her bangle and make wear in Uttara’s hands.
Sandiya cooks and take it to hospital.
At night,
Suji decided to stay in hospital. Ragini and others come to house.
Uttara composed herself and goes to kitchen to drink water and surprised to see Ved cooking foods.
Uttara: ved…!

Ved: Uttara are you need anything?
Uttara: water.. kk I will help you in cooking.
Ved: kk. Cuts these vegetables.
Soon, they finished cooking.
Ragini and others come inside. Uttara arranges food in dining table.
Ragini is surprised by seeing Uttara in her house.
Ragini: Uttara..
Sandiya: Ragini beta.. she is ved’s wife.
Ragini: what!..
Sandiya: haan beta.. I will tell everything after some time.
Soon, everyone ate and leave to respective rooms.
Ragini takes Uttara to her room.
Uttara explains what happened in morning.

Uttara: I don’t know rago… if ved is not there, I don’t know what happened to me.
Ragini: uttara.. and pacifies her.
Uttara: ohh! I forget to inform Adi bhaiya.
In Terrace,
Dev and ved stares sky.
Ved: bhaiya.. I don’t know what destiny writes in our fate.
Dev: why are you saying like that ved?
Ved: bhaiya.. you can’t reveal your love to your bhabhi. Before proposing my love, I married my love Uttara. Now we are married in the age of 20 and 18. I didn’t expect this in my life.
Dev put his hands in Ved’s shoulder.

Dev: Ved.. life is an unanswered puzzle.no one can define the answer.
Ved(smiles): Bhaiya.. don’t speak like a saint.
Dev and ved comes to their room.
In their room,
Sanskar and yuvi are waiting for Dev.
Dev and ved enters the room.
Dev: didn’t you both sleep?
Sanskar and Yuvi sees each other.
Sanskar: actually we want a promise.
Dev: promise…?
Yuvi: haan.. promise me that you will keep my di as happy forever.
Dev: I promise you both that I will always keep your di as happy.
Sanskar and yuvi smiles and hugs him.
The next day,
Everyone presented in dining hall.
RamPrasad gives a cover to Dev.
Dev: uncle, what’s this?

Ramprasad: actually, it is tickets for Pushkar. I booked air tickets to Ajmer and taxi is waiting for you all here.
Ragini is shocked.
Dev:but uncle, purna Maa is not completely cured.
Ram Prasad: bhabhi requested this.
Soon, Uttved and Ragdev, sandiya and sooraj went to Airport.
After two hours journey,
In Ajmer, Sandiya booked a room in hotel.

Sandiya: Ragini and Uttara, wear this. This is traditional sarees.
After few minutes,
Deved comes in Golden sherwani and Ragini and Uttara comes in Red with green saree.
Dev is mesmerized by seeing Ragini and also Ved forget his surrounding by seeing Uttara.
Sandiya calls Bhabhu and explain all the matters.
Sooraj(whispers in Deved ears): mera beta’s, if you finished your staring, then we can go to our house.
Dev blushes and ved looks down.
Soon, they reached Rathi’s house.

Bhabhu and sandiya takes aarthi for Ragdev and Uttved. Ragini and Uttara prints their hand in wall and kicks the kalash and enters the house.
Ragini and Uttara places their foot in Vermillion mixed water and walks towards pooja room and lights the diya.
After few minutes,
Bhabhu and Sandiya beautify them with jewels for their suhagraat.
Bhabhu:Uttara and Ragini, I know both your marriage happened in unusual circumstances. But promise me that you will always keep my dev and ved happy.
Uttara holds Bhabho hands “ Maasa.. I promise you “
Bhabho caresses both of their hairs.

Sandiya: Haan.. ragini I forgot to give an important thing.
Ragini(confused): what aunty?
Sandiya gives her bangle and make ragini wears this.

Sandiya: Ragini.. I want to tell you something.
Ragini: Haan.. aunty..
Bahbho: ohh! Sandiya you can speak later.
Bhabho sent both Ragutt to their respective rooms.
Bhabho: Sandiya.. are you trying to tell about Dev’s past to ragini?
Sandiya: bhabho.. it’s her right to know Dev is laksh.
Bhabho: do you want to lose Dev?

Sandiya(cries): bhabho..
Bhabho: I know sandiya how much you love dev. if lie is better than truth, then lie should be consider as truth.
At the same time,
Yuvi and sanskar refused to take food and stares sky in terrace.
Twinkle and Swara comes there.
Twinkle: yuvi.. sanskar..
Both turns. Twinkle is worried by teary eyes.
Swara: why are you crying?

Sanskar: from my birth, I never feel alone. But today.. I miss something..
Yuvi: I never leave my di.but she left me.
Twinkle taps her head.
Twinkle(in mind): this overreacting bhai’s..
Twinkle: ohh! Yuvi.. do you want your sister happiness na?
Yuvi: haan..
Twinkle: if Ragini bhabhi knows you both are starving, then how can she happy?
Sanskar: but who can feed us?
Twinkle gives a look like are you pagal.
Twinkle sees swara and swara nods.

Twinkle : we feed you both.
Twinkle takes two plates with food and come to terrace.
Twinkle feeds yuvi and swara feeds Sanskar
In pushkar-Rathi’s house,
They sit in their bed.
Ragini(in mind): I should tell about Laksh to dev and I clear that I can give Laksh’s position to him.
In Uttved room,

Ved comes inside and removes her gunghat and gives a prize.
Uttara opens it and surprised to see a Stethescope.
Uttara: Ved…
Ved: I promise you Uttara . I always support you in profession as a friend.. First we should be complete our studies.
Uttara sheds tears because of happiness and hugs him” Thanks ved..”
Ved: I am trying to be good. But u can’t let me.
Uttara pushes him and lies in bed and closes her eyes.
Ved smiles and lies beside her. Ved holds Uttara’s hands and starts to sleep.
In Ragdev room,

Ragini calls Suji and talks with Annapurna.
Dev comes to his room and sits in bed.
Ragini starts to bite her nails because of nervousness .
Dev removes her gunghat.
Ragini starts to speak but..
Dev : Ragini.. I expect that you don’t forget about our exams on next week. We already take leave . so we should prepare for exams.
Dev shows some books which he brought from Mumbai.
Ragini makes her mouth in O shape.

Dev: Ragini… Ragini..
Ragini realizes her.” Haan.. you are saying correct. We should study”
Ragdev starts to study and Ragini slept while studying.
Dev takes her in his hand and stares” Ragini.. one day I make you love me”
Dev places Ragini in his bed and starts to sleep by holding her hand.

Precap:RagUtt’s rasoi.
Ragini: uttara.. can you know to cook?
Uttara: no ragini.. you.. ? Ragini : no.. what can we do now?

Friends, I am sorry for giving boring episode. But I will try to give next episode to be interesting.

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